Two Shots in one Day: Sex in Public Bathrooms & Sex on the Beach

I learned from previous experiences that the easiest way to sell 3DXchat subscriptions is to actually sleep with potential clients.

If you want to know more about 3dxchat, find out here:

Yes, I am that sort of bitch!

In addition I am very! promiscuous anyway. Hence it makes perfect sense to combine sexy fun with the job. I wrote about how it actually works in previous posts.

Today I tried something new.

Instead of finding ONE potential customer, I went for TWO. Increasing the lead flow. That is how we call that in sales.

First one: Sex in a Public Bathroom

I actually logged in here. It was the last place I was when I researched for my top 10 places for sex article.

And I was lucky.

In front of me stood a very good looking guy having a shower.

Sex in a Public Bathroom
Sex in a Public Bathroom

Here the encounter (shortened).

Me: Hi very nice body 🙂
He: /me grins at her. Thank you,  mmmm… as is yours is gorgeous.
/me lets his eyes roam over her body.. slowly. Care to join me :)?

Me /me walks towards the shower, letting at first the water caress her naked skin.

Sex in a Public Bathroom
Sex in a Public Bathroom

He: /me runs his hands over her wet naked skin. Hmmmm. but you have a lovely body

Me /me smiles and looks down at his big cock.  /me moves down without shyness and without hesitations takes his cock in her hand and starts massaging it slowly up and down.

Sex in a Public Bathroom
Sex in a Public Bathroom

He: /me grins down at her… “well.. you have it in hand”.

Me /me feels it growing in her hand, getting very aroused seeing it getting hard looks up at He: smiling and says: “I just woke him up I think”.

He: “mmmmmm… so you have … and now .. what to do with He:? hhmm?

Me: /me starts wanking He: faster, winks and aks: “What do you want me to fo with it?”

He: /me grins  back at her…  ” why don’t you put the sweet sexy mouth to work on it ?  hmmm?

Me /me take it in her mouth in between stroking, massaging its head with her tongue in small circles firmly enclosing it with her wet lips. “Hmmm nice and clean”.

Blowjob in a Public Bathroom
Blowjob in a Public Bathroom

He: /me lets out a slight gasp as her warm wet mouth engulfs his cock. Mmmmmm.. that’s it gorgeous .. suck it ..

Me: /me lets it slide through her lipps faster, sucking on it with passion, moaning as she feels getting her pussy swollen and dripping. ((hard in real too?))

He: He can feel his cock stiffening as she sucks .his cock… the head swelling .. making the skin on the head of his cock tight as a drum

Me: /me as she sucks his hard and swollen cock, she imagines geting this cock in her warm pussy

He: “Yea gorgeous…. make it nice and hard to fuck that sweet pussy of yours “

/me pulse is pounding now… he can’t wait anymore and pushes her to the floor.

Me: /me moans out loud disregarding all the other people as he penetrates her hard.

Blowjob in a Public Bathroom
Blowjob in a Public Bathroom

He: he moves between her legs… putting the head of his stiff cock to her pussy… he pushes…. entering her …. and he begins fucking her … making sure to pin her arms above her.

Me: /me cries out at every stroke he makes letting herself loose in her desire and passion

He: He can feel her pussy stretch open for her as he pushes deeper into her pussy. He takes long deep strokes…. enjoying the feel of her pussy stretched tightly around his cock.

Me: Just fuck me deep and hard that’s what i need

He: He begins to fuck her harder…. pumping his hips…. letting his weight drivie his cock deep with each hard thrust.

Me /me shivers in anticipation of her climax, breathes faster. Oh my god I am almost there fuck meeee.

He: With each thrust he slaps hard into her red and swollen pussy…..  the sounds is loud in the tiled room. Pumps his hips harder … using her pussy now… just needing to fuck the gorgeous pussy.

Me: Yes use me to cum, cum in me!

He: He feels her cum under He: before she says anything ..and he slams hard into her pussy.

Me /me her body shivers, her pussy almost aching as he slams into her after her climax

Yes want you to cum too, fill that pussy up , use me

He: He can feel her pussy flood his cock and it pushes He: over the edge…. his cock spasms and he slams hard into her pussy .. grinding .. pushing … has he cums deep in her pussy.

He: ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkk

Me ((real too?))

Me: That was nice 🙂

He: Thank you for the sexy RP 🙂 I enjoyed it 🙂

Me:Do you know 3dxchat?

He: I do not.

Me: 3dx is my prefered sex game, much better than sl in that respect. It is basically the same principle as sl but very much focused on sex. Everything else is better in sl, but a sthe game is made for sex animations and such are sooo  realistic. And the cock always fits haha.

Sex in a Public Bathroom
Sex in a Public Bathroom

He: lol. He: how does one get started in it?

Me: I work actually in sl for the company who promotes it

He: A spy!

Me: Oh that’s easy just register, download viewer and off you go, but its not free, there is a subscription fee which includes all content and even a small sim.

He: So my gorgeous sex spy…. have a url?

Me: Sure.
I am there too and helping noobs to get started

Me: There are some pics of me in there and a landmark to the showroom

Second Life: You have offered friendship to Sayer Thirroul

He: SL LM?

Me: Yes, there is a showroom for that.

He: What does it cost for a decent body?

Me: It is all included in the monthly fee, no need to buy anything. Body, skin, parcel, cloth all included. Not like other games where everything costs extra.

He: Trial ?

Me: Unfortunately not. My boss caroline is fighting with the company for that for months haha

He: The monthly fee?

