Top Gun Role Play on the USS Nimitz in the Blake Sea

The ship you see on the featured image above is the USS Nimitz. Actually it is not an exact rebuild of the real USS Nimitz, but an aircraft carrier inspired by the USS Nimitz. Building a replica of a real aircraft carrier is hardly possible in Second Life as you would need a hell lot of prims and it would have a huge land impact.

Doesn’t matter: The Second Life Nimitz is a great build and transmit that feeling or immersion to actually be on a huge warship. It is based in a harbor of the famous blake sea in Second Life which resembles an US Navy base. The region borders on the Nautilus continent.

This gives people who love to simulate flights in SL a huge area to fly around: The blake sea in the east of the carrier, the entire Nautilus continent and as far north as the southern regions of the Corsica continent. I estimate at least 500 regions.

Here the official land description:

Feel free to rezz your aircraft and depart from here or land. Shop, hangar-rentals available. A group for all that like to be part of Navy Carrier Air Groups. Become a Navy Top Gun. Join our group. Take part at our mission. Join us in sim Terric – Blake Sea –

When I first got there yesterday, there was actually nobody else around. This is unusual for flying spots in Second Life. The airports I know are actually quit busy as aviation simulation in Second Life is a very popular activity – especially in the blake sea regions. I have seen days on the main blake sea airport ( Hollywood airport) when planes took off every 5 minutes. However there is a reason for the USS Nimitz being less busy at time, I will get to that a little later. I took advantage off being alone on the ship, great opportunity to have a look at everything and taking pictures without disturbing anybody. Off I went, and explored the inside of the ship, till I came to this door:


No entry! What a laugh! I am a woman and a journalist which makes me one of the most curious people in Second Life. For someone like me a sign like that reads: “Come in, this is the most interesting part of the ship!” Without hesitation, I entered the room which happens to be the commanders private quarters. The guy has taste, have a look:

USS Nimitz Blake Sea Second Life

USS Nimitz Blake Sea Second Life

After that I explored the rest of the ship and took the pictures you see here below this post. I also found some maps of the region and notecards describing flight routes. It looks like the do formation flights over the entire continent. Sounds fun to me, but I know from previous experiences as a passenger in an F15, that flying a jet is quite a challenge! Remember my post little bit of top gun?

This is the route described in one of the notecards:

Fly Plan for Green Patrol Name of the Patrol is Green Each pilot must carry his radio

The leader use ATC for take off (/4 bla bla bla) (example use Blue Leader, Blue 1, Blue 2, Blue 3, for communicate) with USS Nimitz radio (/3 bla bla bla) Fuel System ON Take off order : Blue Leader Catapult N° 3 Blue 1 Catapult N° 4 Blue 2 Catapult N° 5 Blue 3 Catapult N° 1 Altitude : 150m – once at 150m “click Auto Level” on your hud Power : 60 % Fying Formation : Route

Route: Ahabs Haunt USS NIMTIZ -> cap 0°/360° N Marmeduc -> cap 0°/360° N Swash -> Cap 270° W Spyglass -> Cap 0°/360° N Siracusa -> Cap 90° E Ziyad – > cap 0°/360° N Arezzo -> cap 270° W Dooknock -> cap 0°/360° N Merrs -> cap 270° W Dark Shadow -> cap 180° S Tashtego -> cap 270° W Red Snapper -> cap 180° S Sculpin -> cap 270° W Loomings -> cap 180° S Stove Boat Shallows -> cap90° E Elijah -> cap0°/360° N Looming -> cap 90° E Arezzo -> cap 180° S Ziyad -> cap 270° W Siracusa -> cap 180° S Blake Sea – Spyglass -> cap 270° W Albach -> cap 180° S Qomene -> cap 90° E Marmeduc -> cap 180° S the leader use ATC for landing (/4 bla bla bla) USS NIMITZ -> Landing

Landing order As long as the leader landing, the crew make a full turn, Impetueux, Terric Saint Romanieur, and so on in order of landing Blue Leader Blue 1 Blue 2 Blue 3

During the whole time I was actually in an IM conversation as well. You know, we girls have the ability of multi tasking. Yeah! I was talking to a guy who follows this blog since day one and reads each and every article as soon as published – a true fan, a groupie. We actually agreed on a date, but I tell you about this in another post, there is more to come. I finished my tour and stood on the deck when suddenly an officer approached me, asking if I need help and we embarked on a an interesting conversation.

USS Nimitz Blake Sea Second Life

Basically the region is some kind of role play area. Its not a story based regulated role play region, like the Gorean regions for example. Its more a simulation of life on an US Navy base. You can “be” a pilot, or play any other role in the port, such as a fireman, police, hospital staff or a waiter in the ports restaurants. Whatever takes your fancy and fits to the environment. So if you fancy some top gun role play – here is the taxi:

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  1. the reason why there isn’t many people playing is because we kinda moved in about February 2014 .. the owner of the ship got a new sim somewhere and i don’t remember where it is.. but that is the old sim/carrier.

  2. Wow I don’t remember when I subscribed to this… but I know this carrier well, I fly in and out of it very regularly.

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