The Amsterdam Red Light District in Second Life

The Amsterdam Red Light District in Second Life

I start my under cover investigations In the Amsterdam Red Light District in Second Life. Well. I tried too, but when I arrived there the region was basically dead. There was just one single resident on the sim. I would have expected a bit more traffic on such a region. Is this an indication for the lack of interest in such regions or was it just the wrong timing?

Its a shame really, because Amsterdam in Second life is well designed and very interesting sim.
Let me show you some pictures I made:

Going Downtown Amsterdam:

This looks pretty cool I think. It has this naughty atmosphere one would expect from a place like this. I went to Sletjes place, a club where Escorts can offer there services. I wrote about this place some time ago in my article, confessions of an escort girl.

Just like in the real Amsterdam, the escorts sit in windows, offering their services to men passing the building.

Offering Sexual Services:

Sitting in a Window

Sitting in a Window

I like the attention to detail. Look at he fan and the TV set. In some of the windows there are even cigarettes and make up on a little shelf.  Someone has put a lot of thought into this it seams. After a while a man passed the window and stop for some seconds to look at me. That felt kinda weird, but hey, that’s part of the trip. That was the only person I saw in Amsterdam. The guy left, without saying a word – maybe I was not his cup of tea.

As nothing happened there, I decided to look around the street a little bit. Just across the street there was a little fast food shop. There they used some Bot-Avatars, to create a more realistic ambiance. The cook, a waiter and one guest were actual bots. Nobody else there either. I am sure this would be a great location to start some interesting roleplay.

The fast food restaurant:

Amsterdam Fast Food Restaurant

Amsterdam Fast Food Restaurant

Right next door to Sletjes is a small strip and lap dance place. Its decor are very good erotic pictures. The place can host just one girl and one guest.  So anyone who fancies a private sexy dance show. This is the place to go in Amsterdam:

Private shows in distinguished ambiance:

Strip and lap dance bar

Strip and lap dance bar

Even a Thai Massage Parlor:

Thai Massages in Amsterdam

Thai Massages in Amsterdam

And last but certainly not least, there a a couple of great shops in the street. Of course the shops are appropriate to the theme: sex shops, lingerie, erotic art and the likes.  As soon as I have some more Linden on my account, I will do some shopping here. But recently my hair shop does not make much money, so I am a bit short of cash and remember:  I wont use credit cards on “Carol’s Travels”, but only money I made in Second Life (or marketplace).

There is also a pretty dance club. Dance clubs are usually the kind of thing, that gets people to visit a region. However, I know by experience (you might remember my efforts for Gerry’s place) that a club only gets busy, if you host events with life DJ`s.  I believe, if they would make an effort, the club itself could make a big difference there.

In closing:

The Amsterdam Red Light District is a place I highly recommend, especially if  you are into naughty role play. I just hope it is not always that quite.  I will try again, and maybe see one of my readers there? Say hi, if you see me but:

 Psssst, don’t spoil my cover!

And here is your taxi to Amsterdam:

I strongly recommend to read my article how to have sex in second life before you go there. It will help you getting the most out of the experience.


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