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Charly Has a Plan B

In case you don’t remember: Charly is a new account which I created for a specific new story. My aim as Charleen (Charly for short) was to try and find a sugar daddy. Basically becoming a kept girl of a rich and generous man. Basically having fun on the grid, without the help of Aunt Carol (moi aussi) going shopping, having a home and some cash. In return she would take care of her sponsor’s needs exclusivelly.

It didn’t work so well.

Yes, I have a nice mesh body, some good mesh clothing (even from good brands) and a great little yacht. All of it gifts from potential sugar daddies. But that’s about it. 1.500 Linden on the account, no home, no income. For the later, well there is always the escorting option. More of the same? Na, I don’t think so.

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You Should not Be in Second Life

Today’s post is a bit different. I know, I am polarizing with this. I also know it is a bit provocative and might even be a slightly polemic. That is done on purpose to incite thought and discussion. I know there are always shades of grey between black and white.

I have been in Second Life now for many years. I met all kind of characters, people and got to see a lot of different perspectives and aspects of Second Life, RPG, sex games and virtual worlds in general. Sometimes I met people and asked myself: „What is he/she doing here? Hey, dude you took the wrong exit“.

I will try to portray some of these stereotypes in the following and even show them alternatives:

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Temtations on Orientation Island – Start of a New Adventure

All I wanted was checking out how orientation islands looks like nowadays. I swear, that is all it was. I mean, who would ever think that Caroline makes an ALT (alternative account), sneaks around a little in Second Life and walks straight into a naughty adventurous story? This, however, is what happened. A story unfolded which involves relationships of different kinds, drama, sailing and of course, hot naughty sex adventures.

Want to know all the dirty details? Then follow the story on twitter. I will tweet all future blog post about this side story and some pictures taken along the way on: https://twitter.com/CharlyResident

But lets go back to where it all started. As I said above, I was curious about how the Lindens developed orientation island. You can not go back there once you left it. Hence the only way to look at it is creating a new account. So I did, under the user name Charleen67.

First thing I noticed, was the amount of starting avatars is much better then before. However the quality still sucks. No news on that front: When you first start as a noob in Second Life you will look very basic. Here is the one I had chosen:

Basic Noob Avatar
Basic Noob Avatar

Really it doesn’t actually matter which one you chose. Sooner or later you will change your looks anyway, unless you want to be a “forever noob” in SL.

What did improve drastically in my opinion, is the learning path. Just like before, you have to go through a series of exercises, in order to learn how to move your avatar and camera. Design and functionality of the path improved a lot. See yourself:

Orientation Island in Second Life
Orientation Island in Second Life

I particularly like that little weasel around there and the aquarium. Really cool.

Orientation Island Second Life
Orientation Island Second Life

Another improvement is social island. When you leave orientation island you get transported right there. Unlike orientation island here older residents have access too. Great place to talk to some experienced residents or get some coaching to get started. But the best thing about social island is, that you can choose between different themed gates. Whatever your interest is, you choose one of those gates and you get teleported to a relevant region. I have no idea, how the Lindens choose those destinations, but they are not very picky I can tell you that much.

Social Island Second Life
Social Island Second Life

I found myself on the gate to adult entertainment. Wait, I told myself, you are here to take pics form the starting point of Second Life. Don’t get into more now. I said don’t! To late, the temptation was just too overwhelming and seconds later I found myself on an adult rated beach.

There I am. Once again with a new avatar, no lindens, no landmarks, no friends on the list. However, at this point I did not even imagine how soon this would change dramatically. At this stage, it was impossible to forsee , that in just a couple of weeks, I would be leaning in the kitchen of a luxury villa with a drop dead gorgeous avatar in a sexy outfit and would be thinking:

What the fuck, did all that really happen? After all, I just was having a quick  look at orientation island.


More on that in my next articles under the categorie  “Charleen”. Stay tuned, this is to be continued and will probably be one of the most breath taking stories you have ever read on Second Life Adventures!

