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Customer Service: Sex on the Beach

I am promoting 3DXchat not only here on my blog but also in Second Life. I did rent ad-boards on high traffic adult region, such as Skinny Dipping for example. In addition I recommend 3DXChat to my escort clients in Second Life.

Wait a minute, there is no currency in 3DXchat , so how do I charge my clients for sex? Easy answer: I don’t! Think about it. If they join 3DXChat via my affiliate link, I am making money anyway. If someone clicks on the link I provide and  joins the game , I get 50% commission on whatever he paid. If he takes the option of monthly payment fpr example, I get 9,99 US$ every month.

However, I need to make sure they enjoy themselves in 3DXChat for them to continue in the game and keep paying the monthly fee. How do I do that? Yes, with sex, and yes it is good fun for me too.

Quint, one of my regulars, did join the game recently. My regular readers know about him. Do you remember?

However he was a bit unhappy actually. The reason being: he found it difficult to make contact in-game. This didn’t get me by surprise actually, as he hires me for sex in Second Life for the same reason. Despite of having a quite attractive avatar, he finds it difficult to actually chat somebody up for sex.

I met him at Fresco, a music club in 3DXChat. I decided to give him a hand making contact and breaking the ice. Call it customer service, if you like.

I said in local chat:

„Hello everybody, this is Neto (his in game name), he is an old friend of mine in Second Life. He is new here and doesn’t know anybody, please say hello“.

This actually worked out well. A girl called Sweetdream responded: „ You are not the only one, I am new too. This is the first place I went to. I joined about half an hour ago.“

We started to talk and getting to know each other a bit. Sweety found 3DXCAHt by accident, got curious and decided to see what it is all about. „You are here to just look around?“, I asked her. „Oh, no”, she replied, „I am in for the whole experience“.

Ok! I was standing with two noobs in a music club. One traditionally horny as hell and the other a cute curious girl, who wants „the whole experience“. I had an idea! I decided to take customer service on the next level.

Del Fargis was online. He is another friend of mine from Second Life, my regulars readers certainly remember my under water sex adventure with Del. Del also joined the 3DXChat via my affiliate programm, hence apart from being an old friend, he is actually a customer as well. I asked him if he would like to join our little get together. That made it an ideal group: Tow guys , two girls, one experienced guy and a experienced girl. Haha, somebody will loose his/her 3DXChat-virginity.

„Hey what about going to the beach“, I asked them both. They liked the idea, so off we went to the beach in 3DXChat.

Del Fargis was online too (another friend of mine, my regulars readers certainly remember. I asked him if he would like to join us. Arriving on the beach, I said, „common guys lets swim over to the little island off shore“. Said and done, took my cloth off, and jumped totally nude in the sea. The others followed suite. Neto had some difficulties at first, as he was used to the way of moving in Second Life, which differs quite a bit from 3DXChat.

Once on the island, it didn’t take much to break the ice. It is always easier being nude already, isn’t it?

I asked SweetDream simply if she fancies to try her first „whole experience“. I quickly explained how a partner request works, and encouraged her to send one to Del. This worked out well, Del took care of her. At the same time I introduced Neto into sex in 3dXChat, starting to stoke his cock without much asking nor hesitation. I did fuck with him already several times in Second Life hence there wasn’t any ice to break with him.

This is how we ended up: two couples fucking right next to each other on the beach. Emoting and sex talk actually happened in local chat for everybody to read, just the way I like it.

It doesn’t take much to make a customer happy!

Sex Parties in 3DXChat

Usually it is thrown upon to do „colds“ in 3DXChat. What is that? Well, when you click on another avatar you can send that person an invite to become temporary a sex partner, or a potential sex partner. If you accept such invite you can use sex animations together.

A „cold“ is, when you send such invite without prior chat. It is very similar to a Friends invitation in Second Life.

As you probably can imagine, it scan be very agitating to receive several such invitation from strangers, when just dancing in a club or chatting with somebody.

