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A New Dimension: Alexandr Airport in Second Life

„Hey Caroline, I am on the neighbor region!“ It was Melchior who saw me on the map at Parris Coast Airport, my last stop on my „sailing around the world“ trip. What a coincidence! The mainland consist of thousands of regions. It is very unlikely to coincide at a place you have never been before.

A friend of his happens to rent the parcel next to the airport. I joined him there and told him how I ended up here in such a remote region. Well, remote from my point of view because its far away form home in the blake sea.

He showed me the place of his friend, but when I tried to enter the house suddenly alarm went on the typical message came up: You have 10 seconds to leave the parcel… Ok, so we have security orbs just beside an airport. Actually on the other side of the airport I saw bannlines. This makes flying in the area a serious challenge, if possible at all. Don’t worry, I won`t bore you with yet another rant about egomaniac, property obsessed idiots in Second Life.

Melchior tried to make something out of the coincidence meeting me in the middle of nowhere and ask with tongue in cheek: „ So why don’t you interrupt your travel for a romantic interlude“. Poor Melchior, I was in discovery mode not in sex mode.

I invited him to join me for a flight around the area. He agreed and of we went for a night flight over the North of Satori. Testing the „usability“ of the airspace on the continent.


malibu_010It had to happen of course. Shortly after take off we crash on the grid when trying to enter a region which does not allow access to objects.

Hitting the ground we first discovered this amazingly beautiful breedables farm in Japanese Style. Did you know that Sarori is also called the Japanese continent? I did, so I was expecting something like this sooner or later.

Time to check the map. What are those huge grey areas like buildings over several regions close to our location? I wondered. A city maybe? Of course I had to satisfy my curiosity. We discovered what is the biggest airport I have ever seen in Second Life.

This amazing build really impressed me, and trust me I have seen lots of amazing builds in Second Life before. This airport was not intended for amateur pilots like me. This must be something seriously professional.

Judge yourself:

In one of the office belonging to the main building I met the CEO of, believe it or not, a travel company in Second Life. I had a good chat with Markus about his plans. He actually is in the planning state of this project. He rents terminals here and owns several Boing 737 as part of his company „Inter Blake Sea Islands”.

It took him six weeks of work, to established save flight routes all over the mainland and to all major airports on the grid. I asked him: „Why would somebody book a scheduled flight in Second Life, or even something like a holiday package?“ I did not have an answer to his response: „Why do people buy a Ferrari in Second Life“?

Good point. Maybe this works and adds even more fun to the grid.

For the moment Markus is looking for people to help him on the project, as he can not do all of what is involved on his own. I offered to write about it as it develops and he offered me a tour including flying some routes with him in one of those jets. I am really looking forward to that! I had an idea: I offered to include travel companions for special services in some packages! That would be fun!

What about you, dear readers. What kind of travel packages can you imagine to book in Second Life? Any fun ideas?

Please leave you thoughts in the comments!

Sailing around the World – Part 7 – Taking a Short Cut

Those of you who know about the geography of Second Life already know that I am not sailing around the entire mainland. When I reached Corsica some time ago, I set course West towards the Linden Ocean, the open water regions between Corsica and the Nautilus Continent. To sail around the entire continent of Corsica and Gaeta 5 I would have had to turn east.

I did not do that for a simple reason: It is not possible.

East from the region that connects the Coastal Waterways with Corsica, is a sim that has no sailable waters, and there are two regions owned by „Mystical Rentals“. Mystical rentals rents out skyboxes on their land on several levels and the tenants use security orbs to prevent people entering the parcel. Sad attitude but I have to live with that.

Having said that, I might do Corsica later on a bike.

On my journey throuh Linden waters South of Corsica, I came to point where I am facing that same situation. A region which I can not pass sailing. For you to get an idea, here is a map. You can see clearly what the problem is.


Of course, I could simply sail to the regions that end the continent, walk a bit over land and rez the boat on the other side of those regions and continue the journey. Well, that wouldn’t be me, don’t you think so?

You remember where I finished the last etape? Right at Smugglers Cove airport. Caroline on an airport. Those who read my stuff since a bit longer know what had to happen. Out comes my little Debonair and I plan to do a short cut, by simply flying over the problematic areas.