As always, comment and feed back greatly apreciated.

The Exam

In my last post I told you about Toni. You remember? If you don’t read about it here: Lessons in love. Toni was the noob who I taught about having sex in Second life. He received theoretical lesson but most importantly we did put it in practice on this beach on the Corsica continent.

However, I also coached him a bit about altering looks and about the importance of a good looking and realistic avatar. Not only that it makes getting laid much easier, but also shows other residents that you take your Second life serious. People relate much better to you when they have this „he is one of us“ feeling about you. This is due to the fact that people come and go in Second Life, but people who invested a bit of time and money in their looks are more likly to actually stay for longer in the virtual world.

Older residents hesitate to friend somebody. who is most likly to vanish within a couple of weeks anyway. Toni took this advise very serious. The next time I met him, he very obviously had done a extensive shopping trip. Everything was different. New skin, new shape, new hair new everything and I mean everything. The noob became a damn good looking resident.

We decided to go out dancing.

I took him to a place called „Tempura Island“. Tempura features a big dance ballroom which still makes people go „wow“. It is one of the oldest regions I know in Second Life. It was build about 7 years ago and it has been a success ever since. Even in times of mesh and multimedia this place remains an attractive hot spot in Second Life, despite of not having changed much since its original opening. It is build in prims only and the dance animations are the old bits and bobs poseballs which we all used prior to the invention of the intan system.

It does nor even a music stream but plays the same tracks via a CD whenever you enter the region. Pretty good choice of music actually. At the time it was build it was probably one of the best builds around and even today it can compete in design and popularity with many modern regions. I called it a classic evergreen region and a must visits for every new resident in Second Life.

Dancing in Tempura

Sex in Tempura Island

Toni was impressed. We had a good time there actually. After a while chating about all kind of stuff, I told him about the famous beautiful gardens surrounding Tempura. Off we went to have a look. Of course my intentions had nothing to do with botanic interests. I wanted to know if he learned his lesson and if he is ready for some hot steaming sex role play. So I took him to a place in the Tempura gardens I wrote about some time ago. My regular readers might remember the tree trunk house.

This is were the exam took place:

Yes he passed the exam. What you think about the new Toni?

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Lessons in Love

Sometimes I meet up In-World with people reading my blog. Most of the times these are noobs looking for advice about all kind of stuff. Most of the times its about improving their avatar, were to get good freebies and dating tips. About two weeks ago, I received an Im from Toni. Toni googled about sex and dates in Second life and found this blog.

Not a it surprise, as I rank very high in Google under the search Term „Second Life Sex“ because thats the main topic of this site anyway. I was on the Amsterdam Red Light District sim when the IM hit my inbox. I was hoping to find some more input about the Escort scene in Second Life by continuing my little project „under cover escort girl“ hence the reason I was wearing a very sexy and provocative outfit.

Toni complemented me on the blog and ask if we could meet up eventually as he has some questions. I wasn’t busy at the time and suggested to meet up right now. So we did and Tped to one of my favorite meeting places: The Tomuli Restaurant on the Corsica Continent.

When we met, I noticed that he seamed somewhat nervous, almost shy. The fact that I still was in my escort girl outfit didn’t help much to calm him down. I asked him, what the problem is. He answered , that he didn’t expect his favorite and well known blogger to be such a breathtaking beautiful woman. I smiled and said, “you don’t have to be nervous, I am just another SL resident who happens to write a bit about stuff. The outfit is just because I was investigating under cover the Second Life escort scene in order to continue a storyline I started some time ago”.

After a while chating about mainland, skins, shapes and ways to improve ones overall appearance he relaxed much and came out with his real concern. He didn’t really know how it works to in Second Life to get a sex partner or even more, and how to actually “do it”.

