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Scandalous Outdoor Activity: Sex in Public on Blake Sea

In my last post I told you DouDou (also called Dave) joined me traveling around the Gaeta continent. Remember? NO? Well. Here is the story:

The Forgotten Continent

DouDou follows this blog.

Last time we met In-World he called me up on this statement I made in the Gaeta story:

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Twenty thousand leagues under the Sea

The secrets hidden under the surface of the ocean always fascinated people. Many tales and legends have their origin in what use to be an infinite mystery for us. As seen in my series „sailing around the world“ Second Life also offers many regions covered with water resembling little oceans. Have you ever wondered what can be found under the surface of those oceans?

Is it as simple as sand textured grid with no use whatsoever or is there actually something to discover? Something we haven`t even thought off as yet? What if there is something like a marine world out there, being totally ignored so far, at least by myself ?

Those of you who know me know, that I do not let pass much time between a thought and the correspoding action. Thought and done, I bought myself a submarine.

This really amazing vehicle is available on marketplace for as little as 2.499 Linden (one hour work for me). Check it out here:


It makes you feel somewhat like Captian Nemo in the classic science fiction novel of french writer Jules Verne, hence the headline of this post being twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

I rezzed the ship on my parcel in blake sea and off I went. At first the under water world of the blake sea , was what I expected it to be: dull and boring standard textured grid. But then I remembered a previous brief diving experience with Toni some time ago.

See this story here:

Some time ago? This is almost two years ago now. Time flies. Anyway back then mentioned a place called Fancis Deep, somewhere in the blake sea. Checking map, setting course. This submarine proofed to be the best vehicle I have ever tried. Very smooth movements, very fast and super easy to maneuver. Just on sim crossings it actually stops a couple of seconds to transfer those more than a hundred prims to the next server. Even though, the transport over to a new sim is much smoother than with any of other vehicles. This thingy even passes through obstacles.

Finally I reached my destination. The first thing I discovered was an ancient city. Immediately I thought of having discovered the mysterious city of Atlantis in Second Life. I decided to go deeper into those „stranger tides“.

I didn’t trust my eyes when I saw this:

Mermaids Dancing in the Sea
Mermaids Dancing in the Sea


Actually a mermaid and a merman dancing together in the water. I watched them quite a while until suddenly the mermaid did send me an IM.

We embarked on an interesting conversation. I learned that there is actually an active mermaid community in Second Life. Being of the curious kind I had lots of questions to ask her. The fact that she was German made it much easier, as German is my native tongue actually.

Most mermaids in Second Life see it as their lifestyle. A fantasy life similar to the furries or neko communities. Many ever leave the waters at all and are therefore not much in contact with regular residents. Sometimes however some of them do go on land where they grow legs. If you should ever meet one, you cant actually tell form their looks nor from their profile that you are talking to a mermaid. Most are rather withdrawn and shy, probably because of the fear of disapproval of their unusual lifestyle.

I invited her on board. This is actually what she looks like without her fish tail.

Mermaid in Second Life
Mermaid in Second Life

It didn’t take long till one of her sisters was swimming around the ship. Wow, two of those in one day after never having seen one in my entire Second Life. This one explained me a lot about what they actually do here in those waters. They run a group called “Safe waters association”, dedicated to preserve open water spaces in Second Life.

Here a more detailed article about this association:

The location where all this took place was incidentally just above the associations head quarters in Second Life. At this place you can get a lot of freebies for those who want to get in a life as a mermaid in the waters of Second Life.

We continued the trip from here. Just a little later, the next one! The two mermaids knew each other. Here I learned some mermaid language. “Tela” seems to be their typical greeting. Suddenly the ship was surrounded by another creator of sorts. Look like a dragon to me.

“Its a mermaid too, just a different race”, my passenger explained. Now that was a little creepy. But nothing actually happened. This dragon style mermaid followed us a while then left without saying a word.

Dragon Mermaid
Dragon Mermaid

Ok, four of those in a single day and I never knew about their existence!

A little later Del Fargis an old friend of mine joined us in the cockpit of my new submarine. The funny incident of the day was when we reached some under water temples. “These are temples in which the mermaids make love”.

