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Having Fun at Rocky Valley High School

As Sheraka I go to Rocky Valley High School. I have fun at school. No, I am not a cheerleader nor am I particularly interested in science or maths. I converted the campus in my own personal sex playground. Actually Rocky Valley High has that sort of reputation.

In the Storage Room

My favorite is showing new potential students around. It starts usually pretty harmless. For example I might meet the a student in the bistro, right at the entrance. After a bit of chit chatting I would offer:

“Hey come I show you around, you will love it at Rocky Valley High”.

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Going Under Cover – Investigating Ageplay in Second Life

My regular readers (both) certainly remember my recent post about child pornography and pedophile behavior in Second Life. I actually announced in the comments back then, that I was tempted to look deeper into this scene. And write about it.

I was a bit hesitant at first. But hey, good journalists walk on dangerous grounds too. Of course, it would be rather silly to go and conduct interviews as Caroline Resident. No chance to get anywhere near the truth.

A job for one of my numerous ALTs.

You have seen her before on here in various disguises. Reanimated her and a few changes later she became the perfect bait. I think in the scene it’s actually called jail bait.

For a reason. Lets call her Little S.

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Do You Feel Fucked When Having Sex in Second Life?

Cathy (Catherine Palen) did an interview with a great artist, Igor Romanov. He specializes in erotic photography in Second Life. During the interview they decided to make an actual photo shooting. The two of them being the protagonists. The result was the featured image of this post. Very erotic isn’t it?

Here is the link to the interview: Igor Romanov with Catherine Palen

This raised the question in my mind: How much did she feel fucked when making this picture?

We started a discussion on this topic. Please read the thread and join the talk. We would love to read your opinion and how much you actually immerse into your virtual persona if at all.

Here my comment on the topic:

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Bringing Danger Anywhere

Dear Caroline’s readers,

I am following my idea to tell you about dangerous places in Second Life, that is place where you can have a feeling of a danger, not actually dangerous places … well at least I hope so. I took one of the suggestion of Caroline on my previous post which was to use Sassy’s stuff. If you want to know more about Sassy’s stuff, you can have a look on marketplace.

I quote the designer: “The basic concept is that you’re wearing a pair of jeans that anyone else has control over. Not you, no that would be no fun, once they’re “in play”, you *will* find yourself in certain umm… “loss of control” situations.”

Exactly what I am looking for, with the very advantage of being able to bring the danger wherever you are. I could not resist such a temptation and I gave it a try, of course. So let me now tell you what happened that doomed day.


I was sitting in a train wearing my brand new jeans … yes there are trains in Second Life (check for SLRR if you are interested), some of them are crossing very long distance between multiple sims, and they are actually very useful to travel without much effort … ho yes I am lazy, you never noticed that?

At one stage, I must have fallen asleep, I actually do not know what exactly happened, the only thing I can remember is that I opened my eyes and that thug jumped on me and chloroformed me… my world started to spin more and more rapidly, I felt incredibly nauseous and then … this is a total blackout. When I woke up I did not know exactly how much time had  passed since I lost conscience.  Despite I opened my eyes, I was still in the complete dark … I realized I had been blindfolded, and this definitely meant I was in serious trouble. I had been sit on a chair and tied to it, whoever did that could not be a gentleman. This is when I heard footsteps near me, I was not alone in the room … I felt we were in a room even if I could not see it due to the absence of noises … probably a cellar or something similar, it was quite cold and wet there.


-“Glad to see you regained consciousness Catherine” a male voice said.

-“Who are you? Where … where am I?” I asked in a croaked voice. The man chuckled apparently amused by my questions and concerns. “How long have I been unconscious?”

-“I can only answer to this last question Catherine. You have been dozing for a few hours … I was starting to worry about you.” he added with an amused tone.

-“How … how is it that you know my name?” I asked more and more anxious

-“Ho I know you very well Catherine … it is now a few months that I spy on you. Someone paid my “services” to get you in that situation. Nothing personal Catherine, I am sorry it has to happen to you. Well not so sorry after all, I might enjoy it a lot to be honest.” said the voice. My heart was beating so hard in my chest, I thought I would collapse from a stroke.

-“What? What do you mean?” I asked more and more panicked. “Please do not make any harm” I said sobbing. “I will pay more than whoever paid you, I promise I will pay more to spare me. Please don’t hurt me.” I burst into tears.

-“Ho no worries darling, I won’t hurt you … quite the contrary actually … I am just gonna to … well let’s say … blacken your reputation Catherine. I am going to fuck you in front of the camera, and I want whoever will watch the tape thinks that you actually enjoyed it a lot … you understand?”

-“Bastard!” I yelled in fury.

