I am Ugly!

I am Ugly!

Today I went to the second landmark somebody gave me yesterday at Help Island. A place called “Dance Island”. As the name suggests it’s a ..guess what? Yes a dance club. In fact it is one of the oldest dance clubs in Second Life. Their welcome notecard explains it best:

DANCE ISLAND is one of the oldest and largest party zones in SL. We have about 60 performing dj’s spinning TRANCE, DANCE, HOUSE and TECHNO almost 24/24. Enjoy the party!!!

Here the Slurl:

Of course I landed in a shopping mall. For those who don’t know: most clubs are actually financed by renting out shops in those malls. That’s the business model in fact. You don’t pay entrance fee at those clubs, everything is for free and the owner pays the land, the building, the music stream, DJs and so on.

He provides all that content free of charge to you. He is making the money on rentals of the shops. So if you land in a shopping mall when you actually want to go to a club, don’t be angry or annoyed, without those shops this clubs could not survive.

I already mentioned to you that Caroline is an ALT, created specifically for this project: The noob blog. Remember, I am travelling Second Life with no money, no friends and no landmarks, just like a regular noob.

On my “other me” I am actually used to one thing when I go to a dance place, music club or the likes: on arrival I get bombarded with IM’s from Guys that find my avatar attractive. I have to admit she is drop dead gorgeous. In fact it can get very annoying at times when the place has not even rezed properly and you get hit on from numerous guys.

It did not happen at Dance Island. At first I thought: “What’s happening here, did I end up in a gay club of sorts?” . No, I did not. Then I looked around and saw the place not being very busy, so I made the lack of people responsible for it. So I started dancing in chilly slow way and had a look around , I even attempted to be funny in open chat.

Hardly any reaction!

Then I realized what’s happening:

I am just friggin ugly.

My avatar is one of the freebies you get at the door and it shows. My little freebie mini dress doesn’t help much either. All of a sudden, I started to miss those approaches, I am so used to and to which I commonly answer rather reserved. If this is to continue like this, Caroline will stay a virtual Virgin for a long time, I suspect. Don’t get me wrong: I wasn’t after sex actually, but you know, I am not a saint either ( /me blushes).

Finally I got into a conversation with an Argentinean guy, all in Spanish (hint: yes, I do speak Spanish too). He quickly realized I am not a noob and I explained him what am I doing with a brand new avatar. He actually liked the idea but asked how comes that I do not know were to get some decent freebies? – “I am a snob”, I answered, “With my other avatar I just go to a shop, out comes the credit card and I buy what I like – dead easy, no need for freebies.”

He laughed and said, he would give me some landmarks to good shops, which give out quality freebies if you subscribe to their Group. This is a very common method of advertising in Second Life, the groups function as mailing lists and the freebies are a way to get potential customers to subscribe to them. So great, got 7 Landmarks and a free mini dress from him, as he figured that the one I wearing is not exactly of good quality (smart ass I knew that, but thanks for the gift anyway).

So of I went on a little freebie-shopping trip, but that’s another story for the next blog post.



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    Gekko Kamen 2 years

    Lol Caroline. I also speak Spanish and Italian. It sounds funny but my avi was built from top to bottom by girls in SL. What you saw the other day at the Ads place is what my lady friends wanted me to look like. I don’t know how I became a smooth talker (or should I say writer) that I spent hours with ladies my first months in SL and they shaped me up.

    After sometime I made a girlfriend and when we wanted to have SL love I asked one of my lady friends, she gave me the necessary parts (penis and HUD) and she got her boyfriend to show me how to use it. It was weird cause the guy is Latin American too, so it was kind of embarrassing for a man to be telling another how to use his pecker. My lady friend wasn’t going to teach me either, she was my Queen at a Vamp Clan.

    So there I was, ready to meet my SL girlfriend for a romantic night. She is from eastern Europe and we had a crush on each other few days from our rez days. We met at a public island we went to a lot (not there anymore) and we made love all over a gazebo, on the rugs, in the couches… We were vamps (from different clans) and we bit each other… It was all very sexy. Then we discovered many places in SL where we could make love without having to have our own place.

    After sometime she had problems in RL and stopped showing up. I met many more ladies who wanted to screw Gekko and give him things mostly, sometimes money. That is my sex story in SL. I keep in touch with the lady who was my gf using Facebook messenger, but we haven’t seen each other in SL since 2012. I got separated, left my RL wife and haven’t had time to mess around in SL. Hope to hear from you.

    I won’t need your escort services. I am more the silly romantic kind of guy. But I enjoyed your company on Dec 25th and find your experience with this project most interesting.

    A big kiss from Venezuela.


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