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the blake sea
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the blake sea

Del inquired a bit anxious but interested: “Do mermaids have sex with normal men too?” I burst out laughing and said: “Del, seriously are you thinking about fucking a fish?”. Well he did not, he was more interested in getting close with me actually, which is what happend later that day actually.

See pics of us here:

The mermaid left us a little later and said she might visit me one day at my beach. I think I will be seeing the ocean in front of my home in a different light every time I look over those waters from now on.

Ok, readers! Did you ever meet a mermaid? Is that a fantasy you would consider?

Please leave your answers or stories in the comments please.




Getting You up to Date

Yes, I know! I have not written much recently. Shame on me. Not that I don’t want to, but I probably did not have enough inspiration recently and I do not want to write just to fill an empty page. However don’t worry, I will be back here soon. Today I just want to update you about what is happening in my Second Life:

Toni has a home now!

My regular readers will remember Toni. The guy I met about a year ago, when he was still this typical inexperienced noob. For those who don’t know that story, check it out here: Toni lessons in love.

Anyway, Toni is certainly no noob anymore, and he even decided to get a piece of land on a blake sea island called „Ibiza“. This is in the Northwest corner of the blake sea, clos to the Nautilus east coast. I think I got him hooked on sailing in Second Life too. He got himself this small but very pretty house you can see here.

I actually help him decorating it with some furniture I had in my inventory. It is stuff I got from an advertiser to evaluate it. He added me to the land group and I can actually use his home too. In fact Toni doesn’t mind guests at all. So if any of you guys and girls want to drop by, bring some drinks with you and say hello to Toni.


Looks quite cosy doesn’t it?

I invited my friend Abi over too, and we did spend a couple of nice hours there. Actually, I haven’t seen him very often recently due to me being too busy with my sailing trip and the job at Magic Angels. I guess we will spend more time from now, especially as we are thinking about dating couples. Yes, we will explore the swinger scene in Second Life together. Stay tuned, this is going to be extremely hot and sexy!


I have a new moor

A girl I recently met, rented me a place on her Island to moor my yacht. It is an Island being part of the „Loonah Lee Magic“ region in blake sea. The best thing about it is : I can use the entire island as well. Probably one of the nicest private islands I have ever seen in Second Life. However, this will be my temporary home, as Vendi will be moving in a couple of weeks to the South Coast of the Corsica continent where she will open a new marina. More on that in a later post!


Magic Angels got a redesign

The Magic Dream Angels, is now the Magic Angels Club. But not only the name changed slightly. Mel did a great job in redesigning the club. We have now a stylish terrace righ on the sea front. The party area with a dance floor and the bar is now the main focus and meeting point. She got rid of the house on the cliff, which hardly anyone was using anyway. She kept the underwater dome however as well as the romantic beach island.


If you want to see yourself or join us for some fun time here is the taxi:

Whats next?

I will continue my trip, where I last left it (South Coast of Corsica). So for those interested in mainland geography you will soon read about the coast of Corsica as well as the roads of that continent. I actually bought myself a motorbike for that purpose. Once we have seen enough of that part of the mainland, I will set sail again and continue the trip crossing the Linden ocean towards the straight of Nautilus.

Other stories will include „Crack Den“ role play, exploring Gor in Second Life and Abi and my attempt to actually date couples.

Of course, in-between I will occasionally check into Magic Angels and if something really hot comes my way at work, you will read about it here (if participants give me permission to do so).

Whats your favorite story?

Please leave in the comments, which storyline is your favorite, what do you want to read about here next? Creck Den, gor, my sailing trip, the swinger scene or the escort story? Or is there something totally different you wanted to know but didn’t dare to ask?

Tell me about it and I will explore it for you!

Sailing around the World – Part 2 – Zombie on Board!

Do you remember my post about “sailing the blake sea”? It was the first part of a planned trip around the entire mainland.  I have not followed up on the story as suit as I should have. That is because I was very busy at the club. Today I finally can give you a little update.

