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Kuula New Citizen Incorporated and Nathan the Noob

Today´s post is about a place I should have written about a long time ago, simply because it’s one of the best noob places I know. In fact, it was the first region, after orientation island I happened to land on when I first started with my very first avatar back in 2007.

It is called Kuula – New Citizen Incorporated. The name really says it all: It is a place to help new Second Life residents to get started.

Here is the Taxi:

Before I tell you what I did there a couple of days ago; I show you what’s on offer there:

Socializing & Coaching

Sit together with other new and old Second Life Residents, ask questions,  get help and make your first social contacts in second Life. There are always some experienced residents around, willing to coach and assist interested new residents.

NCI Kuula New Citizens Incorporated Socialising

Take Courses

Kuula offers a wide range of courses and tutorials for new and experienced residents alike. Tutorials about Second Life culture, etiquette, recommended places and even scripting and building courses are available and schedules are shown on a huge panel.

NCI Kuula New Citizens Incorporated Courses and Seminars

Use a free Sandbox

A sandbox is basically a parcel on which the owner allows visitors to rez stuff for the purpose of building and scripting. This is very useful if you do not own land yourself in Second Life, but you would like to start building items or practicing your building skills. Most sandboxes auto-return rezed items after a certain time (usually something between 3 and 5 hours) but its commonly expected that you clean up before you leave.

Another common use of a sandbox is to rez so-called boxed items you may have purchased somewhere. What the heck is that you might ask!

NCI Kuula New Citizens Incorporated Sandbox

Here a little explanation:

Very often you buy things in Second Life which the owner has comprised in a prim. This is called “boxing” and is the equivalent to “zip” something to send it by e-mail or make it available as a download. You need to “un-zip” these boxed items in Second Life.

The way you do that is:

  1. Go to a sandbox
  2. Drag and Drop the item from your inventory on the ground of the sandbox
  3. Right click the item and choose “open” in the context menu
  4. Click on “copy to inventory”

That’s it!

Now you have a new folder in your inventory, which contains the stuff you bought and in most cases some instructions and a landmark to the shop were you got the item in the first place. Do yourself a favor: read those instructions it will save you time and hassle.

Lots of freebies

Click through the panel and find useful stuff, including stuff you might find useful when you start building things in Second Life, such as textures, building parts, scripts and the lot. You also find clothing and even complete new avatars totally free of charge. I hope the people who run and own this place don’t get tired of it. They do a great job for new residents.

NCI Kuula New Citizens Incorporated_003

Ok, I know what you guys think: Carol, come on stop lecturing and start telling us what happened there and who the heck is Nathan the Noob?

All right!

I was jumping around regions yet again to find something to write about. I do this quite often to see were I can meet interesting people, recommendations for places to visit and write about and of course to get into exiting things and adventures to write about.

That way I ended up in Kuula and followed a conversation between Janet, an instructor or coach and a crowd of noobs in Second Life. This is the part where I got involved (more or less like this):

Janet: Ok guys, there is a lot to tell about Second Life, you need to ask me what you are interested in, otherwise I don’t know what to talk about.
Caroline (me)with tongue in cheek: Come on Janet, all noobs have one thing in mind, when first getting started here: SEX.
Nathan the Noob: Sex? Are you kidding me? I can’t even figure out how to fix my hair and you suggest I am thinking about sex?

Ok, so I IM-ed him and step by step, we fixed his issue with his hair and started teaching him a couple of things. First I explained how to use camera view and what it is good for. Oh boy, that was a difficult task. So for the first time Nathan was able to look at himself from the front and able to zoom in and out on objects. Actually I suggest to teach a noob the camera view function as soon as possible, it makes such a difference!

I also gave him some basic free skins and shapes to play around with. Those are not top notch sexy looking skins, but better than what he actually was wearing hence yet another improvement. However I have yet to find really nice free skins for males. So far the only way I know to get a male avatar looking good is actually buying skin and shape from a good designer. My personal recommendation would be Redgrave design, they do really good stuff and their skins look very realistic.

Next: TP to Dirty Dive to collect some freebies. A basic animation overrider should be top of the list. The movements of the starting avatars are just horrible and identify you on first sights as a noob.

Then a funny topic: getting a penis!

Nathan was a bit astonished about that one. He asked why he would want to have a second penis. Well, it’s your first one mate; the avatar comes without your little friend. That was so funny, but next question was even better:

“What for do I need one?”

Suggestions anyone?

My answer was, imagine you go to a nude beach and your avatar is missing this part, wouldn’t that look strange? What if you want to have sex with somebody – it might help to be “equipped” right?

Then we worked out how to actually put it on and how it looks like. As Dirty Dive is an adult region, it wasn’t a problem actually to have him take off his cloth and learn how to attach his parts.

Then he asked: Can I see your Pussy?

I had a lot of fun that day, as you can imagine, and inquired: “Did you never see a naked woman in Second Life?” “No, never” he replied. So I took him to a nude beach (my favorite Sunset Beach) as I felt a bit uncomfortable at Dirty Dive.

Here he received his next lesson: How to use intan pose balls for dancing.

So there we were, dancing naked in the sand at sunset and I asked: “So, how do you feel now dancing with me nude?” – “Comfortable and aroused to be honest,“ was his expected reply. I continued: “This is the idea of places like this, and some people take it even a step further”.

“Let’s take it a step further”, he suggested and that´s when Nathan the noob lost his virtual virginity. So both initial issues sorted. Did I mention I have a hair shop?

