Undercover: Incest Families in Second Life – Meeting Leslie Snow and Agi Hedone

It seems to me nobody in the Hedone family group (other than Jordie) gives a fuck how their avatars look. I just met two more these days and again: No mesh, freebie skins and shapes.

I suspect the reason for creating that group was that they otherwise can’t get laid. Or maybe that incest fantasy is enough to turn them on. No need for sex looking avatars.

I met Agi Hedone, Rudolf’s sister in law and Leslie Snow, apparently a college friend of Rudi junior.

The later was looking very youngish. If I wouldn#t have been told differently, I would have guessed him maybe 16 (profile clearly says 18+ in both lives). Ok, if you say so! To me doesn’t matter much as 16 would be the legal age of consent in my country.


Leslie Snow Hedone Family Ageplay_04
Leslie Snow


We sat in the living room, when they introduced themselves to me. After a bit of chit chat. I asked a question I have had in mind for some time:

“Well I know this is a sexually very open family. But is there some kind of code or some kind of process or rule how to initiate sex with somebody in the group? Or you just go ahead and do it when you meet?”

Agi replied:

“Oh no, we are very easy going in the matter. I know Leslies big cock already. Want to see it as well`Leslie, take your pants off and show us your cock.”

She started to undress until she was wearing just a bit of lingerie and added:

“Come on Leslie Auntie Agi needs your cock in her pussy.”

Ok, I got the message. When you want it, you just say so.

Leslie Snow Hedone Family Ageplay_04
Agi getting ready to fuck


Leslie however was a bit shy or intimidated in my presence. He wanted both of us being naked before he would undress. Well, not a problem for me. I took off my dress and sat their only in my boots on the sofa.

I hardly ever wear panties under this dress.

He was excited about me. He could not get his eyes of my body, started to shiver a little. Finally he took of his cloth, still a bit nervous.

Yes, Agi had not exaggerated. He had a big one and already hard at that moment (a freebie one of course).

Leslie Snow Hedone Family Ageplay_04
Leslie drops his cloth showing off his freebie cock.


“ Come let’s go to bed Leslie. I want you to fuck me, auntie Charly will watch, then she sees how things work here in the family.”

Agi suggested. So we did, I sat there on the bed where the two had oral sex at first.

Watching Leslie Snow and Agi Hedone
Watching Leslie Snow and Agi Hedone

Then Agi suggested:

“Charly come on, join us!”

I did. Here is how it went in pictures. Agai with not much roleplay involved but a lot of dirty talk. Most of the time he fucked Agi. But he did cum when he was shortly fucking me from behind. He must have been very eager and excited to fuck me. Took him just a few minutes to finish in my pussy.


Once finished, leslie asked for my number. He would love to meet me again alone. I knew he fancied me very much.

I agreed:

“When you see me online and you are horny, just send me a message and I let you use my pussy.”

To be continued!


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