The Blindfold Fantasy – Use me For a Quickie!

I am laying on my bed. Naked. Blindfolded. My legs wide spread and the door to the apartment open. Anyone could just walk in and use me for a quickie without saying a word. When finished just to leave again ((Switch of display and user name please)).

That is what I posted today in the group chat of a group called “Use me for quickies”. I am in that group since a week roughly. I had already two fast dates for quickies. It is nice to have such option, when you fancy a quick uncomplicated fuck.

Been there done that, got the t-shirt. But this time I wanted to add a bit of twist. Creating a fantasy roleplay scene.

This is a quite common women’s fantasy. Maybe being in a hotel room, laying on the bed blindfolded, maybe even bound and waiting for total strangers to use her.

It certainly is to me!

Not sure if would do that in real life. But playing it in Second Life did turn me on. It actually worked quite well. Even so the first guy almost spoiled it, by trying to take off the blindfold.

/me sighs

He left when I stopped doing that. Never mind, there was the next already waiting to take his place. The next used me from behind, not saying anything (which is part of the idea), did cum in me rather soon and left.

I was still laying on the bed, waiting for things to happen. They did. Best explained by showing you a part of the chatlog:

Charly lays back after the guy did cum in her pussy and left, senses somebody else in the room, hears the door open and somebody walking in again.

HODY smirks catching sight of that helpless female form on the bed as promised moving in and unzipping, moves in on the hot bitch on the bed getting between those creamy thighs and pressing my fat cockhead at her entrance. gives one powerful thrust entering deep into her.

Charly feels her pussy stretched wide by a big cock.

HODY lets out a deep groan of pleasure penetrating deep feeling her wet cunt wrap tight around his invading rod. shoves in deeper picking up the pace leaning in to wrap his lips around one succulent breast.

Charly gives in, relaxes, enjoying the feeling of getting fucked without seeing the stranger.

HODY loves the sight of the helpless blindfolded fuckmeat below him using her harder sinking more of his hot throbbing meat into her body with every thrust.
Charly breathes faster, her body shivers, moans out loud at ever thrust in her body, indicates with hand on his back, feeling his strong muscles t, to go harder and faster into her. lifts up her legs for him to get deeper into her womb, biting her lips for not to cry out loud.

HODY grins grasping her smooth white thighs and lifting her ass off the mattress. licks his lips at her eagerness and starts to hammer down into her slamming his thick meat balls deep into her hungry cunt.

Charly can’t hold back anymore, moans loud at every stroke, feels his cock pulsing in her cunt, squeezes it with her muscles.

HODY feels the heat building up, sweat dripping down his back, whipping off his shirt and tossing it aside. wraps the fingers of one hand around her throat and pounds away at her tight pussy making deep moans nearly growling as it clamps down like a vise around his cock.

Charly gives in complettly, shouts and screams whilst he fuckes her and uses her mercyless
cries out louder as he hammers her with his big cock even harder.

HODY kneads one breast giving it a quick sharp slap fingers tightening and loosening rhythmically around your throat. fucks you harder loving the sound of your screams echoing around the massive room. tears into your pussy making hard nearly bruising thrusts into your womb taking your body for all it’s worth cock pulsating in the grips of your slick walls.

Charly bod shivers feeling her climax building up, shivers in a huge and intense orgasm first time since he eneterd her she says a something, shouting it out loud: OH MY GOD.

HODY groan openly growling like an animal taking your cunt harder muscles tensing and sweat dripping onto your pale skin. hammers away at your pussy not letting up for a second even as your climax hits. hand slaps against your ass and breast squeezing your pretty slender neck harder already feeling his balls begin to tighten.

Charly expects to get filled by his load any second, eagerly squeezes his cock.

HODY takes in deep heavy breaths letting them out with a deep rumbling groan slamming your body into the bed making the wall vibrate as it bangs against it. leans down kissing your pink lips hard cock swelling as his cum erupts up his thick shaft flooding into your waiting womb.

Charly: FUUUUCK, feels his seed running through her body, part of it dripping out of her swollen pussy.

HODY pumps your body to overflowing with hot thick cum thrusting brutally till your cunt has squeezed out every drop. panting heavily he slows his thrust holding his cock inside of your hot hole for a few moment savoring the feel of it.

HODY places his hand at the back of your head kissing you hard shoving his tongue roughly into your mouth before pulling back. slowly slips his cock from the confines of her well stuffed cunt and moves back looking her over. wipes his soft cock off on her thigh and gives her tits a quick grope before slipping silently from the bed and grabbing his shirt.

Charly heares him getting dressed again, still breathing hard.

HODY heading for the door taking one looks back at that fine sweat soaked body knowing he would be back from more sooner than later.

That was pretty hot, I think.

But not enough. A fourth guy came through the door. This one was not a stranger. I fucked with him the day before actually, also through the “Use me for a quickie” group.

That wasn’t really the idea of that. The plan was to get fucked blindfolded by strangers, which I never saw nor know their names. Didn’t matter. He was horny, in need for a quick fuck and release. I had him using me too.

After he left I posted to the group:

/me takes of her blindfold as she doesn’t hear anybody in the room anymore. Stands up and walks to the door, hardly being able to walk as her pussy feels sore from being hammered, merciless used by 4 cocks in a row. Closes the door with a big smile on her face.

I think I will do this again. But next time in a busy hotel and posting this to the hotel group. See what happens 🙂

Here some screenshots of that morning:

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