If it only was that simple!



Ok, here I am, ready for take off. I have done lots of take offs in the past. So that is the easy part. But I am still making that same mistake I did in the past: to not properly prepare the flight. The most important part is, actually checking the map for the route to take, to find a suitable airport and to check for potential obstacles.


Hence my first attempt ended in a disaster. Took me only 5 minutes to fly into a „Mystical Rentals Region“ (on the map you can identify them looking for regions covered with a huge heart) and being kicked out by a security orb. Wankers!


Ok, next try. This time better prepared. I manage to avoid the “Mystical Rentals” sim and finally set course to the West, where I identified an airport places after the problematic areas and right on a shore. Perfect I thought to myself.

If it only was that simple!

The airspace over the Second Life grid is full of stuff. Stuff which you can see on the map. There are skyboxes, building platforms or just unfinished rubbish the land owner forgot to delete or collect. Yes. If you are good at flying, and if you have hard ware which allows you to fly at high resolution and long distance view, you fly around those obstacles and get back on course after that.

I lack the later (some bad people insist I lack both). That is why I suddenly crashed into this funny building platform in the sky:


At that time Leo came online. Who is Leo you might ask. Well, he is a fan of Second Life Adventures. He follows this blog from day one. I bumped into him by accident the other day and he needed to say hello to me. We had a good chat that day and decided to meet up again.

I invited him to come over and have a look at the disastrous result of my flight at the risk of him making fun about me. This is Leo, good looking isn’t he?


I decided to give it another try, this time with a passenger: Leo. He felt what he calls “star struck” (I never heard that term before), as he never would have imagined to fly with me one day. I guess he also would have never imagined to crash with me one day, which is what happened a little later, again because of a huge skybox in the way.

I decided to call it a day and to try another day again. Which is what I did, ending up finding one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen in Second Life. But that is for part 8 of  the “sailing around the world” series.


Stay tuned, this is to be continued …


Top Gun Role Play on the USS Nimitz in the Blake Sea

The ship you see on the featured image above is the USS Nimitz. Actually it is not an exact rebuild of the real USS Nimitz, but an aircraft carrier inspired by the USS Nimitz. Building a replica of a real aircraft carrier is hardly possible in Second Life as you would need a hell lot of prims and it would have a huge land impact.

Doesn’t matter: The Second Life Nimitz is a great build and transmit that feeling or immersion to actually be on a huge warship. It is based in a harbor of the famous blake sea in Second Life which resembles an US Navy base. The region borders on the Nautilus continent.

This gives people who love to simulate flights in SL a huge area to fly around: The blake sea in the east of the carrier, the entire Nautilus continent and as far north as the southern regions of the Corsica continent. I estimate at least 500 regions.

Here the official land description:

Feel free to rezz your aircraft and depart from here or land. Shop, hangar-rentals available. A group for all that like to be part of Navy Carrier Air Groups. Become a Navy Top Gun. Join our group. Take part at our mission. Join us in sim Terric – Blake Sea –

When I first got there yesterday, there was actually nobody else around. This is unusual for flying spots in Second Life. The airports I know are actually quit busy as aviation simulation in Second Life is a very popular activity – especially in the blake sea regions. I have seen days on the main blake sea airport ( Hollywood airport) when planes took off every 5 minutes. However there is a reason for the USS Nimitz being less busy at time, I will get to that a little later. I took advantage off being alone on the ship, great opportunity to have a look at everything and taking pictures without disturbing anybody. Off I went, and explored the inside of the ship, till I came to this door:


No entry! What a laugh! I am a woman and a journalist which makes me one of the most curious people in Second Life. For someone like me a sign like that reads: “Come in, this is the most interesting part of the ship!” Without hesitation, I entered the room which happens to be the commanders private quarters. The guy has taste, have a look:

USS Nimitz Blake Sea Second Life

USS Nimitz Blake Sea Second Life

After that I explored the rest of the ship and took the pictures you see here below this post. I also found some maps of the region and notecards describing flight routes. It looks like the do formation flights over the entire continent. Sounds fun to me, but I know from previous experiences as a passenger in an F15, that flying a jet is quite a challenge! Remember my post little bit of top gun?