-“Ho it’s not my fault Catherine, it’s what is written on my contract … and I think I will enjoy this contract a lot to be honest. So now you have two options, the smooth way … or the hard way.” He said these last words in a very slow motion. I shivered.

-“Go to hell!!!” I yelled again at him. He laughed.

-“This is what I thought!” and I heard his footsteps going away. He came back a few minutes later. I felt his powerful hand gripping my jaw. “Open your mouth now!” I instantly closed it and in response he held my nose. I was soon gasping for some air and he took the chance to force the neck of a bottle in my mouth. Soon the liquid was flowing down my throat …. “vodka” I immediately recognize the strong alcohol … he was trying to get me drunk … I felt the strong beverage burning my throat and my trachea. I coughed hardly after he made me swallow the first mouthful. Then he did it again and again and I finally heard him put the bottle down nearby. “This should help you to relax a little.” he finally said before laughing.


He then walked away and I heard him doing things I did not understand behind me, but I could clearly hear some chains… All the time he was chatting with me, asking questions, sometimes the same … I understood he was actually assessing my drunk state. Two times he made me drink again and there was no point to resist now. I was trying to resist the effect of the alcohol but I knew it was a battle already lost. The world was spinning again, and he finally crouched behind my chair and untied my wrists. He helped me on my feet and made me walk, still blindfolded, to a table on which he sat me.

-“I think you are ready now Catherine.” I felt him approaching and spat hoping to reach his face. “Bitch!” he said … I started to laugh like crazy and he interrupted it by slapping my face hard. I stopped for a few seconds laughing, and resumed again … I completely lost the control of myself. “You are definitely ready now.” he said laughing now with me.

He pushed me and I fell laying back against the table. Piece by piece, he stripped from all my clothes. He let only my panties and my sandals on … Then I felt his hands on me. My temporary alcoholic joy vanished as my body was warning me … I knew at this moment what was going on, but there was nothing I could do to fight it.


 I cannot remember exactly what we did, but I remember pretty well he filmed us while we were having wild sex, he made me say degrading things to the camera, and made me took some pills … which made me completely crazy … I am sure he has on tape what he was expecting to get, because I clearly remember I had incredible orgasms that day.

He let me take a shower while I heard he telephoned to probably his mysterious customer.

-“It’s done, you will get the footage in one hour” he simply said before hanging up.


As I was drying myself, I felt his strong arms catching me and he chloroformed me again … I woke up a few hours later in my bed. How did he manage that, I definitely do not know, but the next morning the locksmith was at my place to change all the locks. The same morning, I received an email without any title from a generic address, it was simply reading: “do not call the police or this video goes public”. In attachment was a video featuring the “best” moments I shared with my mysterious abductor. “Instructions will follow soon”  read the last sentence of the email. I was not expecting some instructions and I could definitely fear the worst to come.


Well, dear readers, this is all for the moment and an overview of the kind of adventures or encounters you can make on the grid … any time and anywhere if you wear one of the sassy’s equipment. It is not for the fainted hearts though so beware. I hope you will not find the story too “extreme”, but abduction fantasies are rarely soft.



Dangerous places

Dear Carol’s readers,

I am really sorry for the long silence, too long maybe. I am glad Carol did not fire me yet. So Carol, thank you so much for your kindness. Well as I had some time to think about my next post, I have come up with a brand new idea. I am going to visit the grid again, and find the most thrilling and dangerous places I can find and report my visits on the blog. This is something I really like on the grid, pretending to take risks, and obviously there are not a lot of risks taken here, but still, the feeling, or an ersatz of this feeling is there. Carol did actually a few of this, remember her visit at the Misogyne Club, one of her most commented post, well this is the idea I intend to develop.

So this is decided, I will visit those places, or sometimes I will interview some dangerous people and get their feelings and motivations. I am not sure we will roleplay or be out of character, I will decide when it will happen. I would definitely like to get your suggestions on which places I should have a look, which person I should interview. It is so much fun when we get feedbacks and new challenges from the community, and I know you are many to read this blog. Feel free, I do not bite.

In order to melt the ice, I have selected a first place: it is called Darkwood Castle. Yes, you noticed it too, even the name sounds dangerous. So, this morning I jumped there and I had a tour of this mysterious sim.

Presenting myself at the entry of Darkwood castle
Presenting myself at the entry of Darkwood castle.

The castle is actually hidden in the forest, you have to follow a long path to reach it. The path in itself is bordered by wooden sticks, on top of each of them a human skull: welcome to Darkwood, you get the ambiance. Now that I am here, let’s continue inside the threatening building.

The corridor is bordered with cells ... No prisoners were present when I passed.
The corridor is bordered with cells … No prisoners were present when I passed.

