Love is in the air at the Sweethearts Jazz Club in Second Life

Love is in the air at the Sweethearts Jazz Club in Second Life

Way back in 2007, when I was a Noob myself, I did spend a lot of my Second Life time in a place called the Caribbean Villages Jazz Club. It was the place too be at the time. But what used to be a popular place in Second Life might be a deserted place tomorrow. The crowd moves on, too much to see, too much to explore.

Socializing in clubs is undoubtedly the most popular activity in Second Life. The music venues, ballrooms, dance clubs attract Noobs and experienced regulars alike. In fact, its those places were most residents make their first social contacts, friends and even form romantic relationships.

The later might sound a bit weird to you, if you are new to Second life. You might think: “Carol what are you talking about? Falling in love in virtual world? come on!” But yes, believe it or not , it does happen. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt – several times actually.

I don’t want to elaborate on this topic, instead I recommend to read this article about love in Second Life. If you still don’t believe it. Wait and see, chances are it will happen to you as well – eventually.

Love in Second Life

It also happened to one of the better known residents of Second Life: Dilbert Dilweg.  Dilbert and his now wife known as Charity Colville got to know each other in Second Life and later married in real live (yes, that happens).

They founded a place, which until today proves to be one of the most popular and established dance clubs in Second Life. Others come and go, but the Sweethearts Jazz Club is there to stay.

The theme is an elegant ballroom-type jazz club in tropical settings. Formal attire is suggested as dress code, but this is not strictly enforced. Just make sure you are dressed decent and not suggestive!

Its a G-rated region (formerly PG) which essentially means that content is suitable for all ages. Therefore certain rules apply such as no nudity or sexually explicit language.

It was in 2007, when I first visited the place. Back then, it was actually not a very sophisticated place in terms of layout and design. In fact it was extremely simple: A dance floor, two bars, a yacht in front of the dance floor and most of the region consist actually of a huge shopping mall. Despite of its rather simplistic approach in terms of design, the place was always busy!

Today, after several re-builds, the place is still not a reward winning super-build. Its a far better build then back in 2007, but still not something you would go because you want to see a breath-taking, state of the art designed region.

So if its not the visual impact, what is it that makes it such a success? You might have guessed it: Its the people that manage it, the people that work there and the people that go there. It’s effort and dedication of the people involved, make it a place people want to come back to. Add to this a choice of good music, and regular live events and, voila, you have the Sweethearts Jazz Club in Second Life.

Yesterday I actually arrived there, just before the start of an event. It was as usual very busy. I started to talk to the hostess that was in charge for the event: Coral. Coral told me they do several events per day!

That means there must be staff around almost all day long. In fact, they are hiring at present. So if you are looking for your first job in Second Life, you might want to give this a try. Just go to the club, and get the application form.

For those hopeless romantics among my readers: The “romance-classic” Sweethearts Jazz Club is a place you should not miss out when exploring Second Life. Noobs welcome!

If any of my readers here are already in a SL-Relationship, please share with us how it happened.
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