This is the route described in one of the notecards:

Fly Plan for Green Patrol Name of the Patrol is Green Each pilot must carry his radio

The leader use ATC for take off (/4 bla bla bla) (example use Blue Leader, Blue 1, Blue 2, Blue 3, for communicate) with USS Nimitz radio (/3 bla bla bla) Fuel System ON Take off order : Blue Leader Catapult N° 3 Blue 1 Catapult N° 4 Blue 2 Catapult N° 5 Blue 3 Catapult N° 1 Altitude : 150m – once at 150m “click Auto Level” on your hud Power : 60 % Fying Formation : Route

Route: Ahabs Haunt USS NIMTIZ -> cap 0°/360° N Marmeduc -> cap 0°/360° N Swash -> Cap 270° W Spyglass -> Cap 0°/360° N Siracusa -> Cap 90° E Ziyad – > cap 0°/360° N Arezzo -> cap 270° W Dooknock -> cap 0°/360° N Merrs -> cap 270° W Dark Shadow -> cap 180° S Tashtego -> cap 270° W Red Snapper -> cap 180° S Sculpin -> cap 270° W Loomings -> cap 180° S Stove Boat Shallows -> cap90° E Elijah -> cap0°/360° N Looming -> cap 90° E Arezzo -> cap 180° S Ziyad -> cap 270° W Siracusa -> cap 180° S Blake Sea – Spyglass -> cap 270° W Albach -> cap 180° S Qomene -> cap 90° E Marmeduc -> cap 180° S the leader use ATC for landing (/4 bla bla bla) USS NIMITZ -> Landing

Landing order As long as the leader landing, the crew make a full turn, Impetueux, Terric Saint Romanieur, and so on in order of landing Blue Leader Blue 1 Blue 2 Blue 3

During the whole time I was actually in an IM conversation as well. You know, we girls have the ability of multi tasking. Yeah! I was talking to a guy who follows this blog since day one and reads each and every article as soon as published – a true fan, a groupie. We actually agreed on a date, but I tell you about this in another post, there is more to come. I finished my tour and stood on the deck when suddenly an officer approached me, asking if I need help and we embarked on a an interesting conversation.

USS Nimitz Blake Sea Second Life

Basically the region is some kind of role play area. Its not a story based regulated role play region, like the Gorean regions for example. Its more a simulation of life on an US Navy base. You can “be” a pilot, or play any other role in the port, such as a fireman, police, hospital staff or a waiter in the ports restaurants. Whatever takes your fancy and fits to the environment. So if you fancy some top gun role play – here is the taxi:


Picture Gallery

Second Life Blake Sea by Seaplane

Today I bought a plane. A seaplane to be exact. The main reason for this acquisition is my infamous lack of talent to land a regular plane the way it should be done. My long time readers certainly remember my first attempts in Second Life aviation, which can be described with a single word: fail!

Here is my new little bird:

Seaplane Hollywood Airport Second Life

The price I paid was very reasonable: 980 Linden Dollar. What caught my attention in the advert on marketplace was the claim that it has some kind of script in it, which makes sim crossing more smooth and less dangerous. Hey, that is exactly what I need, if true.

So of I went to my favorite airport Hollywood Airport on Blake Sea, rezed the plane and jumped in. Slowly , carefully I followed the taxi way (I know buy now what that is) and thought to myself: “Hey, this is cool, I have a new look, a new plane and my name tag is switched off. Nobody of all those people I caused nightmares in the past will recognize me”.

I reached the runway ready to take off:

Ready for Take off on Hollywood airport in Second Life

Someone hits my IM: “ATC calling Caroline Resident, welcome back Carol but wait with take off until that helicopter crossing from south west is cleared, wait for go”. How did he know it was me?

Anyway, who cares! I had a perfect take off. I realized that this plane needs a bit more throttle to take off than the little Debonaire I was flying before. I guess this is simulating the weight off the plane but could also have to do with the smaller wheels built into the skis. Once up in the air I realized this plane fly far smoother than the Debonair and region crossing was indeed very easy with hardly any turbulence. It is still recommended to avoid region corners however.

Next was the need for practicing landing and take off on waters. I did choose a wide open ocean area, to make sure nothing is in my way. This is actually the risky part when landing somewhere. As opposed to an airport, you actually never know what you are going to encounter when landing on water. I also experienced that it takes even more power and flap during a seaplane take off because during a seaplane take-off, hydrodynamic or water drag becomes the major part of the forces resisting acceleration.