There are actually two entries to the castle. The one I chose, the low gate, makes you pass through what we could call the prisons of the castle. There are a lot of means to detain you here, so whoever the ruler is there, I definitely think it is safer not to mess with him or her.

I visited all the rooms of the castle, one thing I can tell is that it is huge, you can easily get lost in the corridors and numerous stairs everywhere. The global theme of the sim seems to be bondage and SM, a lot of the rooms are furnished with equipments of this nature.

The sim has also a more extreme side. In front of the castle itself, on the other side of the forest, there is a second castle, a lot smaller, more a fortress actually. The aim of this dark place is to proceed to executions. So be very careful if you decide to follow the link I am giving at the end of this post, this is not for sensitive people, it is rather extreme.

The place was unfortunately desert at the time of my visit, so I was not able to talk or to interview the regulars. It must be some strong characters definitely, meeting them can be dangerous so.

To go there, here is the taxi: Darkwood Castle

So my dear readers, as often, this post is an experience, let me know what you think and if you would like me to continue investigating dangerous places. Of course, your proposals are very welcome.



Is Emoting in Sex-Play Overrated?

The other day I met a new member called Dannyboy at Caroline’s Swinger Mansion. He is actually a follower of Second Life Adventures and joined to meet me in “person” (virtually that is). He said “I hope this is not too creepy”. No, its not, I enjoy meeting my readers and lets face it: I use this blog to even promote the my new venture. So if anybody is thinking about meeting me In-World, don’t hesitate you are absolutely welcome to do so. Just don’t stalk me and bear in mind you might find yourself featured on this site.

The conversation turned to the subject Sex in Second Life and me being of the curious kind (female and a journalist, which makes me probably the most curious person on the grid) I started to ask questions about his very own personal sexperiences. Here is a part of the talk we talked:

Caroline Resident: Does it carry over for you into RL?

dannyboy: I mean I have a gf in rl, so all the crazy stuff I can do here doesn’t translate over but I’d say the consistency is about the same.

Caroline Resident: What I mean is, do you just role-play it or , do you actually get aroused in real or even cuming in real when doing it here?

dannyboy: Yeah I definitely get aroused, sex on here is a replacement for porn on some days. 99% of the time I’m having sex on here I’m jerking off in rl

Caroline Resident: you just said something interesting, sex here is sometimes a replacement for porn. That got me thinking about something, if that is the case then all the roleplay and emoting part is actually not that important anymore, but the animations right?

dannyboy: Correct. I do appreciate emoting and role play sometimes, but I find myself more turned on by “pixel porn” and normal dirty talk that you’d hear during sex. Plus its hard to emote while jerking off haha.

Caroline Resident: Yes, I prefer the role play bit but thats because i am a role-player, but actually sometimes I feel also like just doing it and forget about that part, but i still do it because I think its lame to the other person not to do it.

dannyboy50124: Yeah and that makes sense. Obviously the encounter will be lame if one person is putting work into emoting and the other isn’t even trying. I think everyone involved needs to find a balance though. I remember one girl i was with was a really good and enthusiastic emoter, but hers were so long I had to wait several minutes between everything she sent which kinda killed the mood for me.

From there on, I decided to try with him. I started to emote (as you do) getting out of my cloth. He actually was a good role-player as well. One thing led to the other and shortly afterwards we engaged in hot sexual role-play, more or less to this point:


As of then, we dropped the role-play part and continued with plain, interactive pixel-porn:






Role-play (emoting) is important for those initial steps. I would miss that part, building up the excitement, the banter and so on. But quite frankly, when it gets to a certain point, the role-play gets in the way and plain, straight forward animation and based sex with dirty sex talk in chat is what is required.

A question to my readers

Is role-play or emoting overrated? Whats do you prefer: sexual text base role-play or animation based pixel-porn or like me: a combination of both?

Please leave your opinion in the comments!

A visit at BBF – Chapter 4: The training

Dear Caroline’s Readers,

this time I will bring you to a world some of you might find rather extreme, a particular form of BDSM I am experiencing since a few months: pony play. I will not say I am an expert, I am just having fun and would like to share this with you.

I have started a little diary and what will follow here is the fourth chapter of my adventures at BBF ranch. You might find easier to read the three first chapter on my own blog: Catherine’s SecondLife Secret Diary

This story takes place at BBF: Bridled by Force Ponygirl Ranch

I woke up the next morning in a stall, my stall actually … I was even surprised how I managed to actually sleep with the tack on. I had probably one of my worst night, all my body was aching: the leather belts of the harness bit my skin, my jaws were sore of the bits stuffed in my mouth, my shoulder joints were painful of being pulled backwards by the arms binder and my finally I could not feel my feet anymore as they tightened the straps of the boots too much.


