Swing with me baby!

Yesterday I had a bit of an usual guest. Del Fargis contacted me via a group were he asked for somebody to make erotic pictures for his home and facebook profile.

I offered to help him on that one for my usual minimum fee of 1.000 LD. He agreed and we made an appointment. Originally he wanted to bring a girl he nows to be the female model in the shooting. That one didn’t work out, so I offered myself to be the model.

We made some really nice shots in one of the clubs skyboxes. I used my favourite technik to get really atmosphearic shots: colored rays! Here is and example (more on my facebook fanpage)

Snapshot _ Magic Dream Angels - Isle of Passion, Seashell (194,

After while he asked: „May my partner watch this, she just came online?“ Not a problem for me at all. We even included her in the shooting. I noticed that Kimmik (his partner)enjoyed this very much.

The funny thing was, she recognized me straight away as Caroline Resident from Second Life Adventures. I think I am on my way to get really famous as a writer in Second Life – or infamous for being the best known slut in Second Life, depending on the perspective

As it turns out, they are an officially partnered couple since more than a year and have a very liberal relationship. They enjoy including others in their sex life. Watching the partner fuck with somebody else is a huge turn on for them. This lifestyle is often referred to as „Swingers“. They even have an official Sl group for friends of the lifestyle.

Time flies when you do photo shooting. Suddenly the time I did preset for it in the skybox expired and we found ourselves kicked out from it on the ground of the regions open waters. Not a problem either. They invited me over to their very pretty home, a beach house on their own homestead region.

Here we did some more shots, bur the occasion more and more turned into yet another sex adventure. A threesome with a swinger couple. After that, things became even hotter. The girl actually stated that she wouldn’t mind to try a sexual encounter with me alone one day.

Swinger Couple in Second Life
Swinger Couple in Second Life

It didn’t take long for me, to start touching her and emoting what id did to her. This apparently turned her on very much. One thing lead to the other and after a while we found ourselves indulged in passionate and hot lesbian sex, whilst her partner was watching in obvious excitement.


Both of us did actually reach real climax.

After we finished and recuperated from the breathtaking experience, she admitted this to be her first experience like this. I suggested that we meet again, but next time together with my friend Abraham, as we have been looking for an open minded couple to play with since quite some time.

After I showed her a picture of Abi, she agreed to meet, maybe going out together and see what develops from there. So me and Abi have a date now. He doesnt actually know about it yet, but as he is regular reader of my blog too, I guess now he does!

Looks like I am finally getting into the Second Life swinger scene. What out the tag “Swingers” , I am sure there is more to come.

Question to my readers: Did you ever have swinging experiences in Second Life as a couple with other couples? How did it go, and how did you feel about it? Please tell us about it in the comments below!

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