After a bit of practice and a bit of diving into the ocean, I became quite confident in landing and take off, in fact its much easier than with my Debonair, mainly due to no restrictions of a short runway and to much better engines (or engine simulation in Second Life) of that particular plane.

Ready to explore. So off I went flying West direction Nautilus continent. Shortly after I noticed some green spots on the radar (indicating people on the grid) on a an island a little bigger than the island in the region. My curiosity awoke and I prepared for landing. My first kinda official landing on blake sea waters. Considering my records in Second Life aviation anything could happen such as crashing into boats, or otherwise not getting it right.

It went absolutely perfect

I got the plane into this position. An amazing view isn’t it? I parked the plane and went on land.

Blake Sea Sailing Club in Second Life


There I met one of the co-owners off the parcel.

The place is a sailing club operated by Germans. They offer free rezzing of boats and planes and the free use in the blake sea of all boats in the little harbor. The best is: they also offer classes for noobs and organize regular events such as regattas and racing. I found out, that is actually one of the oldest sailing clubs in the blake sea and a very popular place too. It must have cost them a lot of money in terms of Second Life prices, to build this place. Land on blake sea is amongst the most expensive in Second Life.

Sailing Club in Second Life

They even have a website announcing their races and other sportive events. Those are also announced via group messages. I like this place and I am looking forward to attend some of their events in the future.

Give it a try

here is the taxi

Here the website (in German):

Landing in Bay City!

I have plans to discover the mainland by plane as announced in one of my previous articles: 

The only problem is that Kent who had the idea is hardly ever online when I am, probably because of the different time zones we live in – a typical issue in Second Life. I was eager to see my starting point Bay City hence I asked my new friend Nathan if he wants to join me and we spontaneously teleported to Bay City.

When you are doing a search in SL-Search for Bay City, the first result you find is the Bay City Airport, which is very convenient for me.

So here we are, wondering around an almost empty city. Again this could well be due to most Bay City residents being US-Americans and therefore are online at different times than we Europeans. However, we found a nice little beach bar there, an expensive jewelry store, and zombies.

Bay City Beach Bar
Bay City Beach Bar

No, there were no zombies. It was noobs standing around not knowing what to do. Nathan actually compared them to zombies, which I found funny but appropriate.

Finally I decided to fly a bit around Bay City. I was a bit out of training however and my internet connection being slow that day, it didn’t work very well. At least I got into a bit it again, but I think I will need some training again. To long my little Debonair and my MD 500 Helicopter were hidden in the dungeons of my inventory.

My Debonair Plane
My Debonair Plane

Next trip to Bay City I will have more to report, promised!

Travel the Mainland by Plane!

If you are a new resident in Second life you don´t know much about the geography off the Second life grid. Most regions I described here in the blog are actually on private estates with the exeption of Kuula and Hollywood airport. 

In fact I have seen many people who have been months in Second Life already and never even heard the word mainland and never actually accessed the mainland other than on orientation island (the place we all start at when we join Second Life).

Such person I met recently. Kent noticed in my profile, that I am into flying planes in Second Life. This caught his attention and he came up with an interesting idea. He suggested exploring Second Life by plane. As he owns a region together with his Second Life partner (girlfriend in SL), he wants to store a plane there, build a runway and use this as a base for trips by plane around Second Life.

Cool, I thought, that means he must have a mainland region. So we went to his sim to check it out. I was utmost surprised to land on a private estate and told him, that I expected a mainland region, for reasons that appeared obvious to me. He answered:

“What is the mainland?”

Now I was really confused. How comes a sim owner does not know the difference between a mainland region and a private estate? He was actually under the impression he could fly from his region to any other region on the grid.

Ok, then it became clear. It is his girlfriend Daisy, who manages the estate. She joined our party and we had a little chat. She gave me a tour of her property: The sapphire beach club, an adult region for couples and singles who are into the swinger lifestyle (Kent and Daisy are in an open and liberal relationship too and enjoy the lifestyle). I will write about the club and the associated 15 store luxury beach hotel in a separate article.

