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Oops we did it again

Dear Carol’s readers,

well it is me Catherine, I feel ashamed not having posted anything in ages, but as you can see I am trying to fix this now. To be honest, I have been tempted to keep this story for myself (and a few witnesses actually), but I decided that it has to be shared, hopefully you will like it. On my side, I enjoyed writing it … at least it made someone happy.

As it happens a bit more often these times, Carol and I were online simultaneously. It was Carol who said “hi” the first. After a quick chat we convened that I will join her at her place, so I jumped in a taxi and with the magic of SecondLife, I was at her door a few seconds later. The door was not locked and I entered the house calling her. I actually like this place a lot, all decorated with taste in grey and white tones … if I own a house myself one day, this is probably something very similar I would try to achieve.

-“I am here” I heard her reply from what I guessed was her bedroom.

The door was open and I entered the room finding Caroline, very relaxed, laying on her tummy on her own bed. She was wearing a black set of lingerie and smiled to me:

-“Have a sit if you dare!” she said tapping on her bed.

This is when I started to have this feeling of deja vu (see Revelation at the Mansion). I giggled and smiled back:

-“Sure! I don’t see why not?”


So I laid on my tummy as well, facing her. We chatted for some time as we usually do when we meet. But as we discussed, I was constantly reminding of what happened at the Mansion a few months ago. I felt some tender butterflies agitating in my belly, I was aroused. Was it the sight of Caroline, or the sweet memory of my sole lesbian experience, I do not know, but I cannot deny I was definitely sexually excited. I did not know if Caroline was in the same state of mind, so I did not dare to make a single move. This was actually her who did: she laid her hands over mine and started to caress them. She smiled to me and I realized she was probably thinking of the same thing than me. This was no more a revelation to me, I knew I could enjoy sex with another girl, well …. maybe not any girl actually, with Caroline I knew it from experience.

She sat behind me and took me in her arms. She kissed my neck and I was all shivering, it made her giggle in gentle mockery. I turned my face to her and … finally we kissed passionately. I nearly forgot how good it was to kiss Caroline. Her right hand was unbuttoning my shorts in the mean time, I could not believe it was happening again and still … I did not want to resist one second. Soon we peeled from our tops and Caroline pressed her soft breasts against my back while she played with my titties with one hand. Her other hand slid in my shorts and froze on my venus mount. She stared at me as if to ask permission. I was too involved to let it go, I laid my hand on hers and pushed below until she was right over my clit … I let out a long moan. It triggered all the wilderness of our sexually charged bodies. She peeled me from my shorts and thong and soon I felt her magic tongue between my legs …. ho that was amazing. No man can beat a woman at knowing what we actually like in this caress.

I was covered in goose bumps, enjoying every seconds, every expert lick on my sensitive parts. This is when the most exciting moment of our encounter was, well from my point of view at least: she suddenly stopped and grabbed, from her bedside table, a dildo attached to a belt, what technically is called a strapon. She took her time and adjusted it while I was looking at her, aroused and curious at the same time. Of course I knew what it was for, but this was the first time that a strapon would be used on me. Once it was all set, she laid me on my back and came over me, it was such a strange feeling. She was about to penetrate my vagina, but she was all tenderness, it is so different than mating with a man, it is more soft and more wild at the same time. She properly fucked me indeed, alternating with some kissing and caresses, she had been marvellous with me.

Finally she abandoned her fake penis and initiated me at the art of mutual masturbating … believe me, it is not that easy and we had a good laugh before we managed to make both of us to climax in what was for me a very intense orgasm. I have probably been a very poor lover, but as she is always nice to me, she never mentioned it.

The funniest part of all was that we were in the arms of each others, recovering from our emotions and intense plays when I heard a male voice saying:

-“Hi girls! Seems you’re having fun here”


It was Caroline’s flatmate. I jumped from surprise and looked at Caroline, We laughed like crazy, the three of us. There was no point denying what happened and next time we will close the door before doing this.

Caroline and I dressed and I said goodbye to my hosts … it was one of these evenings you never forget. Thank you Caroline, you’re such a lover (I never thought I could say that one day)!

And you dear readers, I dare you to tell us one of your wildest adventures, right here, don’t be shy, after all we are all the same, having fun and seeking for some more! I will be happy to read you.






Revelation at the Mansion (Cathy’s point of view)

It took me time to start writing this post, but finally I defeated the blank page syndrom and the words seem to come again fluently. I have been so nervous writing these few words, as I have been during the events I am about to reveal here. Caroline told me that day, with her usual humor, that some of you, dear readers, would have anticipated this will somehow happen one day or another. If you guessed it, then you know me better than I do, because I never thought this could actually happen and I am absolutely honest saying that.

I will not make you wait any longer, it is time for the truth to be told, isn’t it? Well, this particular morning, I got a call from Caroline, she told me she had just refurbished her favorite room at the mansion. I thought it was the sofa room where she spent some of her hottest moments, but actually no, she mentioned one of the bedroom on the first floor.