I laughed and asked: “So you are still a virtual virgin?”. No he wasn’t, but the one time he tried it, it wasn’t really that pleasing, so he thought there must be more to it. I explained that he probably did not have virtual sex, but just plain simple interactive pixel porn.

I explained what the difference is: “Virtual sex is far more than just hoping on a poseball and watch the animations. The later is what I refer to as interactive pixel porn and to be honest, a real porn movie is far better than watching two pixel dolls copulating”. I continued.

Virtual sex is when there is this special chemistry between the two participants. When you look at an avatar and you feel you want to be close to that person because she or him at least arouses you or even triggers romantic feelings for that person. Its when you immerse into the virtual world, when you identify with your avatar and what happens to your avatar is almost as if it would happen to you in real. It feels real, it actually is real!

Technically speaking what creates this kind of immersion is not the animations. Of course the animations help a great deal to immerse but what really creates this kind of experience are words. Words you use to describe what you do, how you do it and how you feel about it. Well written and sincere emotes are the key to this.

“How do I initiate this, I mean I cant just go and a random girl if she wants to have immerse virtual sex , right?” He inquired. No, of course not. Its just like in real life. Dating, flirting, talking, dancing, in another words get to know a person you fancy and see if you click or not. The wait till the right moment to take it a step further.

He then told me, he actually did try an escort girl in Second Life and it proved to be an disappointing experience. She did not even control the menu right and was just lame basically. I suggested to get his own sex hud and make sure he knows how to use it properly. Its a big turn off if your partners feels you need to practice with her how to use your hud. It kills everything you did build up previously.

Finally I had a cute idea. I smiled and suggested: “Hey there is a pretty beach around the corner, why don’t we go there and I show you how it actually works.” “You cant imagine how much I would love to do that”, he replied. The following was his first ever immerse sex experience in Second Life.

Sex on the beach – here some pics:


Just a little later. He wanted to know a tip were to take a girl, when you dont have your own place yet. I suggested a good idea might as well be one of the many hotels or motels in Second Life. So up we went, dressed and I showed him the Blue Diamond Motel. This is actually a Motel you can use for free. It looks a little raunchy and naughty, just what one would expect from a Motel.

I continued his lessons in the shower of one of the motel rooms:

I guess by now he knows how it works! What you think – any other suggestions or tips for Toni? Simply leave your advise in the comments.



Home Sweet Linden Home!

Yesterday I woke up (logged in) at Paradise Sex Beach, simply because it was my last location. My original intention was to have some kind of steamy sex adventure on the beach. Especially that bar area caught my attention. I thought it could be a lot of fun, to turn a casual conversation on a beach bar into some sexy scene.

But things went slightly different. Nathan the Noob was online and we got into chat via IM. He has been out shopping for furniture for his new Linden Home!

Yes, he got himself a Linden Home!

What is a Linden Home you might ask? Basically it is a marketing strategy of the Lindens to get Noobs to sign up for premium membership in Second Life. The approach worked well on Nathan. He signed up for premium and claimed his free Linden Home. Yes free!

Whats the deal with Linden homes?

It’s actually quite simple. When you sign up for a Second Life premium membership, you are entitled to the use of 512 sm of land on a dedicated continent without additional fees. If you want more land, you pay what is called tier fees. The special deal with Linden Homes is, that you not only get the 512 square meters of land, but in addition a prebuild house which is rooted to Governor Linden land.

That means the prims of the house (about 70 prims) do not count to your usual 117 prims available on such a small piece of land. So in reality you end up having a home worth 187 prims. If you add to this the amount of landscaped public areas, trees and other stuff available, you really have for the price of the premium membership a parcel, that easily compares to a 1024 sm parcel on the mainland. If you take all the other benefits of being a premium member into the equation (such as 300 LD in cash every week) you end up owning a home for very little money compared to mainland markets or even the market on private estates.  A pretty good deal!

Whats the catch owning a Linden Home?

There are few substantial restrictions compared to owning on the mainland.