Kent is relatively new to Second Life and never has been told the difference between mainland and private estates. Everything related to running the sim is done by Daisy herself.

Nevertheless, I find the idea itself very intriguing to explore the mainland by plane. Hence we agreed to go on this mission together (Kent and myself). I will write about that mega-trip on this blog of course. Stay tuned it’s going to be fun

So what the fuck is this mainland thing?

The Second Life mainland, is as the name suggests the main part of the Second Life surface. It is land which was originally provided and sold to residents by the “Lindens” (In-World name of the owners of Linden Research Inc., the company behind Second Life).

It consists of several so-called continents which are each formed by several hundred (!!) regions attached to each other in direct contact. This is actually the main difference between the mainland and a private estate: The regions are joined together and you can actually move your avatar on almost the entire continent, crossing the different regions (unless the owner restricts access).

Private estates are isolated regions. You cannot enter or leave the region physically. You have to teleport in and out for access and departure. Some estate owners run more than one region and have them attached to each other as well. It just looks as if the estate was an island and you see ocean and horizon in all directions but around this estate or group of regions there is literally nothing.

That means you can fly your plane over your estate(s) until you reach the borderlines of the sim(s) and that’s basically it. On the mainland, you are able (with certain restrictions) to fly over the entire continent and even from continent to continent. Now you certainly understand why I was expecting Kent´s home to be a mainland region.

Another difference between the mainland and a private estate is this:

The difference between them is that ‘mainland’ land is run by Linden Lab and associated tier fees are paid directly to them. Mainland is originally purchased through an open auction system and then generally resold to the public in world by the auction winners. Private Estates are purchased by individuals or companies and while Linden Lab owns the servers, the estate owners have control of the land and can do with it whatever they wish within the Terms of Service rules. You must be a Premium member to buy land on the mainland; however you may rent land on the Mainland or an Estate, or buy Estate land as a basic member. So, the mainland is run by Linden Lab, and private estates are run by whoever leases them from Linden Lab.

How do I know if I am on a mainland region or a private estate?

Here’s how to tell if land is on a private estate or a mainland region. If you’re on the land, you can go to ‘about land’ using the pie menu and look up the covenant tab. The information there will tell you if you’re looking at a private estate area or a mainland area. If you’re just browsing the land sales listings, then the ‘show on map’ button helps – just click it to find the area for sale, and zoom in/out to check if it is part of the big mainland continent or not.

Next step is for us to decide from where we start our trip. There are actually 9 different continents and some sub-continents. Airports are available on most continents. My personal preference would be starting at the oldest continent in Second Life: Sansara.

First stop: the biggest city in Second Life, the unofficial capital of Sansara and one of the most thought after real estate locations on the entire grid:

Bay City!
I somehow have the feeling we are going to have a lot of fun in Bay City, don’t you too?

Helpful Links:

Here you have a map of the entire grid.

Interesting information about aviation on the grid:


The flying Noob!

I went back to the airport I visited yesterday:Hollywood International Airport in Second Life, eager to actually fly a plane.  I even had a passenger with me: Reiner a good friend of mine.  Poor guy, if what happened later would have been for real, he would have died this afternoon – and me too!

The first challenge was to actually get a plane, but for that there was a simple solution: On the airport are several stores selling aircrafts. One of them actually offers free temporary demo-planes to try before you buy. Good idea this! I rezed one of those free demo planes and jumped on the pilot seat.

Now what?

I knew from a video tutorial some basic commands, which should get me up in the air. For example if you type S in chat, the engine starts and throttle you do with the page up/down keys. Flaps are controlled by arrow keys and so are directions. What else do you need to know? Boy was I wrong!

My first two attempts ended up in a disaster. We crashed twice over the sea. The reason being was me flying into the corner of a region. That is a no go, as the simulators get confused about where the plane actually is and makes it flying around in circles on the edge of 4 attached regions which eventually makes you crash.

So first lesson learned: Avoid region corners!

Third try. I got the plane on the runway, or what I believed to be the runway. I was just about to get it going when I received an IM from some kind of flight surveillance officer saying:

“Lady , this is NOT the runway”.

Oh yeah, suddenly I realized this big sign indicating that I should not take off here. It was the part reserved for LANDING aircrafts. Oh my god, how silly of me, I could have easily caused a crash with a landing plane.

