Twitter-Dating with Jude Walter

For Second Life residents, twitter is a popular social media plattform for Second Life residents. There are thousands of profiles from avatars, and the officil Second Life twitter account has almost 40.000 followers.

Its a great way to stay up to date with what is happening in Second Life, at Linden Lab or your preferred In-World business, organization, group and its a great way to get to know other Second Life residents. Which is what I did the other day.

Jude Walter Tweet

He is one of my more than 1000 followers I have on twitter and a true fan of my blog. We had a bit of banter between him, me and Nemesis Grey about the picture during which I created the term „de-schwarzeneggernise“. I told him I would make him a better picture, and we decided to meet up In-World:

Dating Jude Walter

I met him at Tomulis Restaurant on the North Coast of Corsica, a place I often use for such appointments, meetings or even dates. Obviously he doesn’t need de-schwarzeneggernisation. In fact he is quit good looking avatar. We had a fun night out at Tomulis and talked about all sorts of things. He first came to Second Life, when it was just released. An early day resident – but he left shortly afterward to come back just two months ago. He really is still a noob, although he did not „feel“ noobish, if you know what I mean. Yes, there was some banter and flirting that evening, but nothing more happened and we decided to meet again though.

My followers on Twitter knew about it first:

Jude Walter Date

Next time we met, yesterday actually, we went to blake sea and wanted to explore the region with my little seaplane. It was a bad day for flying. For some strange reason, I crashed at each and every sim-crossing. I have no idea why. So we called it a day and voted for a day on the beach or better a night on the beach.

It had to happen there. We both knew that we fancied having sex with each other, without having to say anything. So it didn’t take  long and a dance on the beach turned into, what according to him, was his best sexperience ever in Second Life:

Sex on the Beach in Second Life

If you wonder which hud I was using here

This is the Seduction Hud. A great hud with dancing and hug animations which are a great start if you have seduction in mind. Best about it is the animations flow very realistic from one into another, which makes it one of my favourite sex huds. You can buy it on marketplace, simply search for “Seduction Sex Hud”.

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