A Steaming Flight

A Steaming Flight

Today Tristan took me over the clouds. Literally! He bought himself a plane. No just an ordinary plane. The plane is called “Steampunk Dreamliner” and does indeed deserve that name. For those who don’t know what Steampunk is, here the Wikipedia blurb : Steampunk.

In real life this thing would not be able to get of the ground at all, but hey, this Second Life where anything is possible. Of course to fly this thing you need to rez it on a sim that allows rezing. So the best option is mainland. We took of on the “Santa Cruz” regions which consist of about 13 mainland Simulators allowing to fly over them.

If you fly not to high and if your graphic settings are put to “high”, you could have some excellent views up there. This of course if you have a half decent graphic card,  not like my crappy hard ware.

Getting tired of the scenery? Well, there are other, steamier things you can do in the sky. You have any suggestions? Look at the picture above!

You can buy the plane on the Second Life Marketplace here:

Sreampunk Dreamliner on Marketplace 

The airship consists of 91 fully linked prims, beautiful textures, fully equipped cockpit, working animated engines, secure door, sound effects, built-in Cuddle/Love/Sex bed, non-physical movement script (allows you to fly around or across the sims, up to 4096m high, and through objects), Radio, TV, furniture, seating for 7.

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    wow.. you area having alot of sex times

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    No not really. I think not more than the average avi. Plus you may have noticed that its the same person as before. But in addition I have a thing going with a girl too, yes I like girls too.


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    Welcome to the high-miles club!

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