You know how curious I am, I immediately called a taxi, and a few minutes later I was at the mansion. I took the stairs up to the first floor. The mansion was desert at this time of the day, this is usually the time when Caroline performs all her enhancements to the mansion, I was not surprised this was the case this day. I knocked on the door, impatient to discover this favorite room of her.

-“Come in!” she replied from inside the room

I opened the door and stayed open-mouthed for a moment. The furnitures were fantastic, as usual, you know how Caroline is fond of skilled builders, but it was not only that, the ambiance of the room was very special, the red-pink tones dominating the color spectrum, the light subdued, in a single word: romantic. Sat in the middle of the large bed was Caroline, displaying a smile of contentment, she was probably happy that I actually liked the work she performed there. To complete the ambiance, she was wearing a sexy nightie. It did not surprise me actually, Caroline is very natural about her body, one day if you remember the sofa talk story, she was even fully naked when I entered the room.

cclove_002She invited me to sit besides her, which I did, and as usual when we meet, we started discussing about many things mainly centered around the mansion itself or this blog and the upcoming posts. I did not imagine at that time, that the moments we were living would actually become the next post, this is however what happened. Actually this moment reminded me some I spent with my best friend then, Jelena, (I mentioned her in my seven facts if you remember), time of sincerity, simplicity and honesty. It is so rare people with whom I feel I can speak that freely and openly.

I really relaxed, enjoying Caroline’s company and interesting discussion, we probably both felt this way at this stage, maybe none of this would have happened if we would have been in a different set of mind. It took me by surprise when she actually kissed me! I stayed aghast for a few seconds, all along this time she looked at me intently displaying an amused smile, amused probably because of the strange face I displayed then, but I was pretty sure she was serious about this kiss, I felt it instantly.

-“What are you doing?” I asked her a bit nervous.

-“Something I have been tempted to do for some time now.” she admitted without a blink. “You did not like it?”

-“That’s not the question…” I was not able to finish my sentence that she kissed me again, longer, taking my head in her soft hands.

I will never insinuate that she forced herself on me, any gesture or word from me and she would have stopped, I am sure of it, she is too respectful, too nice to be able to act like this. The thing is that I never protested, nor resisted … why? I still cannot say precisely. Caroline admitted having that desire, but on my side, I never anticipated nor imagined this situation, I felt very unprepared. I think I know myself pretty well, I know my sexuality: I usually like my lovers with a nice male figure, a broad chest (slightly hairy), muscled arms in which I can hide, and some significant attributes between their legs. To this regard, Caroline was definitely not my type. There is something else I was afraid of: I really value her friendship and I know, from experience, that love affairs can ruin the strongest friendship links. I shared this fear with her, we promised ourselves to not let it break our relationship. From this point, I fell completely under her spell … unprepared yes, but sometimes, surprises are good.

I let her guide me through this, she took me in her arms, we kissed each other with passion and delight, we became more intimate as our clothes were falling on each sides of the bed, we made love, not the love I think I know, a totally different one, but definitely not less enjoyable, because I admit it: I enjoyed it a lot. I have probably been the worst lover Caroline had ever. I was so caught on it that I could barely emote properly and I had to adapt completely my usual style, I was this time taking care of a female body, a female mindset behind it, softer and more intense than what I usually practise.

I have tried to catch this moment in pictures (I know I am a photograp-addict, do not blame me), but I am afraid the snapshots are quite bad as my mind was really elsewhere … I could not focus properly at the photography, it was too intense, and I cared too much for Caroline. Please dear readers accept my apology, it will never translate properly the passion that we shared here.


I continue to think about it, quite intensely actually. I know I am straight, but Caroline changed me probably, as I will not think about lesbian sex the same way from now on. I will not say anymore that I will not have sex with another girl … the old saying is “never say never”, isn’t it? Caroline told me that day that we all have an homosexual side, more or less hidden, that we let go or we retain, depending on many factors. It is definitely true and I let it go this day. In this respect, I think I owe you a deep thank Caroline, it was very intense from my point of view, sexually and emotionally.

We convened with Caroline, that we will both relate this story in two separate posts, as you can, we can, have both point of views of this interesting morning. To be honest I am really curious to read Caroline post.

Dear readers, did you really guess that this will happen at some stage as Caroline suggested it. If yes, I would really like to know what made you think this? Did you also have an intense experience that touched you deeply as I have been? Please let me a comment to share the story … well, if you dare, because I know the effort it can take to do so, I really know.


Swing with me baby!

Yesterday I had a bit of an usual guest. Del Fargis contacted me via a group were he asked for somebody to make erotic pictures for his home and facebook profile.

I offered to help him on that one for my usual minimum fee of 1.000 LD. He agreed and we made an appointment. Originally he wanted to bring a girl he nows to be the female model in the shooting. That one didn’t work out, so I offered myself to be the model.

We made some really nice shots in one of the clubs skyboxes. I used my favourite technik to get really atmosphearic shots: colored rays! Here is and example (more on my facebook fanpage)

Snapshot _ Magic Dream Angels - Isle of Passion, Seashell (194,

After while he asked: „May my partner watch this, she just came online?“ Not a problem for me at all. We even included her in the shooting. I noticed that Kimmik (his partner)enjoyed this very much.

