The Noob and I …

My mission of the day was to do it again. What? Well, initiating a noob in Second Life Sex. I wrote about that in my last post.

But I think I next time went a bit over the top. Social island might not be the right place for that. Yes, I met a another virgin noob. But he was that noobish, that there was no way to get anywhere near to complete my mission.

First of all, I had to sort out his messed up avatar. He was apparently wearing two skins and two shapes, resulting in him having 4 hands. He looked horrible.

Then I showed him some places, where he discovered that we can actually dance in Second Life. He knew nothing. One week old and he didn’t know we have a currency in SL.

Ok, I tried the old trick:

“Want to see a nude beach maybe?”

Yes he wanted. Wait a minute. Does he have a cock actually. It would have looked funny otherwise. And he didn’t. Hence I got him one. Tped to a place called Sam’s Nude Beach.

What happened after, was probably the most effective turn off ever. He did not manage to get the thing right.

He was wearing the hud on his legs and was not able to get it right. Instead he was running around the region, whilst I was standing there, naked, provocative (see picture above for reference).

I have no idea why or what for. In addition he kept crashing every few minutes.

I gave up.

Btw: For those who are noobs themself, here sound advice from Caroline:  Stop acting like a noob.

And if you are not yet a Second Life resident, come and see me inworld:

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