The last time, I arrived at an Island in the very North-West part of the Blake Sea called Ibiza. That is were I did set sail for Nautilus again. Nautilus is the closest Second Life continent to the Blake Sea. You will reach it sailing straight west wards from most parts of the western Blake Sea, as it is a rather large continent, famous for its water ways but unfortunately infamous for having the most ban-lines of all continents.

For those of you knew to Second Life, I should explain this stuff about continents a bit at this point. You know that Second Life is comprised by many different regions, also referred to as SIMS. We actually differentiate between two types of regions. For one there are the “private estates”. You have most likely visited many of them when you went to clubs or other social venues which are typically located on stand alone private estates. Those estates are owned by a Second Life resident and are usually not attached to other regions, unless the resident owns several regions. The only way to get to or leave a private estate is via teleporting.

The other type of region are the mainland regions. Those are of the same size, but form attached to each other the individual 9 continent of the so-called mainland. Just to give you an Idea about the size of one continent: Nautilus is formed of of 864 regions and together with its neighbor Satori and several subcontinents (such as the blake sea) we are talking about a super-continent with something in the region of 2.000 regions attached to each other forming a huge landmass.

See a map of Nautilus here:

Nautilus Continent in Second Life
Nautilus Continent in Second Life

More details about Nautilus on the Second Life Wiki

Many noobs, if not all, do not realize for a long time, that such “mainland” actually does exist in Second Life and instead hop from one private estate to the next by teleporting, thinking this is how the entire Second Life grid is actually build. For those visiting the mainland for the first time it might be an overwhelming experience, simply it is something they did not expect.

I show you what the mainland is all about by trying to sail the entire mainland and take pictures of its special places and sometime breathtaking landscapes.

Back to the trip

I had passengers actually, when I headed west towards Nautilus. I met him when I just logged in elsewhere and he appeared right in front of me. The guy actually logged into Second Life the first time after years in absence. I found that quite funny that the first thing he sees after “sleeping” for a long time, is sexy me in my work outfit.

Zombie on board
Zombie on board

He was quite impressed how different Second Life looks today compared to when he got his avatar to sleep for more than a year. So I decided to take him with me on my sailing trip. I change to a more appropriate outfit and off we went via TP to my last sailing location in the Blake Sea.

Unfortunately he did not see much of it, as shortly after leaving the docks of Ibiza he apparently went AFK for some reason for the entire route. Felt like having a zombie on board.

Anyway, a short while after I reached the East coast of Nautilus. From where I started to the coast I only had to cross no more than 4 regions (nothing for Nautilus standards). The coast held a bit of a surprise for me. I knew the Southern Shores of Nautilus form before, as I used to have a region there which hosted an art gallery I used to have. That was before Caroline was born, in another Second Life so to speak.

But I never knew how popular sailing actually is in the is region. This part of its coast is full of privately owned parcels all with luxury houses and yachting moors for one or more boats. It looks everybody who owns a parcel here is into sailing or yachting.

Shores of Nautilus
Shores of Nautilus

I did set course North, heading towards the Corsica continent. I passed at least 15 to 20 regions. Every parcel sold and occupied , I must have passed thousands of boats and moors. Always a stead wind from behind I developed quite some speed there, especial in open waters. I can tell you it was great fun, despite of the zombie sitting on the boat staring at my ass all the time. I wondered if he would bit!

Finally I reached a region were rezing appeared to be allowed. I lowered sails and went engine on slow speed, slowly to the coast and realized: Its a public marina. There I moored and jumped on land to have a look around.


To me huge surprise there was one moor actually available for rent. All other Moors were actually occupied. Other than this moor-parcel, there was a small parcel of land right next to it available for rent at the price of 3.500 LD per week, for only about 2.000 Square meters. A lot of money for such a small parcel. But hey, it has access to Blake Sea!

The price was incredibly low: just 100 LD per week including a 50 prim allowance. This is a bargain for the this part of the mainland. I did not have to think very long about this, I took the place for the next 10 weeks. Now I have a base for exploring Nautilus in depth before I will continue further North to the next continent called Corsica.

New Home on Nautilus East Coast
New Home on Nautilus East Coast

The nice thing about it is, that I have a permanent home location for my boat. Feels cool to have a boat as my home in Second Life. It has everything a small home would have as well, but I can move with it wherever and whenever I want. In addition all tenants of the marina can use free of charge their party club location in the sky and a sky airport. What else would you want as a base for 100 LD per week.

Cabin of my boat
Cabin of my boat

My Zombie woke up: “Sorry phone call, what happened?”

Sailing around the World – Part 1- a Day on Blake Sea

It started in one of those extreme adult sims. The one I wrote about some time ago here. My intention was to promote the Magic Dream Angels Club. So I slipped in my „work uniform“, a set of very sexy lingerie called “black lace” and was basically standing around in that place in a crowd of guys and girls looking for a fuck. But sorry guys, this will not be a report of yet another sex adventure as things went in a different direction – literally.

Suddenly a totally naked girl called Ana, who was standing around there too, IM-ed me: „Hey I know you from your blog“. We started talking a bit and apparently she is a fan of my writings. She seemed pretty excited to meet me in person. Ana told me, when she first saw me she thought: „Hey, that girl looks like Caroline Resident“, then she saw my name and her jaw hit the floor. I felt a bit like a celebrity when she told me this. Am I already famous?

I invited her over to the club and we continued our conversation at the Tiki bar. She was a bit embarrassed that I met her naked at a sex club and she assured me , she just wanted to „goof around with noobs“, whatever that exactly is. She dressed up at the bar, to show me the “usual” Ana:


I suggested to her working with us at the club and she seemed to like the idea. Lest see if I found a new team member for us. She definitely has the looks for it, don’t you think so? A face with personality, a nice figure and especially her hands caught my attention, so slick and elegant. I am sure Rebecca will go wild when she meets Ana.

After a while Abi (Abraham Windstorm, an old friend of mine) joined us at the bar. Suddenly I had a spontaneous idea: “Why don´t we go on a little sailing trip?”. Both liked the idea and off we went to the St. Martin region in the very South-East of the Blake Sea. In fact this area of the Blake Sea is the very South-East of the Second Life mainland. The end of the world so to speak.

I rezed the Looneta, the sailing yacht I bought recently and off we went. We had good wind conditions and at times we really went quite fast at about 10kts.. This was when I realized, what a great boat the Looneta is. The movements on the water, the sounds, the waves the boat makes when moving through the sea, all of it extremely realistic. If you have a little bit of imagination, the immersion can be that good, you can almost feel the wind and water.


After crossing at least 20 very beautiful tropical SIMs we sailed past a girl who had a bit trouble with her own boat and we invited her to join us. She was a pretty little girl from Spain called Anne. This was when I gave Abi the control of the boat. He is far more experienced with sailing and I wanted to be able to focus on the conversation rather than on wind and waves.

Every mans dream, a sailing trip with three beautiful women in bikini, isn’t it?


There was one moment when me and Ana came a bit closer, caressing each other a little, not much and almost casual but it did feel nice and sensual. Lets see to what this might lead eventually!

A little later Pit, a guy I know from the Club, also joined us. Unfortunately he could not speak English, hence it proved to be a bit difficult to include him into the conversation going on. Despite we all had a lot of fun on the little boat. Ana even said: “I should have been gone to RL life an hour ago, but this is too exciting”.

When we reached the open waters of Blake Sea, were the winds are strong and the waves high, everybody was excited about crossing a huge part of the mainland by boat instead of the usual teleport system. We must have crossed at least 50 SIMs when we reached the Ibiza region in the very North-West of the Blake Sea.


Here we docked the boat and finished our sailing trip. From this location I will start my trip around the mainland which I had been planing for some time.


Top Gun Role Play on the USS Nimitz in the Blake Sea

The ship you see on the featured image above is the USS Nimitz. Actually it is not an exact rebuild of the real USS Nimitz, but an aircraft carrier inspired by the USS Nimitz. Building a replica of a real aircraft carrier is hardly possible in Second Life as you would need a hell lot of prims and it would have a huge land impact.