The funny thing was, she recognized me straight away as Caroline Resident from Second Life Adventures. I think I am on my way to get really famous as a writer in Second Life – or infamous for being the best known slut in Second Life, depending on the perspective

As it turns out, they are an officially partnered couple since more than a year and have a very liberal relationship. They enjoy including others in their sex life. Watching the partner fuck with somebody else is a huge turn on for them. This lifestyle is often referred to as „Swingers“. They even have an official Sl group for friends of the lifestyle.

Time flies when you do photo shooting. Suddenly the time I did preset for it in the skybox expired and we found ourselves kicked out from it on the ground of the regions open waters. Not a problem either. They invited me over to their very pretty home, a beach house on their own homestead region.

Here we did some more shots, bur the occasion more and more turned into yet another sex adventure. A threesome with a swinger couple. After that, things became even hotter. The girl actually stated that she wouldn’t mind to try a sexual encounter with me alone one day.

Swinger Couple in Second Life
Swinger Couple in Second Life

It didn’t take long for me, to start touching her and emoting what id did to her. This apparently turned her on very much. One thing lead to the other and after a while we found ourselves indulged in passionate and hot lesbian sex, whilst her partner was watching in obvious excitement.


Both of us did actually reach real climax.

After we finished and recuperated from the breathtaking experience, she admitted this to be her first experience like this. I suggested that we meet again, but next time together with my friend Abraham, as we have been looking for an open minded couple to play with since quite some time.

After I showed her a picture of Abi, she agreed to meet, maybe going out together and see what develops from there. So me and Abi have a date now. He doesnt actually know about it yet, but as he is regular reader of my blog too, I guess now he does!

Looks like I am finally getting into the Second Life swinger scene. What out the tag “Swingers” , I am sure there is more to come.

Question to my readers: Did you ever have swinging experiences in Second Life as a couple with other couples? How did it go, and how did you feel about it? Please tell us about it in the comments below!

Girls just wanna have fun!

On the party at the Magic Dream Angels club I must have been a little drunk. I do remember that Abi booked me and we went upstairs where I served his needs. The next day I went to the club again and two girls started to talk to me. I had no clue who they are and from where they knew me.

One of them called Dreamy, was actually surprised that I did not remember her at all. She helped me with the chat log and as it seems we met at the party. Dreamy works with us too, actually she just started that day and even had her first guest already!

She then told me, that I was dancing topless in the public dance area, which actually explains why Abi got horny all of a sudden. Anyway we got into talking and we discovered we have a lot in common. I got a new friend there. The following day the Region which hosts our Club was not available and the two of us didn’t know what to do as we had planned to work a bit.

She then told me she wanted to show me great shower, which would be perfect to have in the Club. Well, there we tested the shower and one thing lead to the other and we had a great time.

See yourself:


I kissed a girl and I liked it!

This is Maggie. Maggie is a new friend of mine I met at Paradise Sex Beach. I was standing at the Tiki-Bar of the Beach when she passed by, stopped and looked around kind of lost. I asked her: “Hey Maggie, you got lost?” “I am always lost”, she replied and continued: “feels like I am always at place where I am not supposed to be”.

She joined me at the bar, stood right beside me, close, very close!

Getter closer to Maggie
Getter closer to Maggie

We talked about a lot of things, such as her Second Life family, which kind of adopted her way back when she was a noob. I told her about Gerry, which was the closest to what might call a family in my own Second Life.  We chatted away and somehow clicked very well.

Finally she explained that she always gets herself in trouble with people, because of her huge appetite. Whilst she told me about it, she got a little cozy with me, you know what I mean: the closeness, the little touches and so forth. I liked this.

“As we don’t eat here, I guess appetite for sex is what you mean?” I enquired with tongue in cheek. “. Suddenly she turned a bit sad: “You see what I am doing, I am pushing on you now, being a woman myself, isn’t that sick? I better go now before I get in problems with you too”.

“No, please stay its ok”, I responded, “I like the touch of a woman too”.

That was probably the sign for her not to hold back any longer, and she kissed me passionately all over my neck, my lips and started touching my breast at the same time. I enjoyed the moment and found the situation very arousing. Little later we made love right there and then at the bar, totally ignoring the fact that there were other guests around. Totally lost in passion and desire we enjoyed the magic of this moment and did not care whether or not others would be watching us.

Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life


Lesbian Sex in Second Life

One very sensual and exciting hour later, when we both had an explosion of orgasmic feelings and calmed down in a sweet and gentle afterglow, we talked intimately about our sexual desires and curiosities.

That was when we made an exciting plan! Stay tuned I will report here what we are up too.

Ok, question now to my readers: Who of you hetero-girls out there in the Meta verse did actually have an experience with another woman in-world? How did it go and would you repeat it? Would you try in real life too, or did you already?  Come on don’t be shy, type your story right hereunder!

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