  • You can’t make modifications to the house and the land, it is as it is.
  • No commercial activities permitted
  • You cannot resell the land
  • Neighbors have the same house
  • Little to no privacy

What are the advantages of using a Linden Home?

  • 117 prims for furniture available
  • Free of charge (other than premium membership)
  • Great to practice your interior design skills
  • No horror designs on neighbor parcels
  • No advertising , no malls

I think Linden Homes is a great way to make your initial steps of owning land in Second Life. It’s a good deal and you don’t need advanced building skills to have a nice place to call your home in Second Life.

Eventually your standards will raise and you will move to a place where you can be more creative, or do business or whatever you have in mind. Remember its your world, your imagination. Linden Homes however are the Lindens World and the Lindens imagination.

Back to Nathans Linden Home

He unpacked the furniture he’s got and placed them in the house. My God this man will never win a price in interior design. The sofa combination is a pseudo Gorean style sofa and the bed rather modern style, all that in a wooden cabin on the Tahoe sims.


Never mind. He is a very fast learner and I am sure he will progress in no time. In fact I have never seen a noon before who progressed that fast.

Did I mention I was in a certain mood?

I came from Paradise beach still in my new sexy bikini and I know quite well what impact that has on Nathan. So after a while sitting together on the new sofa and moving stuff around, I decided to take the initiative (he never does for whatever strange reason) and started to undress him and to emote how I start to caress his now naked body….

I show you in another Post how it all went. It was very hot actually!

Nathan and Caroline in a Linden Home in Second Life
Nathan and Caroline in a Linden Home in Second Life 



Nathans evolution strongly reminds me to this video



Here more information about Linden Homes:

Official Page for Linden Homes

Tutorial about Linden Homes

Discussion about Linden Homes
This is a very interesting discussion between Second Life residents about the impact of Linden Homes in the low end rental market in Second Life.

Blogpost by another resident about Linden Homes

Linden Homes verus renting  – a discussion

Nathan the Handsome?

You remember Nathan the noob? If not refer to this article here: Nathan the Noob. The Picture here shows him and me on Sunset Beach. What a change! He looks really amazing now. Shall we change his name from Nathan the noob to Nathan the handsome? Any other suggestions?

Nathan The Noob
Nathan The Noob

Nathan actually decided to buy some Linden Dollar and upgrade his avatar. We did a little shopping trip to Regrave Skin Designs, Vista Design and some others. Redgrave Design is actually one of my favorite shops in Second Life (next to Gabrielle Mayetra). Of course , poor Carol can not afford to shop there, but on my “main” account I have a lot of stuff from Redgrave. For those who dont know what I mean please read: Who is Caroline in Second Life.

Redgrave Skin Designs:



Kuula New Citizen Incorporated and Nathan the Noob

Today´s post is about a place I should have written about a long time ago, simply because it’s one of the best noob places I know. In fact, it was the first region, after orientation island I happened to land on when I first started with my very first avatar back in 2007.

It is called Kuula – New Citizen Incorporated. The name really says it all: It is a place to help new Second Life residents to get started.

Here is the Taxi:

Before I tell you what I did there a couple of days ago; I show you what’s on offer there:

Socializing & Coaching

Sit together with other new and old Second Life Residents, ask questions,  get help and make your first social contacts in second Life. There are always some experienced residents around, willing to coach and assist interested new residents.

NCI Kuula New Citizens Incorporated Socialising

Take Courses

Kuula offers a wide range of courses and tutorials for new and experienced residents alike. Tutorials about Second Life culture, etiquette, recommended places and even scripting and building courses are available and schedules are shown on a huge panel.

NCI Kuula New Citizens Incorporated Courses and Seminars

Use a free Sandbox

A sandbox is basically a parcel on which the owner allows visitors to rez stuff for the purpose of building and scripting. This is very useful if you do not own land yourself in Second Life, but you would like to start building items or practicing your building skills. Most sandboxes auto-return rezed items after a certain time (usually something between 3 and 5 hours) but its commonly expected that you clean up before you leave.