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Mister and Misses Jones – Part 3

Today’s post is not going to be long. Not much to say about what happened, other than that it was the last time I met the Jones together. A few weeks after this encounter, Limmy Jones told me in a brief IM conversation, that he had finish the relation with Stephanie.

„All she want is fucking with every man in Second Life“, was his explanation.

You remember what the plan was? Stephanie wanted him to become more open, liberal even promiscuous. She felt restraint in a strictly monogamous relationship and an extremely jealous partner.

Obviously this did not work out. Maybe she was pushing it to hard (pun intended). So this encounter should be the last time I played with the Jones.

I was actually at Franks in my new gown, sitting around bored. Hence it came quite handy, that Limmy Jones invited me to their place. To my surprise the teleport brought me straight into their bedroom, where they were already laying naked on the bed, Well, almost naked. Stephanie was wearing nylons again. Limmy has this thing about nylons.

„I just made him cum, want to help me having him do it again“? This was her quite straight forward approach. It did not take long for me to get out of cloth…

Mister and Misses Jones – Part 2

Did you read part 1 about how I met Mr. and Mrs. Jones? You should before you carry on reading.

A few days after my visit at the Jones’ home, I had this very revealing conversation with her. She told me that he actually dropped her once after he found out that she was sleeping with his best friend behind his back. He doesn’t really trust her ever since in that aspect and believes she is fucking with every man in Second Life she can possibly get.

She does fuck behind his back. She openly admitted it to me and she has a plan. A good plan I believe. It involves showing him, that there is nothing wrong with being promiscuous. She wants him to experience how exciting, arousing and even fulfilling it can be to have a more diverse sex life in a virtual world. She wants to be with him, but she also wants to live her fantasies or even better: sharing them with him. In short: she wants to seduce him to live the swinger lifestyle and a more open relation, accepting her being very promiscuous.

I was part of the plan! I was the bait!

Limmy Jones fancies me a lot. After our encounter at their home even more so. In fact he was crazy for me. He contacted me a few days after and wanted to see me again – alone.

That is when Stephanie Jones said to me: “I want you to sleep with him. He really likes you and I want you to make him happy.”

She was online as well. But did not want to see him. Shopping was the excuse. What she really wanted, was him to fuck with other women, for her to have his consent for little sex escapades with other men from time to time. Well, actually not just from time to time. I have reason to believe, that she is as much of a slut as I am. Nothing wrong with that from my perspective.

He was to get seduced to do exactly that. Prior to this, she even gave me advise what to wear. Apparently he has got “a thing” about nylons. Hence I got myself some of those and had her judging my looks.

I agreed to see him and suggested a little sailing trip. He was very happy to see me again. I realized how much he likes me. After a while sailing along the shores of blake sea, I decided to do a little break at an island.

We sat on the deck together and talked about their relationship and how a swinger lifestyle could potentially improve their Second Life. The topic went a lot around sex. He told me how much he enjoyed our recent encounter and that he wants to repeat that, because he desires me a lot.

I started to tease and pose a bit, asking if he actually likes what he sees and started getting a bit touchy. At first he was a bit withdrawn, probably not sure if it is the right thing to take this any further. However he was not able to resist very long. There was no way back, the point of no return was reached when I was giving him one of my very special blow jobs right there on the boat.


He apparently thruw over board any apprehensions, concerns and definitely lost any restraints he might have had until this point and let himself fall for me and enjoy me with dedication, having wild and passionate sex right there on my yacht. First on the deck, where I was riding his cock in several positions, then we moved on into the cabin where he took me over and over again, till he finally erupted and did cum hard in me, filling my pussy with his juices.

Stephanie knew about it all the time. Actually I made pictures of us fucking our brains out and send them to her, for her to enjoy and for her to prove that we actually did it there and then. She was pleased.

“I wish Stephanie would have been here to watch too, she would have enjoyed this very much”, he remarked.

I simply smiled and said: “I am sure she would”.

The trap closed!

In the next article. We will take this to the next level

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Mister and Misses Jones – Part 1

I want you to sleep with him. He really likes you and I want you to make him happy. This is what Stefanie Jones told me and she was actually referring to her husband. She carried on, telling me, that since they are together in Second Life, she misses the freedom she had before as single. She was referring to sex of course. In other words, she wanted him to be more promiscuous himself.