So I tried to move my little aircraft to the runway. For some reason I got stuck and the damn thing would not move anymore. Hence I gave it more throttle, and a little more, and even more whilst I had flaps in take off position, as I thought that might help to get this thing moving forward.

What happened then could have easily earned me the nick name “Captain Kangaroo”, the plane jumped  up, down and up again and finally crashed  into a helicopter that was about to take off,  on what for some reason they call the taxi driveway (there are no taxies, I checked!) .

“Pleeeease”, was the reaction of the man in the tower. Actually he wasn’t in a tower, but I thought it to be a cute idea to believe he was, the immersion is better that way.

So the officer comes to the crime scene.

German speaking dressed in this very cool white uniform and wearing pilot style sunglasses, he looked like if he had just jumped out of the movie top gun – a virtual version of Tom Cruise as Maverick. I am sure you remember.

In fact I had all the time the soundtrack of that movie in my head.  Did I mention my imagination grows wings sometimes?  For a second the thought of the bathroom scene in top gun crossed my mind, and the background music in my head changed suddenly from “danger zone” to “take my breath awaaaaay”.

Caroline BEHAVE!

I explained that I am total noob at this, which calmed down the whole scenario a little. He even offered me classes. That was nice of him. First he showed us a shop on the airport that offers freebie aircrafts. Hurray, freebies, that sorted out the problem of not being able to afford those rather expensive aircrafts.

SLOWLY, was the word most used by my new teacher. Yes, I know, I am a bit hyperactive and impatient at times. This free plane came with a hud, which makes this stuff much easier. So, we jumped on the plane all three of us, me in the pilot seat, Reiner next to me and my new flying instructor in the back. Step by step he explained what I have got to do (”SLOWLY Caroline”)…and we took off smoothly – well ish.

It didn’t take me too long to crash this plane as well.

But at least I had a chance to make a pretty screenshot of my plane flying towards the sunset – it’s the featured image of this article. Maybe I should have paid attention to the instruments in the hud instead, because shortly after, we had a spectacular dive into the sea right between two ships.

Back at the airport, he suggested that I should start with a helicopter first to get a feel for this. They are easier to maneuver, he said. Said and done! Got myself a freebie helicopter and we took off again. Now that was much easier! Every step on the way he told me what do to, which speed is appropriate, what height to take and so on. We flew to another island, not too far away, with an airport on it. I even managed to land the helicopter without a spectacular accident.

I enquired about jets. He was laughing and said I would not stay a single minute in the air. Ha! He doesn’t know Carol. Give me a couple of months and I fight you in a F14 Tomcat. Yeah – you bet!

I wonder if there is a bathroom at the airport’s club & restaurant.


Ready for take off?

I got curious about flying in Second Life. At first  I thought: Where is the point? I mean all avatars are able to fly anyway, so why would one bother to buy or use an aircraft?

So I investigated the matter. I started a thread in the Second Life Forums to see what other people think about it and I searched on youtube.com for tutorials or sims that offer flight simulations. The one that really spark my interest was this one:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bsv-KEpahro]

I also found some videos about air combat games in Second life, and all of a sudden I was hooked on the subject. I went to this airport called “Hollywood Airport” in Second life and was truly amazed. Imagine: There are 180 Regions where you can fly airplanes. The areas are attached to each other in a region or a continent called “Blake Sea” and the United Sailing Sims (USS).

Here is where:

In fact the Blake Sea connects the mainland continent to the controversial continent of Nautilus, a Linden owned continent which was intended for the yachting community.

Here is an interesting article about Blake Sea

I did visit the Hollywood International Airport, which serves as a gateway to the region. I never knew how much waste space there is available on the mainland. In fact I counted some 20 airports on a map in the airport information center. They also offer classes on flying and on…..ROLEPLAY!

Here we go again. I read role play and my imagination grows wings. I saw myself already sitting in a fighting jet, shooting down enemies and land at the base celebrated like a heroine.  Yeah , that I have to try!

But first things first:  I will join groups which cover the topics aviation, air combat and the likes and I need to find someone who shows me how that stuff works. I will become a Second Life pilot!

I am ready for take of.  I will keep you posted.