Telemachus: Sexy Interview About 3DXChat

Today I sort of bummed into an interview by accident. I logged into 3DXChat just to see if there is anything interesting going to happen to write about. I Tped to the Nightclub.

Actually not the original location called nightclub, but a user made copy of it names “Dirty sluts fucking in public toilets” or something like that.

Suddenly this guy called Telemachus approached me, saying he loves the blog. We engaged in a conversation about it and finally I ask if he wanted to give me an interview too. He readily agreed.

Hence we sat don on those sofas in the little back rooms of the nightclub and I started the interview.

How long have you been in 3dxhat?

5 month only, but the fisrt 4 months as a girl. I had to switch over eventually, just because i don’t like making friends under false pretenses. That’s why this avatar looks pretty new.

Caroline: How did you get into it? Or how did you find it?

Telemachus: Well, I started with porn flash games, actually. I saw some MNF games (Meet and Fuck Games), which led me to MNFCLUB, which led me to search for similar games. With no real experience, 3dx looked like the best one.

Caroline: What is for you the attraction?

Telemachus: At first, it was just the fapping material. I was one of those silent people for a couple weeks in the beginning. Now, it’s largely a way to socialize, meet people, chat and all that. The sexy visuals are still a factor, of course.

Caroline: How do you use 3dxchat? Is it just casual encounters or is there more too it, such as relationships?

Telemachus: Both, I think. Sometimes I want to meet people, have fun, and get off without worrying about it. There are a few people that are more than that to me, of course. I actually started dating one lady a few weeks ago on here. That’s been a first for me.

How do you chat somebody up? Is that actually needed or do you simply ask for sex?

Telemachus: It’s an open relationship for now, but I’m not looking for another serious relationship, obviously. Anyway, I always start with the profile. If they want to be dominated, i just follow that. If not, I usually just start talking about what i like in their profile or gallery. That’s typically a good way to break the ice, I think. But no, i don’t just ask. For example, I asked you about your blogging. 🙂

Caroline: Do you find it difficult to get laid here?

Yes, very much so. I’m an introvert and a submissive, something most ladies are not looking for. I typically just start out looking to be friends, and maybe things go farther, maybe not. It’s easier with people who just ask for it in their profiles, of course.

Caroline: What level of arousal do you feel when having sex in 3dxchat and how does that compare to watching porn?

I can barely use porn anymore. It’s just not anywhere near as good as this. Porn is now a last resort for me. It helps that a big kink for me is knowing that I am actually making someone else feel good too.

Caroline: Tell me about your best sex experience ever in 3dxchat?

Telemachus: probably from back when I was a girl in 3DX actually. This one guy and I went at for three and a half hours straight. It was pretty intense. I think I slept for 12 hours straight after that.

Caroline: So you enjoyed having sex as a girl?

Telemachus: Sort of. I didn’t really think of it as “me” in the character. It was more like writing fiction or directing porn, I think. Being myself is much better, more satisfying, but of course it’s much harder to get laid as the dude.

Caroline: How much time do you spend in 3dxchat?

Telemachus: Oh, boy. Uh, an average of two hours a day? Yeah, about that much, pretty much since I started. Not always all at once, though.

Caroline: Do you use add-ons like a VR viewer or the Vstroker equipment? If yes, does it substantially enhance the experience? If no, why not?

Telemachus: I don’t use either. For the VR, i’ve seen reviews on it, and it looks dumb. It’s still third person, so I don’t see the point. As for the V-stroker, I’ve been considering trying it, but I don’t know if I really need it.

Caroline: Do you take it to the real world, or do you meet people from here in real life? If so how was that experience?

Telemachus: All I’ve taken to the real world so far, is exchanging numbers with the lovely lady I’ve been seeing recently. We mostly text throughout the day, and that’s pretty neat. I don’t recommend taking anything else to the real world for most people though, especially girls

Caroline: why is that?

Telemachus: Hmm, I’m a guy, and I’ve seen how other guys are. It’s dangerous, I think. I don’t know, it’s difficult to describe, but I recommend a lot of caution for this sort of thing. I’m sure a lot of guys will say anything to meet you in real or do a skype chat or whatever.