But lets go a step back and look how this story developed to get to this point. The above happened long after I met her the first time. Today’s post is about our very first encounter.

Strangely enough I met Limmy Jones at he keyhole club. He didn’t do anything there but watching people. His profile caught my attention as I saw that he is actually married in Second Life (Yes, people actually do that in Second Life).

Married guys are a turn on to me. I do not know why really, maybe because they tend to be difficult to get or because they are some kind of forbidden fruits? I don’t know for sure. After a bit of small talk, mainly around him being married and going out to adult clubs, he said: „Hey, my wife is online too, want to meet her too?“All right that blows this opportunity to get laid by a married guy, I thought.

I was so wrong!

We went to their home, a British Victorian style townhouse. Very stylish yet very conservative. By the looks of it, one would assume it is the houses of a typical decent family. You know what I mean: married, monogamous, sex not being on the agenda all too often but going to church on Sundays. Yep, those! I have no clue why someone would life like that in a virtual world, but hey if that is what rocks your boat!

He presented me to his wife. She was a bit withdrawn to start with, but opened up after a while. Suddenly he ask this question!

„Charleen, we have been talking about trying something new to make our sex life more exciting. We would like to invite a nice girl to participate in our sex life. You seem to very open minded, would you see yourself sharing this fantasy with us?“

At first I was really kinda shocked. It did hit me totally unexpected. If he only had known, how open minded or shall I say promiscuous I am, he would probably had asked somebody else, somebody more innocent than me. Too late, mate.

She did go even a bit further and explained her own fantasy in more detail: “I would love to watch him having sex with another woman, would be a real turn on for me”. Then she went AFK (away from keyboard in real life) for a couple of minutes.

I smiled at him, took his hand and lead the way upstairs saying: “Lets give her a little surprise when she comes back”. Arriving in the bedroom, I dropped my cloth with the exception of a piece of lingerie and we laid on the bed, cuddling, giggling.

Sex with married couple

When she came on again, she found herself alone in the living room.

“Darling, come upstairs we are waiting for you”

She came upstairs, obviously excited she was watching how we started kissing and me stroking his cock. She took her cloth off too and started to touch herself. At the time I did not know yet, what her real intention was, that it is not just a fantasy for her but part of a plan. I did find out that much later

Sex with married couple

We did it in front of her eyes, all the way. She was not only watching, but masturbated all the time. Here some pics of the encounter. He was actually very passionate about it. It was obvious that it was a mega turn on for him. He probably never knew,  how much this situation would arouse him. I am sure he told me the truth when he finally said: “My God, I did cum very hard in real – this was so amazing”.

When we finished, Limmy had to log out. Not so Stefanie. I asked her actually if she ever had sex with a woman. Well, no she replied, but would not object to at least try once.

You know where this is going to! Yes, we did it:

German Swinger Party in 3DXChat

In the sex game 3DXChat there are 6 different public locations you can visit. One of which is yacht. Some people do know a workaround to actually copy the location, or the path to a location and make it a share private place. You can find those then just like regular shared apartments on the „shared apartments“ list, right next to the official public locations.

It was the name of such a place which did spark my curiosity once again: „German Swinger Party“. Sounds cool I think. Especially when you are into that sort of thing. I definitely am! The place I came to was such a copy of the yacht turned into a private party place.

It was no surprised to me when I found a funny small group of people, sitting in a whirl pool on the deck of the yacht. Swingers tend to be very natural and direct when it comes to sex. Hence a few seconds later I was invited into the pool. Actually right in front of the pool there was a couple fucking openly right in front of everybody.

It also did not take me long to engage with the guy sitting next to me. Without much hesitation I took his cock and started to play with it. He obviously enjoyed very much when I did take that a step further.

Later we decided to go to his place where we had a fantastic sex session.