Another common use of a sandbox is to rez so-called boxed items you may have purchased somewhere. What the heck is that you might ask!

NCI Kuula New Citizens Incorporated Sandbox

Here a little explanation:

Very often you buy things in Second Life which the owner has comprised in a prim. This is called “boxing” and is the equivalent to “zip” something to send it by e-mail or make it available as a download. You need to “un-zip” these boxed items in Second Life.

The way you do that is:

  1. Go to a sandbox
  2. Drag and Drop the item from your inventory on the ground of the sandbox
  3. Right click the item and choose “open” in the context menu
  4. Click on “copy to inventory”

That’s it!

Now you have a new folder in your inventory, which contains the stuff you bought and in most cases some instructions and a landmark to the shop were you got the item in the first place. Do yourself a favor: read those instructions it will save you time and hassle.

Lots of freebies

Click through the panel and find useful stuff, including stuff you might find useful when you start building things in Second Life, such as textures, building parts, scripts and the lot. You also find clothing and even complete new avatars totally free of charge. I hope the people who run and own this place don’t get tired of it. They do a great job for new residents.

NCI Kuula New Citizens Incorporated_003

Ok, I know what you guys think: Carol, come on stop lecturing and start telling us what happened there and who the heck is Nathan the Noob?

All right!

I was jumping around regions yet again to find something to write about. I do this quite often to see were I can meet interesting people, recommendations for places to visit and write about and of course to get into exiting things and adventures to write about.

That way I ended up in Kuula and followed a conversation between Janet, an instructor or coach and a crowd of noobs in Second Life. This is the part where I got involved (more or less like this):

Janet: Ok guys, there is a lot to tell about Second Life, you need to ask me what you are interested in, otherwise I don’t know what to talk about.
Caroline (me)with tongue in cheek: Come on Janet, all noobs have one thing in mind, when first getting started here: SEX.
Nathan the Noob: Sex? Are you kidding me? I can’t even figure out how to fix my hair and you suggest I am thinking about sex?

Ok, so I IM-ed him and step by step, we fixed his issue with his hair and started teaching him a couple of things. First I explained how to use camera view and what it is good for. Oh boy, that was a difficult task. So for the first time Nathan was able to look at himself from the front and able to zoom in and out on objects. Actually I suggest to teach a noob the camera view function as soon as possible, it makes such a difference!

I also gave him some basic free skins and shapes to play around with. Those are not top notch sexy looking skins, but better than what he actually was wearing hence yet another improvement. However I have yet to find really nice free skins for males. So far the only way I know to get a male avatar looking good is actually buying skin and shape from a good designer. My personal recommendation would be Redgrave design, they do really good stuff and their skins look very realistic.

Next: TP to Dirty Dive to collect some freebies. A basic animation overrider should be top of the list. The movements of the starting avatars are just horrible and identify you on first sights as a noob.

Then a funny topic: getting a penis!

Nathan was a bit astonished about that one. He asked why he would want to have a second penis. Well, it’s your first one mate; the avatar comes without your little friend. That was so funny, but next question was even better:

“What for do I need one?”

Suggestions anyone?

My answer was, imagine you go to a nude beach and your avatar is missing this part, wouldn’t that look strange? What if you want to have sex with somebody – it might help to be “equipped” right?

Then we worked out how to actually put it on and how it looks like. As Dirty Dive is an adult region, it wasn’t a problem actually to have him take off his cloth and learn how to attach his parts.

Then he asked: Can I see your Pussy?

I had a lot of fun that day, as you can imagine, and inquired: “Did you never see a naked woman in Second Life?” “No, never” he replied. So I took him to a nude beach (my favorite Sunset Beach) as I felt a bit uncomfortable at Dirty Dive.

Here he received his next lesson: How to use intan pose balls for dancing.

So there we were, dancing naked in the sand at sunset and I asked: “So, how do you feel now dancing with me nude?” – “Comfortable and aroused to be honest,“ was his expected reply. I continued: “This is the idea of places like this, and some people take it even a step further”.

“Let’s take it a step further”, he suggested and that´s when Nathan the noob lost his virtual virginity. So both initial issues sorted. Did I mention I have a hair shop?

Stop acting like a Noob!

Second Life is not a game! It is a virtual social environment – a virtual World. The avatars you see are not just pixel dolls being put there for your own exclusive entertainment. Behind each one of these avatars there is real person with real feelings, with real believes, real attitudes and expectations which might differ from yours!

Many of the people behind those avatars do take their Second Lives pretty serious. Some might have a business in Second Life, many have a virtual home and most have made friends and established other social relationships within Second Life.

Also bear in mind that Second Life is not an “American only” thing. People from all over the world, from different cultures, races, countries, educational backgrounds and languages are present in Second Life. This is what makes Second life diverse and interesting.

It also requires some sort of “etiquette”. Sounds weird to read this, doesn’t it? No, it only sounds weird,  if you are under the misconception that Second life is a game. This is so important to understand that it bears repeating:

Second Life is not a game!

Once you have accepted this little but all important fact, you will understand that certain typical noob-like behavior is boring at its best and downright annoying at its worst, to regular residents of Second Life. We all have observed certain behavioral pattern of noobs over and over again and if you want to be taken serious, accepted and respected by other residents you better stop doing those things immediately.

Here a non-comprehensive list:

1. Step off of landing points as soon as you can. See the people hovering over you? They’re waiting for you to get out of the way so they can land. More are coming. Move.

2. Don’t ask everyone you meet if they “wanna fuck” and don’t tell every female avatar that you meet that they are really a guy. Some of them are guys (and vice versa)– so what? It’s their choice and not yours to judge.

3. Pay attention to region maturity levels and don’t walk around naked or in XXX attire in General areas. And put your cock away. It is not a turn on for anyone when being in a music club and a naked noob runs around showing off his pixel erection.

4. Don’t push people and don’t walk or bump into them. Don’t shoot at them, no matter how cool you think that new AK47 is, which you just got at a freebie warehouse. And NO, activating a nuclear weapon in a night club is NOT funny!

5. Check your screen for helpful IMs from the people around you and have the courtesy to answer them.

6. Learn and practice some of the etiquette of the new culture you are in. Utilize some of the etiquette you learned in real life in Second Life too. Words like “please” and “thank you” are not unknown in virtual worlds.

7. Not every woman that refuses to dance with you is a lesbian. You got rejected? Deal with it in mature way.

8. Do not send random friend requests or teleport invitations. Get to know that person first and ask before putting them on your friends list!

9. Do not beg for Linden Dollars! Linden Dollars are not habbo hotel credits. The Linden Dollar is an exchangeable currency which you can buy and sell at the Lindex Exchange for real US Dollars. Treat it like real money, because it is convertible into real money.

10. Do not insult people and don’t be a judgmental intolerant asshole. This one might sound like an obvious one, but its worth to be put on this list. Nobody asked you to come to Second Life to judge other peoples live styles, believes, hobbies, outfits or sexual preferences. It’s none of your friggin business! If you don’t approve of a rather liberal environment – leave, then Second Life is not for you!

11. Invest in your appearance. There are hundreds if not thousands of skins, eyes, shapes and other body parts available for very little money, compared to other hobbies. A nice, individual look will cost you something between 10 and 30 USD.

See ya In-World. I am on the run for some screenshots of typical noob-like behaviour 🙂







The flying Noob!

I went back to the airport I visited yesterday:Hollywood International Airport in Second Life, eager to actually fly a plane.  I even had a passenger with me: Reiner a good friend of mine.  Poor guy, if what happened later would have been for real, he would have died this afternoon – and me too!

The first challenge was to actually get a plane, but for that there was a simple solution: On the airport are several stores selling aircrafts. One of them actually offers free temporary demo-planes to try before you buy. Good idea this! I rezed one of those free demo planes and jumped on the pilot seat.

Now what?

I knew from a video tutorial some basic commands, which should get me up in the air. For example if you type S in chat, the engine starts and throttle you do with the page up/down keys. Flaps are controlled by arrow keys and so are directions. What else do you need to know? Boy was I wrong!

My first two attempts ended up in a disaster. We crashed twice over the sea. The reason being was me flying into the corner of a region. That is a no go, as the simulators get confused about where the plane actually is and makes it flying around in circles on the edge of 4 attached regions which eventually makes you crash.

So first lesson learned: Avoid region corners!

Third try. I got the plane on the runway, or what I believed to be the runway. I was just about to get it going when I received an IM from some kind of flight surveillance officer saying:

“Lady , this is NOT the runway”.

Oh yeah, suddenly I realized this big sign indicating that I should not take off here. It was the part reserved for LANDING aircrafts. Oh my god, how silly of me, I could have easily caused a crash with a landing plane.

So I tried to move my little aircraft to the runway. For some reason I got stuck and the damn thing would not move anymore. Hence I gave it more throttle, and a little more, and even more whilst I had flaps in take off position, as I thought that might help to get this thing moving forward.

What happened then could have easily earned me the nick name “Captain Kangaroo”, the plane jumped  up, down and up again and finally crashed  into a helicopter that was about to take off,  on what for some reason they call the taxi driveway (there are no taxies, I checked!) .

“Pleeeease”, was the reaction of the man in the tower. Actually he wasn’t in a tower, but I thought it to be a cute idea to believe he was, the immersion is better that way.

So the officer comes to the crime scene.

German speaking dressed in this very cool white uniform and wearing pilot style sunglasses, he looked like if he had just jumped out of the movie top gun – a virtual version of Tom Cruise as Maverick. I am sure you remember.

In fact I had all the time the soundtrack of that movie in my head.  Did I mention my imagination grows wings sometimes?  For a second the thought of the bathroom scene in top gun crossed my mind, and the background music in my head changed suddenly from “danger zone” to “take my breath awaaaaay”.

Caroline BEHAVE!

I explained that I am total noob at this, which calmed down the whole scenario a little. He even offered me classes. That was nice of him. First he showed us a shop on the airport that offers freebie aircrafts. Hurray, freebies, that sorted out the problem of not being able to afford those rather expensive aircrafts.

SLOWLY, was the word most used by my new teacher. Yes, I know, I am a bit hyperactive and impatient at times. This free plane came with a hud, which makes this stuff much easier. So, we jumped on the plane all three of us, me in the pilot seat, Reiner next to me and my new flying instructor in the back. Step by step he explained what I have got to do (”SLOWLY Caroline”)…and we took off smoothly – well ish.

It didn’t take me too long to crash this plane as well.

But at least I had a chance to make a pretty screenshot of my plane flying towards the sunset – it’s the featured image of this article. Maybe I should have paid attention to the instruments in the hud instead, because shortly after, we had a spectacular dive into the sea right between two ships.

Back at the airport, he suggested that I should start with a helicopter first to get a feel for this. They are easier to maneuver, he said. Said and done! Got myself a freebie helicopter and we took off again. Now that was much easier! Every step on the way he told me what do to, which speed is appropriate, what height to take and so on. We flew to another island, not too far away, with an airport on it. I even managed to land the helicopter without a spectacular accident.

I enquired about jets. He was laughing and said I would not stay a single minute in the air. Ha! He doesn’t know Carol. Give me a couple of months and I fight you in a F14 Tomcat. Yeah – you bet!

I wonder if there is a bathroom at the airport’s club & restaurant.