The stall itself was very tiny and off course no beds … let’s not forget they see me as a pony: Renneville himself, the owner of the estate, reminded me this fact roughly yesterday. The floor was covered by straw, I had some water available in a manger and this is all I had in my “bedroom”. As far as I could hear, I was alone in the barn, the other stalls I could see were empty. I tried to raise, and believe me, in those crazy hoof-boots this is a challenge. I finally managed to stand and to keep my balance. I was actually alone in the barn and I was starving. I gathered my thought on the options I had, because let’s be honest, there is no way I will let them turn me into a pony or whatever pet … I realised how stupid I was just to come into the island.

I was lost in my thought when I heard the typical sound of the heavy door of the barn sliding open and then shut. I heard the footsteps of someone approaching: I shivered when I recognised Honey. She stopped by my stall and took a long minute to observe me, not saying a word. I felt really awkward, I had again this sensation I was a horse at an auction or something.


-“Nice to see you finally woke up Emily! Still you seem tired … But Emily can understand that: Honey’s first nights in a tack were hard too… It will take some time before you have a proper night.” she said speaking as usual of herself at the third person … it sounded so odd.

Emily … She continued to call me that silly name they gave me with Renneville… As if their intention was to strip me from my identity too! Honey finally opened the door of the stall. And I could not even argue with her … they prevented me to speak with those crazy bits which were hurting my lips and mouth.

-“Come out Emily! Honey has to train you… And you have a lot to learn believe me!” She added with a smirk.

I walked out and nearly fell … It’s quitte impossible to walk with these hoof boots on. I could see the way Honey looked at me, it was so humiliating, I was not even more able to walk properly. Honey pointed out on a plate studded on the top of the stall, I lifted my head to read the name “Emily” was engraved.


-“This is your new home Emily, this stall is now yours … you will learn to like it, you will see!” said Honey. “After a long day of training, you will be craving to rest in your stall”. All these humiliations were fuel for my anger and my hate toward Renneville. Soon or late I will have my vengeance!

-“First thing Honey has to teach you Emily is to walk in these boots … you will have to break them and it will not be easy, you can rely on Honey for this. There is only one method … walk and walk again, until you do not have to think about them, until they become as comfortable as a pair of slippers … it will take time, a lot of time, so be patient!” said Honey taking a teacher tone as if I was dumb.

She made a few steps backward in the barn and stretched her arms to me.

-“Ok, now come to Honey will you?” she said encouraging me. I felt so stupid, so vulnerable … even a young child would walk with more insurance than me. I did a few steps and managed to keep my balance, Honey looked at me, motioning to me to come by … I did a few more steps and suddenly my left foot slipped and I fell hardly on my bottom, crashing my tail under me. I squealed … unable to make much noise with the bits stuffed tightly in my mouth.


Honey came to me and helped me to raise again. She looked concerned.

-“It’s ok dear … you will fall a lot, this is normal. Take it step by step, do not try to go too quickly, pause and find your balance again when you feel you will fall …. ok?” she enquired. I nodded with a frown to show her my exasperation. “Ho no no no …. don’t look at Honey like that, Honey is here to help you …and … a pony does not nod … it stomps!” she added with a smile. I gave her a questioning look and she smiled again. “If you stomp one time it means yes … if you stomp two times, it means no … you understand?” I shook my head defiantly. She narrow-eyed me and shot a heavy spank on my bottom … the pain was so intense. “Do not resist Honey!” she added with a threatening tone. “Understood?” … This time I stomped one time. “Good girl!” she said humiliating me even more.

-“Honey does not know a better exercise than … doing a tour of the estate… Honey is not saying you will enjoy it, but it will make you practising … on the way up and down. You will get the skill in no time” she added with a bright smile. She actually believed what she was saying. I was amazed and shocked at the same time. She did not let me time to think and went to the door of the barn that she slid open. “Come out now Emily!”

I very cautiously moved to her, taking care of each step, ensuring the floor was not too slippery, and very slowly I managed to reach Honey.

-“You see, it’s not that difficult … you are managing this very well!” complimented Honey. And here I was, outside and nearly naked in this ridiculous outfit made to humiliate and submit me. I remembered the day before when I set foot on the island and when I came into Honey driving a cart pulled by another girl in the same kind of outfit … I was wondering then how Darla (it is the name of the ponygirl) was feeling: I knew at this time exactly how she probably felt then: vulnerable and broken.

