Twenty thousand leagues under the Sea

The secrets hidden under the surface of the ocean always fascinated people. Many tales and legends have their origin in what use to be an infinite mystery for us. As seen in my series „sailing around the world“ Second Life also offers many regions covered with water resembling little oceans. Have you ever wondered what can be found under the surface of those oceans?

Is it as simple as sand textured grid with no use whatsoever or is there actually something to discover? Something we haven`t even thought off as yet? What if there is something like a marine world out there, being totally ignored so far, at least by myself ?

Those of you who know me know, that I do not let pass much time between a thought and the correspoding action. Thought and done, I bought myself a submarine.

This really amazing vehicle is available on marketplace for as little as 2.499 Linden (one hour work for me). Check it out here:

It makes you feel somewhat like Captian Nemo in the classic science fiction novel of french writer Jules Verne, hence the headline of this post being twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

I rezzed the ship on my parcel in blake sea and off I went. At first the under water world of the blake sea , was what I expected it to be: dull and boring standard textured grid. But then I remembered a previous brief diving experience with Toni some time ago.

See this story here:

Some time ago? This is almost two years ago now. Time flies. Anyway back then mentioned a place called Fancis Deep, somewhere in the blake sea. Checking map, setting course. This submarine proofed to be the best vehicle I have ever tried. Very smooth movements, very fast and super easy to maneuver. Just on sim crossings it actually stops a couple of seconds to transfer those more than a hundred prims to the next server. Even though, the transport over to a new sim is much smoother than with any of other vehicles. This thingy even passes through obstacles.

Finally I reached my destination. The first thing I discovered was an ancient city. Immediately I thought of having discovered the mysterious city of Atlantis in Second Life. I decided to go deeper into those „stranger tides“.

I didn’t trust my eyes when I saw this:

Mermaids Dancing in the Sea
Mermaids Dancing in the Sea


Actually a mermaid and a merman dancing together in the water. I watched them quite a while until suddenly the mermaid did send me an IM.

We embarked on an interesting conversation. I learned that there is actually an active mermaid community in Second Life. Being of the curious kind I had lots of questions to ask her. The fact that she was German made it much easier, as German is my native tongue actually.

Most mermaids in Second Life see it as their lifestyle. A fantasy life similar to the furries or neko communities. Many ever leave the waters at all and are therefore not much in contact with regular residents. Sometimes however some of them do go on land where they grow legs. If you should ever meet one, you cant actually tell form their looks nor from their profile that you are talking to a mermaid. Most are rather withdrawn and shy, probably because of the fear of disapproval of their unusual lifestyle.

I invited her on board. This is actually what she looks like without her fish tail.

Mermaid in Second Life
Mermaid in Second Life

It didn’t take long till one of her sisters was swimming around the ship. Wow, two of those in one day after never having seen one in my entire Second Life. This one explained me a lot about what they actually do here in those waters. They run a group called “Safe waters association”, dedicated to preserve open water spaces in Second Life.

Here a more detailed article about this association:

The location where all this took place was incidentally just above the associations head quarters in Second Life. At this place you can get a lot of freebies for those who want to get in a life as a mermaid in the waters of Second Life.

We continued the trip from here. Just a little later, the next one! The two mermaids knew each other. Here I learned some mermaid language. “Tela” seems to be their typical greeting. Suddenly the ship was surrounded by another creator of sorts. Look like a dragon to me.

“Its a mermaid too, just a different race”, my passenger explained. Now that was a little creepy. But nothing actually happened. This dragon style mermaid followed us a while then left without saying a word.

Dragon Mermaid
Dragon Mermaid

Ok, four of those in a single day and I never knew about their existence!

A little later Del Fargis an old friend of mine joined us in the cockpit of my new submarine. The funny incident of the day was when we reached some under water temples. “These are temples in which the mermaids make love”.

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the blake sea
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the blake sea

Del inquired a bit anxious but interested: “Do mermaids have sex with normal men too?” I burst out laughing and said: “Del, seriously are you thinking about fucking a fish?”. Well he did not, he was more interested in getting close with me actually, which is what happend later that day actually.

See pics of us here:

The mermaid left us a little later and said she might visit me one day at my beach. I think I will be seeing the ocean in front of my home in a different light every time I look over those waters from now on.

Ok, readers! Did you ever meet a mermaid? Is that a fantasy you would consider?

Please leave your answers or stories in the comments please.




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  1. I met some mermaids some long time ago. I even purchased a full costume with the tails and all. It is indeed a world apart, peaceful with some codes. It was a nice experience. Thanks for showing us the undersea world!

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