Strawberry Singh’s Latest Challenge: Dating in Second Life

Strawberry Singh, is a well known Second Life blogger. Strawberry does challenges for bloggers on a regular basis. The most recent one is about dating in Second Life.Those challenges basically consist in answering certain questions about a topic she has chosen (great way to build links actually).

I like this one. Here the questions and my answers.

Do you date in Second Life?

It depends how you would define “dating”.

I checked wikipedia:

“Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage”.

No. I do not date then. I have done that in the past, but its has been a while that I don’t. If I would, it would be a difficult mission because of my liberal, promiscuous  Second Lifestyle. I am in the porn business also. 

I guess there are not many potential partners who would accept that I am fucking with guys (and girls). Yes, most of the sex I have in Second Life is related to my business, but not all. The only kind of person I could possibly date, is somebody who is into the swingers lifestyle and / or in the same business.

Was Strawberry’s question also related to “Sex Dates”. Yes I do that a lot. I am actually getting paid for that too.

Share some locations in Second Life that you think are ideal to go to on a date.

I had once a date with Jude Walter at Tomulis Restaurant. That is a great location: A mediterranean style restaurant on the beach.   It is quite, has dance animations and the nearby beach allows rezing. For poseballs that is, just in case you want to take it any further there and then. I did.

Here the full story:

Share a story of one of your favorite dates/proposals you’ve experienced in Second Life, or something someone has done for you that meant a lot

It wasn’t a date. But it almost turned into one. My regular readers will know my story about travelling around certain continents in Second Life. Part of journey I a was accompanied by Leo. At one stage we did end up in a church. There he made some funny remarks which included terms like “marriage,, “partner”, proposing”. I thought he was making fun out of me.

But at the same time it sounded as if he would like too propose to me. I panicked a little and turned the conversation into a somewhat more light hearted one. Much later I actually found out, he was not just making fun. He was in fact kinda “testing the water” and actually felt much more for me that I realized at the time.

Here the full story:

Have you ever fallen in love in Second Life?

Yes. I had several love affairs in Second Life. My most recent one was with a girl called Kioke Mio. 

Here the full story: 

Have you ever gotten partnered or married in Second Life?

Yes. Twice. Only one time as Caroline but I had a previous Second Life too. Back then I had a partner. We are still friends though until today, even so we see each other rarely.

I am sure some of my readers are Second Life bloggers as well. Dare to answer the questions on your blog? Those who do not run their own blog: Dare to leave your answers hereunder in the comments?

Go ahead. Looking forward to your stories.



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