See yourself:

Having an Audience during Sex is very Hot

Yesterday at the keyhole club I met Francis. Actually I was watching him whilst he was trying to get somewhat closer to a young woman. Young in this context means relativelly new to Second Life. It didn’t work well for him. It was probably my fault that she run of.  I suggested to take the cloth off before using explicit sex animations. Seriously using fuck animations with all cloth on looks silly, doesn’t it?


He took it with a good sense of humor. He already knew who I am. In fact just before coming to the keyhole club he was exploring the marina on Nautilus were I recently arrived during my “sailing around the world” series. At the same time I was chating with Leo. Poor Leo was having sex with another girl at the moment who did not really please him.

“Is she at least good enough for you to cum in RL?”, I enquired. “No, not really just enough to make me horny. I would rather be with you now”. “Save it for me then”, I answered.

Little later he managed to leave her without causing to much drama and I invited him over. I knew what he needed then. Francis was sitting on that chair in the dressing room and watched us, Actually he did not just watch, he was masturbating whilst watching me getting fucked with passion and desire. Francis was emoting it once in a while. That was quite a turn on for both of us.


I wonder if Francis did cum too in RL. Leo did and said something about a spell I presumablyI had put on him. Laying arm in arm on that couch we actually did a deal: Next time we meet, we will not having sex at all. We want to share other things too. We want to go sailing, flying, dancing. Otherwise we will become just fuck buddies, which is not what we want. The deal was his idea actually just in case you wonder.

Next time you read about us we will have our cloth on. But for now enjoy these pictures:



The hottest Changing Room in Second Life

I went shopping. Nothing special I know. We all do that once in a while. And what is next after a long shopping trip? Right we go somewhere, either our second life home, a sandbox or a changing room to actually unpack our stuff and try it on.

Home is obviously the best option, but most residents in Second Life are actually homeless. So their options are sandboxes or, if their need more privacy, a changing room. The later are similar to sandboxes, but with rooms in the sky one can temporarily use. They even include pose stands.

I usually do that at home. But this time something made me want to try a changing room. Ma regular readers already know where this is going, right?

I wouldn’t be Caroline Resident if would not have something a bit more spicy in mind then a regular changing room. Hence I decided to unpack at home and do the changing in nothing less but the keyhole club’s changing room.

For those not in the know: The keyhole club is a voyeur region. Their motto is „watch and be watched“. Yes, that means having sex in front of other people. Hence the dressing rooms there offer no privacy at all, the opposite is the case: anyone can watch and observe you there.

Sounds exciting? It is I, can tell you. Here is the taxi:

There I went, stripping and dressing for anyone to see who passes. I know my readers, I know what you expect. Stripping off in a club is not what you are used to see from me. You expect more than that, something a bit more naughty.

You are right. After getting dressed in this sexy mini dress and matching shoes I just bought, I invited Jamie over to see and tell me what he thinks of it.

It didn’t take long, until I asked him, if he ever had a quickie in a dress room. Off we went and did it in one of the changing cabins. Believe me it is extremely exciting to do it at a place, where anyone is allowed and able to watch you. To even spice it up a little more, I took the sex talk into open chat for everybody close enough to follow.

It did not’ take long until other visitors IM-ed me, expressing their enjoyment to watch the scene. There was a little extra to this I want to share with you. Once Jamie did cum in me he wanted to lick me clean down there. This seams to be his special kink. He role played that very intense and explicit including swallowing his own cum in front of me. In fact this was the part during which his RL arousal was on it’s peak and what made him cum in real life

What about you guys out there? Ever had sex in public at an unusual? I am sure Cathy my co-writer did, everybody else? What was it like?

Please let us know and share your experience with us.

/me points to the comment section hereunder

As usual some pics off the encounter:

Sharing is Caring? Cuckolds in Second Life

I recently met up with yet another follower of my blog. Jamie is much into what is commonly referred to as „cuckold“. A cuckold originally is a man who has been cheated by his wife. That is what the purest form is. However, this term has been combined with the word COUPLE to indicate that the spouse not only has knowlege of the affair but approves of it when done in their presence.

