It’s a Tough Job but Someone has Got to Do it

Some people are in Second life for one reason only: Virtual sex. Some of them have an extreme need for sex and everything they do, everything they think about is directly related to sex.

One of those people (and he freely admits it) is Uwe our investor in SLA Media. In fact sex is the reason he invested into our naughty machinima business. If we make a profit is secondary to him as long as his crave for getting into pretty girls is satisfied.

There are , of course, plenty of opportunities in the porn business to get into somebody’s pants. Castings are a typical one, almost a cliche, starring in a movie is the obvious and it should not be too difficult to get laid at a porn babe party either.

There is just one little problem being a start-up: It takes time to get things rolling. Just recently we started a campaign to find new models. So what are we doing in the meantime to keep an extremely horny investor happy?

Yep, its me and Cathy who got to do a job here.

It was a couple of days ago, he yet again wanted to have sex with me. I was so not in the mood (Yes, that does happen). I told him but it would not make a difference, he said. He would even be happy with me just spread my legs and let him just using me for a fuck even without any more participation from my side. I refused. I was tired and only interested in going to sleep.

The next morning when I came to the office he was already sitting at a desk, waiting for me. My desk actually. I have to help him, I thought, otherwise his balls will explode and I would have to take care of a huge mess in the office.

I sneaked in and put my „just out of the shower“ outfit on! A very sexy outfit.

„Hey, in the office that early?“I asked after sneaking behind him.

„Good morning Carol“, he replied, “I didn’t find anybody to take home last night at the Magic Angels. I was up all night, couldn’t find any sleep“.

Then he turned around, saw me and went: „Oh my god, you are so sexy in this. I am getting hard just looking at you!“

I winked at him and said: „Come, it is time to relax you a bit“.

I did not even care to go home. I did the job there and then in the middle of the office.

I have to admit: Shortly after getting on it I felt excited myself. The fact that it was in semi public and anytime somebody could have walked in was quite a turn on.

@Cathy, next time it’s your turn! Btw: We have to make him buy another cock. This VAW stuff is so yesterday!

One Month Later

No, I am not pregnant.

I haven’t seen Uwe much lately. I was busy anyway and our online times did not coincide. Hence on a Sunday morning I saw him online.

He was a bit concerned about our porn business not growing at the pace we originally anticipated. So far we made no revenues from the new site at all.

I explained, that things will take time. We need to increase our frequency of posting content and need to get more producers to actually work with us. It will come, but not as fast as we thought it would.

He said: “I trust you carol”, and added:

“In the beginning you said, I will have a lot of sex, more than I can take maybe”.
True. I was referring to castings with new porn models. A classic , isn’t it?

“We don’t have many applicants at the moment. Be patient that will come too and until it happens you still can have me every now and then”, I replied with cheek in tongue.

“Well, I have half an hour now, I may as well come and visit you for a quick and dirty”.

As I said before:

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

It was my turn again.


5 thoughts on “It’s a Tough Job but Someone has Got to Do it

  1. This is so odd but I don’t know if I should try this game. Would it still be good if you don’t want to do any of the 18+ rated stuff?

    1. SL is all kinds of things, not just sex! Also, it’s not really a ‘game’ per se, more of a virtual life with the avatar you create. In many aspects both real life and second life share similar aspects but here you can be free from all the burdens and restrictions that plague real world. You can explore to heart’s content and not be judged for it. Oh and there are lots of fun activities which aren’t 18+ Cheers

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