Caroline: What do you like most about 3DXChat?

Telemachus: About 3DX? That’s probably a tie between meeting people and the sex, of course. I come from a small town, so this is great place for both of those things.

Caroline: Does that mean you do not have much sex in real?

Telemachus: Yep, that’s true, sadly.

Caroline: Did you play other sex games such as thrixxx chathouse 3d, imvu or the sex regions in Second Life and how does 3dxchat compare to those?

Telemachus: I played a little of MNF club, bit that game really sucks by comparison. My lady friend is trying to get me into Second Life now, but it’s SOOO much more complicated. If I can get it figured out, I think I’ll enjoy Second Life a lot more, both sex wise and Telemachus: the other more normal stuff.

Caroline: Yes I know its more complicated but also a lot more diverse

Telemachus: It looks like a lot of fun, but definitely overwhelming at first.

Caroline: What do you not like about 3dxchat? If you could change anything about 3dxchat, what would that be?

Telemachus: There’s not a whole lot I don’t like, I think. It’s pretty cool, but the first thing I would change is adding more casual poses, like holding hands, or maybe carrying a lady around on my back or something. Fun stuff, but not necessarily sexual.

Caroline: Now what advise would you give my readers, if they consider trying 3dxchat?

Telemachus: Hmm. I recommend trying MNFClub first. If you really like it, maybe stick with that, since it is free. If you think it could be better, Definitely try 3DX. 3DX is so much better, in every way, I think. The combination of high graphics and medium in world. Casual interaction probably makes it the best game of it’s kind. Though if you want more of a social game, it might not be the best.

(At this point in the interview, somebody in the next room made pretty explicit noises. There was quite a bit of moaning and such going on. Was very funny to hold an interview whilst you listen to somebody else enjoying themselves).

Caroline: Another orgasm in the background haha

Caroline: My last Question, It is known that behind many girls here are actually men in real. Does that bother you or should it bother anybody?

Telemachus: Ha, no it doesn’t bother me, particularly since I’ve been one of those girls. In my opinion, we’re all just brains here. I’ve actually had a lot of fun with sissies, too, though I don’t consider myself bisexual, still. It’s all good in fantasy, I think.

Caroline: So you had your share of fun I realize. You said in the beginning you are more the shy type, does that mean your fun depends on the other party making the first steps?

Telemachus: Sooort of…. I can initiate, but I prefer when the other person leads or takes control. I can do it, but it takes a little encouragement from the other person, usually.

Caroline: Well, it has been very interesting, thank you very much. Want to add something?

Telemachus: Hmm, I don’t think I have anything to add. Well, I’m thanking you for doing this sort of stuff. It’s cool and interesting. I love talking to people about what makes them tick, or talking about my own experiences, like this.

Caroline: haha, did those noises in the background make you aroused too?

Telemachus: I didn’t even notice them till you pointed them out. How many times were you hit on during this interview?

Caroline: Quite a few times.

Telemachus: That’s what happens when you have pretty legs like those in a sex room.

Caroline smiles and moves forward to the sofa saying: “maybe we should do as they did”

Telemachus: you know all about me, carol, but what makes you feel good?

Caroline: Hmm spontaneous sex, even quickies.

Telemachus: so are you saying you are horny, girly?

Caroline smiles and lets her hand slide towards his trousers opens them and starts playing with his already slightly erected cock

Telemachus: You, i had forgotten how incredibly horny Iwas before we started chatting.

(At this point a couple sat on the other sofa and engaged in sexual activity too).

Telemachus: well, I’m not the only one here, it seems 🙂

Hence we did it right there and then. Whilst looking at the other couple too. A little later that girl Sara came in. She is also a reader of my blog. She was reading my stiff about 3DXCHat back in June last year and subsequently joined the game. She recognized me.

Was a funny feeling to fuck with my interview partner being watched by one of my readers in life, not just pictures.

Very cool actually.

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