Honey led the way, motioning me to follow her. I was very stressed, walking behind her, I feared that I would fall again and endure the same unbearable pain, and I feared we might run into someone too, someone who would become a witness of my misery. I don’t know what was my deepest fear, but what actually happened is that I fell again hardly on the floor, bringing tears of pain. I definitely hated them, this was simply torture they were inflicting to the girls here. Honey sighed and calmly helped me on my feet again. She gave me a little encouraging push to make me resume my walk and led the way again. I followed very slowly, focusing on my moves, the pavement, a little twig on the floor, anything could make me fall again. We walked through the long tunnel under the mountain that leads to the lake, and before I reached its end I fell so many time that I forgot the exact count. My whole body was aching and my buttocks in particular. Honey patiently wait for me, helped me each time I fell to raise and encouraged me… at least she was patient if her only quality.


-“You are making progress, the more we walk, the more distance you can go without falling Emily, this is really good!” she said enthusiastic. “We will arrive soon at the training field, Honey will introduce you to some of your congeners.” By the time we arrived there I fell maybe ten times and was exhausted by the exercise and the deep pain. Honey helped along wooden stairs up to the field where the others were training … a fall here would have been fatal and Honey knew it … at no time she let me alone and I arrived safe upstairs.

As soon as we arrived, the two ponygirls approached me and Honey. One of them, I recognized her, was Darla, the other was introduced to me as Zaara … I had no doubt these were not their real names as Honey introduced me as Emily to them … They wore similar outfits to mine, although Darla wore a more conservative one, or let’s say a more covering one. They mimicked horses sounds and noises with their mouth, it was simply amazing and Honey seemed to find this normal. I guessed it was a sort of welcoming ritual and I just nodded to each of them to say hello in the most civilized way I could manage with the tack on.


Honey gave a few instructions to Darla to continue on her training and reached out to Zaara and installed a lead on her head harness.

-“It’s time for you to go back to your stall Zaara” said Honey pulling on the lead. “Darla, come back to the barn when you are done” she ordered. Darla simply stomped … I was amazed by her docility, it probably represented the target that Honey had in mind with me, but I promised myself she would fail in the process. “Come Emily, Honey will help you downstairs” she addressed me. I was this time happy to comply with the order, having no intention to use those stairs without her help. Once downstairs, she took the lead of Zaara and led the way … I did not know if it was intentional, but her pace was significantly quicker and inevitably I fell again … and again … and again. But now that we were with Zaara, she let me raise alone, it was definitely very complicated with my arms bound behind me,after each fall it took ages for me to resume my walk … and sometimes I fell just a few steps after raising. I was becoming more and more desperate, I could nearly not feel my feet … and  my bottom was just a big red painful and horrendous centre of pain. As stupid as it could sound, I was starting to get jealous of the skills of Zaara to walk in the exact same boots with such easiness, it made me crazy!

When the barn came into view finally, Honey looked back at me:

-“Emily, join Honey at the barn, Honey will set Zaara in her stall while you make your way” and then she accelerated, followed by Zaara and soon I was alone .. walking slowly and I was exhausted. The worst of it being the path being slighly uphill, and despite all my efforts and my numerous falls …. I was not able to move up to the barn, I was stuck. I shouted, I cried, and I expressed all my anger and frustration, but I did not find a way to make my walk to the barn. I finally fell again on my bottom again, hiding my crying face behind my knees, I did not move for ages, waiting for Honey to come to my help. I think it was the most humiliating of all this day, I felt so dependent, so broken, and the more I thought of it, the more I was sure Honey did this on purpose … she definitely has good skills at breaking people I thought.


When I raised my head again, I noticed that Darla was coming the opposite way to me … she was accompanied by another ponygirl I did not know, I learnt later her name was Sienna. They were surrounding me and seemed worried about me. For the first time in the day I saw some human and compassionate attitude towards me. I raised again with difficulties and attempted to walk again towards the barn … Darla and Sienna seemed to understand what was going on and they tried to help the best they can … but I fell again and burst into cries in despair and tiredness.


-“What’s going on here?” said a female voice behind me. I looked back and saw a blondie girl standing behind me. Who she could be I was really wondering … another trainer of this devil place, she did not look like it. She had a bottle of beer in her hand and stared at the three of us … and then she laughed like crazy, it took one long minute before she could recompose. “Is that a joke or something? A hidden camera right?” then she laughed again … she was definitely drunk and I felt she was in great danger. I wondered how she ended on the island. “Let me help you on your feet” she said while helping me raise.


She gasped when she saw the redness of my bottom.

-“Ho my god … what happened?” I tried to walk again and Darla pointed at my boots and she seemed to understand as she nodded. She helped me move forward and with a gentle push she managed to help me to pass the uphill part of the path. I was nodding to her very gratefully when Honey came back.