Doesn’t matter: The Second Life Nimitz is a great build and transmit that feeling or immersion to actually be on a huge warship. It is based in a harbor of the famous blake sea in Second Life which resembles an US Navy base. The region borders on the Nautilus continent.

This gives people who love to simulate flights in SL a huge area to fly around: The blake sea in the east of the carrier, the entire Nautilus continent and as far north as the southern regions of the Corsica continent. I estimate at least 500 regions.

Here the official land description:

Feel free to rezz your aircraft and depart from here or land. Shop, hangar-rentals available. A group for all that like to be part of Navy Carrier Air Groups. Become a Navy Top Gun. Join our group. Take part at our mission. Join us in sim Terric – Blake Sea –

When I first got there yesterday, there was actually nobody else around. This is unusual for flying spots in Second Life. The airports I know are actually quit busy as aviation simulation in Second Life is a very popular activity – especially in the blake sea regions. I have seen days on the main blake sea airport ( Hollywood airport) when planes took off every 5 minutes. However there is a reason for the USS Nimitz being less busy at time, I will get to that a little later. I took advantage off being alone on the ship, great opportunity to have a look at everything and taking pictures without disturbing anybody. Off I went, and explored the inside of the ship, till I came to this door:


No entry! What a laugh! I am a woman and a journalist which makes me one of the most curious people in Second Life. For someone like me a sign like that reads: “Come in, this is the most interesting part of the ship!” Without hesitation, I entered the room which happens to be the commanders private quarters. The guy has taste, have a look:

USS Nimitz Blake Sea Second Life

USS Nimitz Blake Sea Second Life

After that I explored the rest of the ship and took the pictures you see here below this post. I also found some maps of the region and notecards describing flight routes. It looks like the do formation flights over the entire continent. Sounds fun to me, but I know from previous experiences as a passenger in an F15, that flying a jet is quite a challenge! Remember my post little bit of top gun?

This is the route described in one of the notecards:

Fly Plan for Green Patrol Name of the Patrol is Green Each pilot must carry his radio

The leader use ATC for take off (/4 bla bla bla) (example use Blue Leader, Blue 1, Blue 2, Blue 3, for communicate) with USS Nimitz radio (/3 bla bla bla) Fuel System ON Take off order : Blue Leader Catapult N° 3 Blue 1 Catapult N° 4 Blue 2 Catapult N° 5 Blue 3 Catapult N° 1 Altitude : 150m – once at 150m “click Auto Level” on your hud Power : 60 % Fying Formation : Route

Route: Ahabs Haunt USS NIMTIZ -> cap 0°/360° N Marmeduc -> cap 0°/360° N Swash -> Cap 270° W Spyglass -> Cap 0°/360° N Siracusa -> Cap 90° E Ziyad – > cap 0°/360° N Arezzo -> cap 270° W Dooknock -> cap 0°/360° N Merrs -> cap 270° W Dark Shadow -> cap 180° S Tashtego -> cap 270° W Red Snapper -> cap 180° S Sculpin -> cap 270° W Loomings -> cap 180° S Stove Boat Shallows -> cap90° E Elijah -> cap0°/360° N Looming -> cap 90° E Arezzo -> cap 180° S Ziyad -> cap 270° W Siracusa -> cap 180° S Blake Sea – Spyglass -> cap 270° W Albach -> cap 180° S Qomene -> cap 90° E Marmeduc -> cap 180° S the leader use ATC for landing (/4 bla bla bla) USS NIMITZ -> Landing

Landing order As long as the leader landing, the crew make a full turn, Impetueux, Terric Saint Romanieur, and so on in order of landing Blue Leader Blue 1 Blue 2 Blue 3

During the whole time I was actually in an IM conversation as well. You know, we girls have the ability of multi tasking. Yeah! I was talking to a guy who follows this blog since day one and reads each and every article as soon as published – a true fan, a groupie. We actually agreed on a date, but I tell you about this in another post, there is more to come. I finished my tour and stood on the deck when suddenly an officer approached me, asking if I need help and we embarked on a an interesting conversation.