In essence, a couple who likes to watch and have their spouse watching while they are engaged in the sexual act with someone else. This practice is not uncommon and is frequently found in swingers circles (places where both the husbands and the wives switch partners).

Its practice which to man people is at least arousing if not sexually satisfying. Often it is combined with elements from BDSM (which Jamie does not like).

Ok, I really did want to dig deeper into this and as always by own experience not by research. The only problem: I don’t have such a relationship in Second Life and I probably never will, hence I am not really able to give this a try myself. Or at least not to the fullest.

Jamie explained however, it is not mandatory to have a husband or a stable relationship. One can enjoy this also with somebody close, like a close friend. It won’t be the same maybe, but at least gives you a feel for it.

It didn’t take long and a situation occurred which allowed me to do start this new adventure of mine in a light way. Call it testing the water so to speak. It was when I showed Melchior our new house in the blake sea where I just finished decorating the kitchen. I am sure you remember Melchior. He is the closest to what could eventually be called some sort of relationship from all my friends (Abi apparently left Second Life).

It wasn’t just to show Melchior the kitchen of course. I actually dressed in my white cardigan and nothing else with obvious intentions. That is the way he got to know me, back then on Paradise Beach and I know he loves that outfit very much – see main pic for reference.

Of course it didn’t take long and we embraced on each other. Then I had an idea:

How about inviting Jamie over to watch us? Melchior had no objections. Said and done. During the entire encounter, he was sitting in the main room and watching us and of course reading the action in open chat. It is actually very special, when someone watches, maybe not for everyone, but certainly for an exhibitionist like myself.



Afterwards, I asked Melchior: “How would you feel about watching me getting fucked by somebody else?” – “Well, he responded, “Would be worth a try, especially when I have you too before or after”.

Alright then, this is setting the ground for my next adventures!

For now I have a question to my readers: Did you ever have experience with cuckolding and if so, how did you feel about it. As always , please leave the answer in the comments below.

Of course, I also brought you some pictures from my new kitchen:
Look how detailed everything is….the KITCHEN that is!

If you want that same kitchen, here is the link to marketplace: https://goo.gl/Q1bFrh

The gang bang party at Wet Dreams

It all started with a chat. I was talking to Bobbie, an escort girl and owner of the club „Wet Dreams“ In Second Life. Bobbie is one of the advertisers on Second Life Adventures. The conversation turned to subject sex. This as such is not unusual betwenn the two of us, but this time it was a bit more adventurous. We were talking about how many guys we ever „did“ at once.

Maybe the alcohol we both had quite a bit during our chat which made me say: „I am sure I could satisfy 6 guys at once If I wanted“. „Show me if you think you are that good“, she replied and suggested a bet: „Lets organize a gang bang party for you with 6 guys. If they all cum in the end you win, if one doesn’t you loose“

We agreed on those terms: If I win, she will have to be at the disposition of the members at Caroline’s Swinger Mansion as a sex slave, whenever they want for a week – free of charge of course. If I loose the bet, I will work as an escort girl at her club for a week – also free of charge. She can give me to her clients upon request and she will keep whatever the pay to the club. I am always up for an adventure, so I agreed.

It wasn’t actually that easy to get 6 guys together but eventually we managed. We met them at Wet Dreams, were she has the appropriate bed, catering for up to seven people. I can tell you it is not easy, to be focused on the sexual well being of 6 guys. In addition making sure that the animations fit to emotes and the amount of people participating requires a lot of focus and concentration, especially when some of the guys start playing the menu too.

I started with two of them having everyone else watch and subsequently invited one after the after to join. Shortly afterwards one left, saying it does not turn him on and a bit later another one saying he doesn „feel it „ today. That means I lost the bet! I continued anyway and in the end we were still 4 of us. In conclusion, its not easy and frankly, its not as much fun as I thought it to be. I’ll stick to threesomes and foursomes for now.

So all of you guys there who ever fancied a sexual encounter with me: Bobbie rents me out at Wet Dreams for one week. I don’t know what she will charge but whatever it is , I will make sure it is well worth it.

To get to Wet Dreams simply click on the her advert under or above this posting.


Some pics of the encounter: