Another “spontaneous” party at the mansion

Dear Caroline’s readers,

I promised I would tell you about my next “adventures” at the mansion, because I definitely felt there was more to experience and live there. My feelings were proven true, the below encounter happened just one day after this unforgettable sofa talk.

As often, I logged in SecondLife, mainly to check my messages and I intended to go for some shopping. I was about to head to my favorite shops when I got a call from Caroline: she told me she was at the Mansion with a certain Mark, an important member of our little club, and invited me to come over. Probably now that you know me better, you guessed that I could not resist such an offer. I opened my wardrobe and selected the white sexy dress I bought especially to go to the Mansion, and put on the assorted high heels … and that’s it, no undies, I wanted to feel sexy and moreover the dress does not allow much underneath.

I arrived at the Mansion and received, as each time, a warm welcome from Caroline who introduced me to Mark. Mark is a seductive young man, a blonde guy wearing an elegant suit. I will not deny it, he is physically speaking definitely my type. I was delighted to see he, on top of that, is able to communicate in a very elaborated manner, to emote his feelings and his gestures in a very skilled manner … I was under his spell. One of the magic of the Mansion is, as far as I am concerned, it is gathering very interesting and strong characters, all different off course, which makes it even better.

We installed ourselves at the bar, Caroline just served us some drinks when another guest came in. We invited the tall tanned man with dark hair to join us. I unfortunately cannot remember his name (if you read me and recognize yourself, feel free to post a message, I will fix this unforgivable mistake).

I felt irresistibly attracted by Mark, those butterflies in my tummy very rarely lie. I became more and more chatty feely, posing my hands on his, we very quickly were in the arms of each others and I felt instantly at home, my cheeks pressing against his muscled torso.

Feeling so well in Mark's strong arms
Feeling so well in Mark’s strong arms

In the mean time, our new guest, whose I forgot the name, invited Caroline to dance. I cornered eye them while enjoying my hug with Mark … they were dancing very near from each other and I noticed they seemed to have a lot of fun together. I let you judge by yourselves:

Caroline and the mysterious dark-haired man dancing passionately
Caroline and the mysterious dark-haired man dancing passionately

Mark and I finally kissed each other, guess what ? He kisses like a God, I nearly fainted from his tender kiss, there is so much passion in it. Ok, maybe it is a bit exaggerated, but I want to emphasize how good his lips on mine were. I finally turned on myself and pressed my back against his torso, my buttocks against his …. his …. ho my god, he seemed to enjoy it a lot actually. I pressed myself against him while watching Caroline and her guest dancing lasciviously.

Feeling Mark ... tightly
Feeling Mark … tightly

Mark posed his warm and large hands on me, caressing my bare skin where my provocative dress let it uncovered. I was shivering in pleasure. He was whispering tender words in my ear, the following instant he was kissing my neck or playing with my ear lobe. He was actually driving me crazy and this is probably why I lost the control of my good manners … Mark, the ambiance of the bar, Caroline and her fellow dancer …. Without giving any further thoughts, I turned to face mark and put my hand right on his pants to feel his manhood. He looked at me, amused and curious at the same time, displaying this self-confident half smile. My only answer was to wink at him and drop to my knees. I opened his zipper and grabbed his erected tool in my hand, I felt fascinated and so aroused at the same time … it did not take me much time to actually taste Mark who did not seem to complain I became suddenly so daring.

Mark amazed I became so daring
Mark amazed I became so daring

I was not able to see the two dancers, but I definitely knew they were able to see Mark and I and this feeling, this knowledge was a definite turn-on. Probably Mark is more accustomed with this, at least more than me as he did not seem to have any particular modest reaction when I unzipped his pants, he seemed to me, very prepared to this kind of exhibition. Anyway, it seemed to please him and he decided to return the favor. He grabbed me as if I weighted nothing and sat me on the bar, he opened my thighs and was soon plunging his face in my most private parts. I have to say his tongue tasted even better down there.

Mark definitely knowing what to do under that dress of me
Mark definitely knowing what to do under that dress of me

This is at this moment that some new guests arrived at the mansion: Anjie and Uwe. Anjie is tall blond woman, a regular of the Mansion … I was able to detect that, as she was not around since a few minutes, that she was already topless. On the other hand, Uwe is an old acquaintance from Caroline when she was still working at Magic Dream Angels. Uwe is also, as I learnt it by Caroline later, one of the golden angels investor in the club … to make it short a VIP in the club. He all seemed to me gentle and a bit reserved, not at all a man too proud of himself. To come back to Mark and I, we were now having fun in front of four people. I definitely loved that, it made me so horny!

The mansion is becoming crowded and the temperature is rising at the same time
The mansion is becoming crowded and the temperature is rising at the same time

Caroline let her companion to welcome Uwe, and Anjie more than happily took her place on the dance “carpet”. They added some originality and spice in their dance: they danced in the nude. I looked at them with lust, I had still in mind my dance with Dainiz near the fireplace and I knew their senses were probably now boiling …. as mine were right now under the expert care of Mark’s tongue.

At this moment the party became completely wild … clothes were abandoned … I made love with Mark, Anjie was doing the same right on the carpet, a very calm Uwe was looking at Caroline masturbating on her stool. It was a pure moment of joy and wild sex, I reached the seventh heaven and it was really good!

I do not know how we managed it exactly, but it seemed we finally succeeded to satisfy our senses quite at the same time and we gathered again around the bar (hmmm the bar, I will never see it the same way from now on).

Recovering from a hot session ... wood
Recovering from a hot session … wow

Uwe sat next to me and I was able to discuss a bit with him, and I have to say, still another strong character of the mansion … I don’t know him much, but I definitely want to know him better, and I do not mean sexually, or not only. He seems so secretive … and I am so curious, the perfect match don’t you think ? Something happened here, a second Uwe appeared, same first name, but so very different. I will call our second Uwe, Uwe the cineast, as he is actually the man who made all this marvelous videos you have probably seen Caroline in.

from left to right: Caroline, Uwe, Cathy, Mark, Mysterious Man, Anjie, Uwe the cineast
from left to right: Caroline, Uwe, Cathy, Mark, Mysterious Man, Anjie, Uwe the cineast

Unfortunately at this moment, the party reached its maximum of participants. Mark, Caroline, Anjie and the mysterious  man had to leave. The party was reduced to just myself and the two Uwe, so we decided to move to the room next door with the sofas. Uwe took a armchair, and I sat on a sofa and was joined by Uwe the cineast. You might think that Uwe was naked on the pictures, but actually he was wearing a strange thong letting nothing to the imagination … so technically he was naked, but I liked this kind of original details … men seem to lack of it too often.

Discussing in the sofa room with both Uwes after all the party left
Discussing in the sofa room with both Uwes after all the party left

Uwe the cineast might have guessed I was still in the mood, well and to be honest, I did not complain much when he started to caress me while we were talking of miscellaneous subjects. Moreover having Uwe to look at us becoming more touchy, aroused me a lot … but I realized now we were very rude to Uwe. He must have felt excluded of our fun and it was definitely not my intention. Uwe said goodbye at one point, probably fed up with Uwe the cineast and me, and reading back the event, I understand and I would have probably reacted the same way in the same situation. I hope to meet Uwe soon to apologize, the Mansion is a kind place and must remain like this.

Although I cannot deny I had a lot of fun with my cineast.

And finally both exhausted we had a nice moment of calm … before Uwe the cineast had to leave. I decided, it was time for me as well …. but I have to come back to the mansion again, this is so wild to me!

Hope to see you there dear readers.




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