USS Nimitz Blake Sea Second Life

Basically the region is some kind of role play area. Its not a story based regulated role play region, like the Gorean regions for example. Its more a simulation of life on an US Navy base. You can “be” a pilot, or play any other role in the port, such as a fireman, police, hospital staff or a waiter in the ports restaurants. Whatever takes your fancy and fits to the environment. So if you fancy some top gun role play – here is the taxi:


Picture Gallery

Second Life Blake Sea by Seaplane

Today I bought a plane. A seaplane to be exact. The main reason for this acquisition is my infamous lack of talent to land a regular plane the way it should be done. My long time readers certainly remember my first attempts in Second Life aviation, which can be described with a single word: fail!

Here is my new little bird:

Seaplane Hollywood Airport Second Life

The price I paid was very reasonable: 980 Linden Dollar. What caught my attention in the advert on marketplace was the claim that it has some kind of script in it, which makes sim crossing more smooth and less dangerous. Hey, that is exactly what I need, if true.

So of I went to my favorite airport Hollywood Airport on Blake Sea, rezed the plane and jumped in. Slowly , carefully I followed the taxi way (I know buy now what that is) and thought to myself: “Hey, this is cool, I have a new look, a new plane and my name tag is switched off. Nobody of all those people I caused nightmares in the past will recognize me”.

I reached the runway ready to take off:

Ready for Take off on Hollywood airport in Second Life

Someone hits my IM: “ATC calling Caroline Resident, welcome back Carol but wait with take off until that helicopter crossing from south west is cleared, wait for go”. How did he know it was me?

Anyway, who cares! I had a perfect take off. I realized that this plane needs a bit more throttle to take off than the little Debonaire I was flying before. I guess this is simulating the weight off the plane but could also have to do with the smaller wheels built into the skis. Once up in the air I realized this plane fly far smoother than the Debonair and region crossing was indeed very easy with hardly any turbulence. It is still recommended to avoid region corners however.

Next was the need for practicing landing and take off on waters. I did choose a wide open ocean area, to make sure nothing is in my way. This is actually the risky part when landing somewhere. As opposed to an airport, you actually never know what you are going to encounter when landing on water. I also experienced that it takes even more power and flap during a seaplane take off because during a seaplane take-off, hydrodynamic or water drag becomes the major part of the forces resisting acceleration.

After a bit of practice and a bit of diving into the ocean, I became quite confident in landing and take off, in fact its much easier than with my Debonair, mainly due to no restrictions of a short runway and to much better engines (or engine simulation in Second Life) of that particular plane.

Ready to explore. So off I went flying West direction Nautilus continent. Shortly after I noticed some green spots on the radar (indicating people on the grid) on a an island a little bigger than the island in the region. My curiosity awoke and I prepared for landing. My first kinda official landing on blake sea waters. Considering my records in Second Life aviation anything could happen such as crashing into boats, or otherwise not getting it right.

It went absolutely perfect

I got the plane into this position. An amazing view isn’t it? I parked the plane and went on land.

Blake Sea Sailing Club in Second Life


There I met one of the co-owners off the parcel.

The place is a sailing club operated by Germans. They offer free rezzing of boats and planes and the free use in the blake sea of all boats in the little harbor. The best is: they also offer classes for noobs and organize regular events such as regattas and racing. I found out, that is actually one of the oldest sailing clubs in the blake sea and a very popular place too. It must have cost them a lot of money in terms of Second Life prices, to build this place. Land on blake sea is amongst the most expensive in Second Life.

Sailing Club in Second Life

They even have a website announcing their races and other sportive events. Those are also announced via group messages. I like this place and I am looking forward to attend some of their events in the future.

Give it a try

here is the taxi

Here the website (in German):

Setting Sail for Nautilus

Discovering the mainland using a plane proves to be a very hard thing to do. The reason being is the fact that many parcel owners restrict access to their land. There are either banlines, or security systems or the owner has access for objects restricted. In either case you can not pass the land and your plane might even crash.

There are however certain flight routes outlined at the airports which are considered to be safe. Those lines usually connect certain airports. If one wants to fly its highly recommanded to use those routes otherwise it gets really frustrating.