Me: Yeah, i took the monthly thing first to try then upgraded. That’s only 20 US

He: Ahh. ok.. we’ll see 🙂

Me: Wow, 11 years in Second Life. You must have seen it all haha. You must have had a lot of girls too, hope I was good enough to match them.

He: Can i mention your name so you get credit if i do this. You were fantastic 🙂

Me:  No need for that. If you use the link I gave you it gets automatically credited to me. The number at the end is my staff number.

He: Good thing you said that.

Me: I would show you around and explain how stuff works, which is actually my job. The idea is to make sure the new people don’t get frustrated at the beginning and leave again. Oh god I remember when i was a noob in sl, was kinda hard to find my way around.

He: ahhh.. i remember how cool we thought we looked

Me: Oh yeah. That was embarrassing haha

He: lol. Ok.. way past  my bedtime.

Me: Ok, once you registered tell me your user name.

He: If it was earlier in the evening.. i would not have let you off so easily <wink>

Me /me giggles.

Ok, this one is a sure sale. Not yet closed but that comes next time.

Second One: Sex on the Beach

The second one was actually more difficult to close because of technical problems.

Or shall I say political problems?

As it happens he is actually temporary in Turkey. For those of you who don’t know:

Turkey is currently governed by a full scale asshole called Erogan. This arrogant bastard believes that everybody in the country should obey to the conservative rules of his religion. Yes, not the law, his religion.

He had the audacity to actually bann a good amount of websites of adult nature in the entire country, just because they do not comply with muslim religious standards of ethics and morals.

One of those sites is 3DXchat. Our Product.

I don’t know how you call that. I call it dictatorship, religious censorship and breaching the right of individual freedom.

But let’s see how this went.

I was on a place called Secret Beach. Also a place I mentioned in my article about the most popular sex places in Second Life. A new acquaintance I briefly met at Orgasms the other day did IM me.

He was sitting all alone  somewhere in a bar he said. I did invite him over, telling him I am alone too but on a very pretty beach.

He came. After a quite a bit of small talk, about places we like, our common passion for sailing and the balke sea, crashes and graphic cards  and other stuff, he finally got a bit more touchy:

He: I m glad finally we have  some  time to spend together.

/me rubs her back softly while moving his hand on her thighs.

Me: /me reaches to here back and opens her top, lets it slide down to the ground.

Sex on the Beach
Sex on the Beach

He: /his eyes follows her bra till it drops on the floor then stares at her brast. leans forward slowly and starts kissing around her nipples.

Me: /me sighs and caresses his chest with her fingertips, barely touching it like a breezes of wind.

He: /me takes her nipple between his already wet lips and sucks it slowly while his tongue tip s playing inside his mouth.

Me: /me caresses the inner side of his tights, grinds a little with her hips to feel his cock.

Sex on the Beach
Sex on the Beach

/me smiles, lest here hand slide down his body till she reaches his pants opens them and lets her hand slide into it.

He: /me moves his hand between her legs and starts touching her slowly over her panties

me looks at her, then kisses her lovely lips while she is grabbing his cock.

Me: /me reaches for his cock and takes it out of his pants, starts rubbing it up and down feeling how it grows in her hand.

/me looks inhis eyes smiling and says: “You like that?”

He: Grabs her asscheeks and squeezes them while she s rubbing his hard cock. Bites her lower lip and answer ” I love it “. Moves one hand between her legs and rubs her pussy over her tiny panties.

Me: /me opens her bikini panty and quickly removes it

He: /me rubs her bare pussy lips and sais: “you r so wet ..” Lays her on back and sucks her nipples while taking off his pajamas.

Me: /yeah, and so horny, come take me i need to be fucked.

He: /me rubs her soaking pussy lips harder and fingers her

Me: /me lets his cock slide into her, maons out loud as she feels it , starts grinding in circles.

Sex on the Beach
Sex on the Beach

He: /me feels her tight pussy is taking his huge cock in, bites his own lips as he feels how tight she is. “Take it deeper Jess”.

Me: yeees

He: /me grabs her butts and presses on them to penetrate his cock deeper.

Me: /me rides him fast and wild, screaming out everytime he penetrates her deeply.

He: /me holds her arms and starts pounding her harder … feels her juices running down over his balls.

Me: Yeees turn me around have me on my back and hammer me hard.

Sex on the Beach
Sex on the Beach

He: yess baby.  /me grabs her sides and hums her her harder and deeper. Spreads her asscheeks spits on her asshole and rubs it slowly while fucking her soaking pussy deeply.

This went on like this for quite a while. Of course I made him cum in me eventually. He surely did cum in real as well. Actually after myself.

Then I continued the chat sitting in the afterglow on his lap:

Sex on the Beach
Sex on the Beach

Me: We must try this in 3dx one day too

He: Of course

Me: you have an account there?

He: I haven’t try it before

Me: well, the nice thing about it is that you never need to adjust poses, everything fits in perfectly

He: lol I ll have an account then. Did i give you the link?

He: nope


make sure you use exactly this link, the number at the end is my staff number, this entitles you to VIP customer support.

The link didn’t work. I tried each and every way for him to access the site. Even took him to the showroom to try the links there.


Then he said:

“Maybe it’s because of the region I am in”.

Then we found out what the problem was. He is in Turkey. Erdogan does not want a free person to decide, whether or not he can play an online sex game.

He wants it. And he desires to have sex with me in 3DXChat too. But for that we have to wait until he leaves Turkey again. Hopefully soon.

Until then we will go sailing together sometimes. At least we have another common hobby. He actually has got a Yacht called Bandit 60. The best that there is in Second Life. That’s gonna be fun.

That was it for today.

Maybe next time I try three in role.

If you want to know more about 3dxchat, find out here:

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