-“Come on, Honey disappeared for a few minutes and you take advantage to get lazy!” said Honey with a frown to the three of us. “Darla and Sienna, you go back at the training field immediately!” she ordered. Both girls stomped and with a last look to me, moved away to the fields. Once again I was envious of their skills to walk in these boots. “Emily, you stay with Honey, we are going to train you at the cart pulling!” … then she looked at the blondie who were staring at the scene puzzled. “Sorry you had to witness such lazy ponies … welcome to our farm! Her name is Honey!”


The blondie looked at Honey completely lost, like me when I arrived I did not understand that Honey always speak of herself at the third person. “Her … name?” Honey smiled and pointing at her own chest she repeated:

-“Her name is Honey”. The blondie exploded in laugh

-“All right, all right, you are speaking a strange way Honey. I am Amelia” she said … “Where are we? The last thing I remembered was that I was at this party … I drank a lot and then I waked up in the woods nearby”. said Amelia.

Honey detailed Amelia with a smile.

-“You are in the property of Darius Renneville. He is running a ranch of ponygirls as you have probably noticed” said Honey.

Amelia probably intoxicated by the alcohol laughed again. I immediately understood that Amelia was fallen in a trap and that she was about to be forced into what I have been through. As they were discussing together I looked at Amelia trying to urge her to flee. Amelia looked at me amused

-“What is it you want ponygirl” she asked me. Immediately Honey caught me and frowning she shook her head to threaten me … in order to make it crystal clear, she gave me a hard spank. Amelia gasped.

-“I am sorry Amelia, this pony is not trained yet … I am going to lock her in her stall while I show you the estate, follow me, I will show you the barn”.

And the unsuspecting Amelia followed us. Honey roughly locked me in my stall and they both vanished upstairs. Around one hour later they were both back in the barn and Amelia was even more intoxicated than she was earlier, Honey had probably make her to drink. Amelia was now an easy prey for Darla, she did not even speak clearly, she was completely drunk. Honey managed to make her model for her, first some hoof boots …. Amelia was laughing all the time and soon the boots were locked on her feet.


I tried to make her back to her sense by hitting the wooden door of my stall but despite making a lot of noise, neither Honey nor Amelia paid attention to it. Honey managed to make Amelia pass some hoof gloves and she locked them immediately, I knew the trap was now set … Honey would not let her go anymore. Still Amelia was laughing and laughing, asking for the gloves to be removed and Honey was mimicking she was drunk as well and suddenly she revealed her intention: she made Amelia to fall and jumped on her back. Amelia was now screaming in panic but Honey did not stop and ripped her clothes off and was tightening a harness onto her. Then the silence came when the head harness and the bits were put into place… I shivered remembering all the process I went through and I knew the worst was still to come … the tail! Honey forced it onto her and that was all done.


I heard a nearby stall opened and closed. Honey had probably lock the poor girl now. I shivered! I jumped when Honey came into view right in front of my stall’s door. She looked at me with a really threatening stare

-“Emily you will never try to intervene like you did again” she threatened. “This is the one and only warning Honey gives you, next time, be sure you will regret it …. bitterly!” she finished her sentence. “We will have our cart training tomorrow Emily, Honey now has to warn her master we have a new pony!”


She suddenly left and I could hear the heavy door of the barn sliding closed … and then the silence and the muffed sobbing of a girl in a stall nearby. I was devastated.


If you are interested to visit BBF ranch and have a ride with me or my fellow ponygirls, here is the taxi:

BBF: Bridled by Force Ponygirl Ranch

BBF-logo-web (4_3)


What is left from Second Life Gor?

In my previous Second Life (Yes, I know how weird this sounds) I was very much involved in Second Life Gor for several years. At the time, there were about 300 different Gor regions and the community was a quite strong one, despite of a lot of Sl Residents being in strong disagreement of the Goreans in Second Life.

At the time you could find heavy discussions about the topic in many, if not all, of the Second Life forums and related websites and blogs. I myself did maintain several Gor related blogs, educating people about what the Gorean world is actually about. Yes, I did read 10 of the Gor novels and I was a quite avid role player, portraying many different Gorean characters in several really cool story lines alongside with other very cool players and characters.

However, I never supported the Gorean „lifestyle“ at all. To me it was exactly what is what meant to be in the first place: A fantasy environment.

I left Gor years ago. Why? Simply because it became far too time consuming and I developed other interests in Second Life (such as the blog you are reading right now).

As you know from my previous post, I was thinking to start including some Gorean stories in Second Life Adventures as well. Gor is part of Second Life, hence there would be a some first hand experience about the topic here, for those interested in playing the genre. So I thought.

So off I went, to see what Gor in Second Life is like today. I did not expect to find it the way I left it, but what I actually encountered can be best described as the ruins of what Gor in Second Life used to be.