But it wouldn’t be me if didn’t come up with an alternative. We sail the mainland instead! That seems much easier to me. But before embarking on this trip, I decided to test things out this time. Hence I got myself a freebie yacht and together with my old friend Abraham I went to Hollywood airport, which is right in the middle of the blake sea, a popular sailing region.

The yacht was a disappointment. I did not manage to do anything with it. Then Abi suggested to use his sailing boat. Men! He watches me getting frustrated with the damn thing (to his amusement) and then comes up with: „ Hey I have got one that works!“


Ok, I forgive him this time. So we set sail and took course West towards the Nautilus contingent. We had to cross a huge open water area, and I really mean huge, look at the picture!

 So the nice thing about sailing is this: wherever there are water sims you can travel without restrictions.

Eventually we arrived at Nautilus East Coast and set foot on the mainland. The region we saw first was kinda weird. The owner had hardly nay landscaping done, and instead place lots of strange items and buildings on the land with no obvious strategy or design.

Two of the buildings resemble Hindu temples and the land profil states:

Ganesh/Ganesha is one of the best-known and most worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon. He is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings, and the Patron of arts and sciences.

If there is anybody form my readers who can shade some light on this, please use the comment form and tell us about this.




A bit of top gun!

Groups are a great thing when you are new to something.  I joined a group at the Hollywood airport, which is a group for pilots and people interested in aviation in Second Life. I posted in the group chat a message, stating that I would love to experience an air combat also referred to as “dogfight”. I have no idea why its called “DOG-fight”. I can assure you there are no dogs on this airport.  Anyway that’s how its called.

It did not take long and Brad did send me a message and TP. He offered me to fly with him in his F15 Jet. Two other friends of his were there too Fortnight and Emily. One of which played the “bad Russian” in  MIG and the other was there for rescue.

Rescue? I asked! Yeah rescue, because when you get shot down you are using a parachute do glide down on the grid. As most fighting happens over the sea, you also wear a life vest, which you inflate once you touch the sea. How funny is that!

Ok, up we went and I must say. It is amazing, despite of me spending more time in the water than in the air. Best experience is when you go into mouse view. It gives you the feel of actually sitting in a jet cockpit.

To fly these jets and engage in combat requires quite a bit of skills, it looks actually very difficult.  Everything happens very fast and you see yourself more than once upside down or other strange positions.

If you are interested in such experience, fly with somebody who has experience first. Then you might decide if this is for you or not.  I think every noob should try this at least once! It’s a cool action packed in-world game and certainly worth trying.



Ready for take off?

I got curious about flying in Second Life. At first  I thought: Where is the point? I mean all avatars are able to fly anyway, so why would one bother to buy or use an aircraft?

So I investigated the matter. I started a thread in the Second Life Forums to see what other people think about it and I searched on youtube.com for tutorials or sims that offer flight simulations. The one that really spark my interest was this one:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bsv-KEpahro]

I also found some videos about air combat games in Second life, and all of a sudden I was hooked on the subject. I went to this airport called “Hollywood Airport” in Second life and was truly amazed. Imagine: There are 180 Regions where you can fly airplanes. The areas are attached to each other in a region or a continent called “Blake Sea” and the United Sailing Sims (USS).

Here is where:

In fact the Blake Sea connects the mainland continent to the controversial continent of Nautilus, a Linden owned continent which was intended for the yachting community.

Here is an interesting article about Blake Sea

I did visit the Hollywood International Airport, which serves as a gateway to the region. I never knew how much waste space there is available on the mainland. In fact I counted some 20 airports on a map in the airport information center. They also offer classes on flying and on…..ROLEPLAY!

Here we go again. I read role play and my imagination grows wings. I saw myself already sitting in a fighting jet, shooting down enemies and land at the base celebrated like a heroine.  Yeah , that I have to try!

But first things first:  I will join groups which cover the topics aviation, air combat and the likes and I need to find someone who shows me how that stuff works. I will become a Second Life pilot!

I am ready for take of.  I will keep you posted.