The flying Noob!

I went back to the airport I visited yesterday:Hollywood International Airport in Second Life, eager to actually fly a plane.  I even had a passenger with me: Reiner a good friend of mine.  Poor guy, if what happened later would have been for real, he would have died this afternoon – and me too!

The first challenge was to actually get a plane, but for that there was a simple solution: On the airport are several stores selling aircrafts. One of them actually offers free temporary demo-planes to try before you buy. Good idea this! I rezed one of those free demo planes and jumped on the pilot seat.

Now what?

I knew from a video tutorial some basic commands, which should get me up in the air. For example if you type S in chat, the engine starts and throttle you do with the page up/down keys. Flaps are controlled by arrow keys and so are directions. What else do you need to know? Boy was I wrong!

My first two attempts ended up in a disaster. We crashed twice over the sea. The reason being was me flying into the corner of a region. That is a no go, as the simulators get confused about where the plane actually is and makes it flying around in circles on the edge of 4 attached regions which eventually makes you crash.

So first lesson learned: Avoid region corners!

Third try. I got the plane on the runway, or what I believed to be the runway. I was just about to get it going when I received an IM from some kind of flight surveillance officer saying:

“Lady , this is NOT the runway”.

Oh yeah, suddenly I realized this big sign indicating that I should not take off here. It was the part reserved for LANDING aircrafts. Oh my god, how silly of me, I could have easily caused a crash with a landing plane.

So I tried to move my little aircraft to the runway. For some reason I got stuck and the damn thing would not move anymore. Hence I gave it more throttle, and a little more, and even more whilst I had flaps in take off position, as I thought that might help to get this thing moving forward.

What happened then could have easily earned me the nick name “Captain Kangaroo”, the plane jumped  up, down and up again and finally crashed  into a helicopter that was about to take off,  on what for some reason they call the taxi driveway (there are no taxies, I checked!) .

“Pleeeease”, was the reaction of the man in the tower. Actually he wasn’t in a tower, but I thought it to be a cute idea to believe he was, the immersion is better that way.

So the officer comes to the crime scene.

German speaking dressed in this very cool white uniform and wearing pilot style sunglasses, he looked like if he had just jumped out of the movie top gun – a virtual version of Tom Cruise as Maverick. I am sure you remember.

In fact I had all the time the soundtrack of that movie in my head.  Did I mention my imagination grows wings sometimes?  For a second the thought of the bathroom scene in top gun crossed my mind, and the background music in my head changed suddenly from “danger zone” to “take my breath awaaaaay”.

Caroline BEHAVE!

I explained that I am total noob at this, which calmed down the whole scenario a little. He even offered me classes. That was nice of him. First he showed us a shop on the airport that offers freebie aircrafts. Hurray, freebies, that sorted out the problem of not being able to afford those rather expensive aircrafts.

SLOWLY, was the word most used by my new teacher. Yes, I know, I am a bit hyperactive and impatient at times. This free plane came with a hud, which makes this stuff much easier. So, we jumped on the plane all three of us, me in the pilot seat, Reiner next to me and my new flying instructor in the back. Step by step he explained what I have got to do (”SLOWLY Caroline”)…and we took off smoothly – well ish.

It didn’t take me too long to crash this plane as well.

But at least I had a chance to make a pretty screenshot of my plane flying towards the sunset – it’s the featured image of this article. Maybe I should have paid attention to the instruments in the hud instead, because shortly after, we had a spectacular dive into the sea right between two ships.

Back at the airport, he suggested that I should start with a helicopter first to get a feel for this. They are easier to maneuver, he said. Said and done! Got myself a freebie helicopter and we took off again. Now that was much easier! Every step on the way he told me what do to, which speed is appropriate, what height to take and so on. We flew to another island, not too far away, with an airport on it. I even managed to land the helicopter without a spectacular accident.

I enquired about jets. He was laughing and said I would not stay a single minute in the air. Ha! He doesn’t know Carol. Give me a couple of months and I fight you in a F14 Tomcat. Yeah – you bet!

I wonder if there is a bathroom at the airport’s club & restaurant.


Caroline at the Dear Prudence Rock Club

It has been a long time since I actually login into Second Life with a brand new account. Things changed a lot I noticed. The good news was, that I don’t have to do all the stupid tasks again which were kind of mandatory years ago. Instead you land at a place called Destination Island.

What still remained the same is, that you start of with a very basic avatar. Call me vain, but I thought I  could not start my journey looking like one of those standard starting avis. So my first visit was to a place called Freebie Galaxy.  I grab lots of free stuff there: skins, shapes, cloth and hair and off I went to Help Island to go to the sandbox.

It was a disappointing exercise to try on all those different shapes and skins. One looked worse than the other and after a while I gave up and decided to use the standard Avatar called “female Student” for the time being. I just dressed a bit different as the cloth the avi comes with, are totally unacceptable.  I hope I will meet people on the way, who can advise me on better places to get free stuff.

Then I asked people on help Island for a recommendation of a noob friendly music club and got my first landmark from somebody. Immediately I TP-ed to the place and found myself in very busy rock club. I did not have much time to get into conversations at the time, but at least I got a starting point for this trip and made a screenshot to give you guys an idea of how I look like now.

So here I am, in a raunchy rock club, called DP or Dear Prudence Rock Club.

What you guys think? Should I rather quickly get a new look or is this ok for the time being?

Any comments, criticism and suggestions appreciated.