My first stop: a place called the Gor Hub.

This is a very old place where people from all over Gor went (in the old days) to recruit players for all sorts of roles and positions to be occupied. Merchants went there renting stalls or advertising space for their Gorean shops, selling more or less appropriate attire, weapons and other items which were aimed at making the experience more immersive.


One very special feature of the Gor hup, is a huge map of the fantasy planet Gor, giving people (especially new players) a bit of orientation, as to where is what on Gor. This map still exist, but the landmarks on it are pretty much outdated.

When I came there, Gorean role play was not a topic in any of the conversations taking place. Instead people were discussing, what is a good Master, a good slave and similar topics around D/s relationships.

Here a couple of statements from people at the hub:

“But if a girl is a brat constantly, or spoiled and doesn’t follow direction, she gets two options: Punishment and improvement or I’d drop the girl”

“Really though, there’s no such thing as legal slavery anymore. Nobody is really a “slave” or “Master” by lawful property rights. However, my slaves are bound to me mentally, they dread the thought of being without my guidance and presence. I teach them something every day and challenge them constantly, without the stimulation they feel empty. “

“But, some “masters”, more like amateurs, tend to spoil their girls and not teach them correctly.”

“But the Dom has a responsibility to correct it. If the sub gives up however, then the dynamic is over. Same goes for the Dom though.”

When I inquired about Gorean role play regions, I basically got told to look them up in search. Those people seam to use Second Life Gor as a fantasy-style background for their D/s relationships or as one did put it:

“BTB sims are heavily into the Dom/sub “crap” (term I used) just as any other Gor-themed sim, since that tends to be one of the main reasons people roleplay in this genre. “

It became obvious to me, that this is not the place were I can find “my Gor”, the Gor with all those exiting storylines, the Gor with adventures, politics, power fights and all the other stuff you read about in the Gor books (yes, that includes slave girls and sex). Instead this place apparently has been taken over by the BDSM and D/s community (No, Gor is not BDSM).

Ok, second try: Type “Gor” into In-World search and see what comes up

The result was equally disappointing. The search results consisted of a lot of SIMs offering either what is called “Gor evolved” and/or role play which evolves around obe specific region of planet Gor called Thorwaldsland, a culture based on ancient viking culture. Nothing wrong with that, if that is your thing – you will plenty of choice in Second Life.

It wasn’t however what I was looking for. I was looking for the big cities, something like prestigious Ar, the filthy streets of Port Kar, the glamor of Turia, the mysterious mountain cities in the Voltai .

None of that seams to be left at first sight. I looked deeper into it and finally I found something: The City of Tyros, apparently under construction. There used to be in the old days a replica (a pretty good one) of the Gorean city of Tyros. In the books a maritime power , based on ancient Carthage.

Off I went checking it out.

The start skybox was quite promising. This is the place were you get notecards with sim rules, and the backstory of the place. You also get there “observer tags” in case you want to just have a look around without actually engaging in role play.


I checked the rules and found them very reasonable. There was a clear distinction between OOC (out of character) and IC (in character) and the also available IC laws of the city did read very authentic as to what one would expect from a Gorean city.

The disappointment came when I Tp-ed down to the docks. The build has absolutely nothing to do with the island of Tyros as described in the books. Once again the developer made the assumption, that Gor is some kind of medieval genre. Happens allthe time, no idea why. The books refer clearly to ancient earth cultures, such as Romans, Greek, Phoenician just to name a few. In addition the quality of the buildings looked like cheap prefabs thrown together. To top it all up: The city was surrounded by palm trees and tropical islands – could not help but facepalm.

So if you are a builder of Gorean cities, regions or sims, please bear this in mind: Gor is not about medieval structures, cultures and builds, it is meant to be similar to very specific ancient cultures. So please stop all those castles, pirate ships and other medieval style buildings, this is not Gorean at all! It has nothing to do with it.


Ok, I dis-carted this one for me, moved on and found another one.

Lydius Port!

Now this one almost impressed me. To start with, at the landing point you get a description of what the city of Lydius would be like. This obviously helps new players a lot to get settled in the place and to understand the mechanics and type of environment they put their character.

Here is the short description of Port Lydius:

“Lydius is a port city controlled by the Merchant Caste. It is a city of contrasts, combining the roughness of the north regions with the luxuries and civilization of the cities to the south. For example, it is one of the only cities in the northern regions that possesses public baths.

Lydius contains a mint and this mint is the only one within a thousand pasangs of Torvaldsland. Many Gorean cities own or rent buildings in Lydius. Thus, the population of Lydius contains a diverse mix of different origins and cultures.

