Starting a new business in Second Life

Most residents sooner or later get into buying land in Second Life. It took me now more than two years to give it a consideration (I did have land before under my main account, but not as Caroline).

However, I am not buying land for recreational purposes. For that I have a my little moor in front of Toni’s home, which I am paying only 400 LD per month and Toni. Lest me generously use his property as I see fit. I kinda moved in there and brought even my furniture with me (much to Toni’s enjoyment). Reminds be that I am overdue I think!

So what do I actually need land for?Well, I have a new business project. Some time ago I was talking to Jude Walter (my ex Head of Media Sales) about opening some kind of a classy swinger club in Second Life.

Here is the concept:

The business concept is basically similar to what other clubs in Second Life do: A members only club. To become a member someone would pay a small entrance free ( 500LD) and in return can use all the facilities and participate in special events hold on the property on a regular basis.

The concept has been proven very successful for places like Turtles Adult Beach , PLAY or even Franks Elite Club , just to mention a few. “Prove of concept” in a certain market is always a nice thing to have.

Of course, there is competition out there, and you have to offer something of rather good quality and something that is different from what they already know for people wanting to become a member at yet another venue.

Oh and Jude is not part of this, he simply hasn’t got enough time due to RL commitments and as I always say: RL is always first life.

Here is the USP (unique selling preposition):

I want to open a rather classy and elegant adult club. Most adult clubs or swinger clubs have typically a rather simplistic design which evolves around the same themes all the time: beach, nude beach, sex beach or alternatively around bdsm, rape and get laid fast.

I want to combine the adult theme with a similar atmosphere and elegance like certain stylish music clubs and ball rooms in the style of Franks Elite Club. It will not be yet another nude beach or “Dirty Dive” like place. I am targeting people with a sense of class but who are also open minded with regards to sexual play in Second Life.

The regular events will cater for different preferences. There will be “couples only” evenings, CFNM events but also live performances by Second Life artists and DJ nights.

Due to the very nature of a swingers place, escort services will not be offered! In fact, escorts are typically a no-no in the swinger scene. It is a contradiction to that lifestyle and just like at any other swinger club, escort services will be strictly banned on the premises.

How to finance this?

You know that Caroline started in Second Life with a purpose. It would defeat that purpose to use use money from my main, or from a credit card, It would feel a bit like cheating. However I did not make enough money In-World yet, to be able to finance such a project.

The answer is actually simple: an investor!

Just like in real live, if you don’t have the capital yourself you need to find an investor and share the profits with him or his company. That is what I did. I presented the idea, including a concept and my plans to advertise it, to a couple of people and one agreed to finance the start up. It is not a huge amount, but enough to get started.

The investor is someone I know since my exploration of the escort scene in Second Life. Yes, a client actually. For the time being he wants to remain anonymous, which I respect of course. By the way, we do invite additional potential investors to have a look at the idea with a view to raise more cash. My partner is fine with that too.

So here we go: business plan ready, initial finances sorted and in my next article I tell you the story about me ending up with an entire region for this project!

Questions to my dear readers:

What you think about it? Is it a compelling concept? What do you think the odds are, that we reach our goal to make at least 1.000.000 Linden Dollars in profit for each of us with this?

By the way: Pre-opening memberships are available for free. Hurry up if you want to become a member. Either leave a comment here or contact me In-World for an invitation.

2 thoughts on “Starting a new business in Second Life”

  1. Sounds like a neat idea…like you said not a lot of classy adult erotic areas that I’ve found…would be interested in knowing more…especially the financial aspect.
    Any more information I can get regarding what the whole concept is about?

  2. A real classy location would be a great idea. If it is well run and created with an eye for the details … which I think you have.
    What I would love to see would a burlesquelike location (lots of velvet, silk, suede … warm colours and a luxurious interieur) which has not the size of a football stadium 😉 I am always intrigued by people who fit sceneries in compact places which have a natural feel to them.
    On the financial side … I am sure that a well lead and advertised club can yield a nice income (especially when some kind of retail is added to it), though I do not dare to estimate the earnings, since I am totally lacking any relyable numbers.

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