Much wood and hides are brought down the Laurius River to be sold in Lydius. The nearest major town to the east of Lydius is Vonda of the Salerian Confederation. One of the taverns of Lydius given in the books is the tavern of Sarpedon.”

For those, who want to have more explicit and detailed information about the city, they provide a notecard with actual quotes from the books about this city. You can read them here: quotes about the Gorean city Port Lydius.

On top of that, the give you list of Gorean roles that would be realistic in this city each one with a description of what would be expected from each character. You can find those here: Gorean roles.

The rules are fairly reasonable as well also with a clear distinction between Ic and OOC rules.

The sim owners went a few extra miles to make sure potential role players know what the score is and to help them to create and settle there character. Kudos to them, well done.

The I checked the actual build and once again, (/me sighs) very medieval style but at least far better quality and very detailed. Whats missing is this “port” atmosphere which would be typical for a PORT city. Also the only ship in the mini-port is actually not a Gorean ship. At least the surroundings of the city (wall paper of sorts) does actually look like a city on the borders of what was called the great Northern Forest in the books.


This region is actually an option for me. I might create a character which fits in there and see what comes my way. But before I actually do that, I will try to find other authentic Gorean BTB (by the books) regions and compare them.

I can not believe, that this is all that is left from what used to be one of the most active role play genres in Second Life.

If you know of (or even manage or own) an authentic BTB Gorean region in Second Life, please let us know about it here in the comments! I will visit all suggested regions, with the exception of GE Gor (Gor evolved).

/me points to comment section!

Gorean City Victoria on the Vosk

Today I want to show you some pictures I made in a new role play region. Its the City of Victoria based on the books about the fictive planet of Gor by John Frederick Lange. I wrote articles about the topic some time ago.

This region (role play is conducted in German language) focuses on story line driven role play and admittedly does not exactly portray a Gorean city as described in the books, but made the odd little enhancement for the fun of the players.

Victoria has been build by the same people which brought us Neuville au Mer (which is now closed). Beric and Nea did once again a great job to deliver a spectacular build in Second Life. I do consider playing a role there. But as Gorean role play , and role play in general can be extremely time consuming if you are part of a greater plot, I will choose a side role. One that is not essential for the development of the plot. I keep you posted.

Here the pics I took:

Misogyne Club in Second Life – Harmless Role Play or Taking it to far?

For those who dont know what is, here a Wikipedia definition: Misogyny is the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.

The Gor role play community has often been accused in puplic forums, to be misogynistic, because a great deal of the Gorean chronicles has to do with slaves, their mastery and the very stringent objectification of such slaves. I myself was attacked form certain individuals in the Second Live forums of „being evil for supporting evil“, just because, I openly admit that I used to play Gor in Second Life.

In my opinion, that is just bullshit. Somebody who plays a role in violent and sexist genre is just acting or pretending. He/she does that for the fun of it. Role players do distinct between other players and their characters and are very well aware, that its just a game, a story, an adventure. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as all players are treated with respect no matter what character they portray – including slave girl characters of course.

My question now is: Where do we draw the line? 

Why am I asking? Because I discovered on my travels a place, that is called the Misogyne Club, which makes Gor look like Bambi in comparison. No, its not a joke. Its a place were men go and are allowed, if not encouraged to treat women in the very sense of the word misogyny. The female group members seem not to have a problem with that, in fact they probably enjoy this a s much as they male counter parts.

The rules for the girls are pretty explicit:



Woman are expected to be available for sexual use whenever it pleases the guests – there and then.



The Misogyne Club from the outside:


I observed some emoting and conversations which could easily be classified as role play. Not very good role play, but role play.

Here an example:

Him:take a seat nina
Nina: o-okay..
Nina sits down, a bit confused because nobody had ever requested her to sit next to him in this club
Him: nice hair cunt
Nina smiles
Nina : thank you
Him: gonna be useful to clean up my boots
Nina stiffens but tries to hide it, she smiles nervously
Him: make your job, cunt
Nina stares at his boots, then leans in. she takes some strands of her hair and rubs them over the surface of his leather boots
Him:: tell me cunt, how many men have you served yet today ?

To be honest , I was crunching a bit when I saw the place and my first thought was: this is a bit over the top. On the other hand, isn’t this just yet another variety of people playing out  their sexual fantasies, just because in Second Life they actually can do so, without doing any harm to anyone? 

However, if this is acceptable, where do we draw the line? Isn’t that exactly the same what a pedophile does, when engaging on so-called (prohibited by TOS) age play?

For those of you, who feel the urge to actually see the place were the pics have been taken, here the taxi. Please visit on your risk its not for the faint hearted.


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I am probably opening a huge can of worms here, but anyway: whats your take on this? Please tell us your opinion in the comments!