Undercover: Incest Families in Second Life

He wasn’t really my type.

System Avatar, no mesh, freebie skin and a basic shape. His command of the English language was very limited and he probably never heard of role play techniques (such as emoting).

I let him fuck me anyway.


To make my cover more credible.

Let me go back a few steps. I headed once more to that place called “Grandma’s Dirty Kitchen”. The idea was to make some screenshots for an article. The place is really very well designed and deserve some attention

This is how it looks like:

Garden of Grandma's Dirty Kitchen
Garden of Grandma’s Dirty Kitchen


Suddenly this guy approached me. He complimented me on my good looking mature avatar and invited me to come to his house. He would like to introduce me to his family.

Ok, I thought, that is an unusual approach. I kinda smelled a story. Me, being of the curious kind, followed his invitation and seconds later I landed somewhere above the mainland in a skybox.

It contained a short street and a small house. You know, the typical residential family home. At first sight nothing unusual. I entered the door and found this:


The last one of the rules I found particular funny.

A secret?
Yeah sure!
He shows a blogger a secret.

I had a look around the premises. Not to bad, nothing special either. Basically a prefabricated house you get on marketplace for little money. Nicely furnished though. Sex furniture in every room, as well as explicit pictures.

See yourself:


I checked the group. about 30 people are members of that family. All with their specific tags:

  • Dad
  • Stepmom
  • Ex-Wife
  • Son
  • Swinger Friends
  • Cousin
  • College Friends of the Son

I know where this was going, and you know as well.

Certainly stuff for some interesting stories and articles. Undercover research – loving it! I deleted my blog from my profile of course.

I agreed. Joined the group as one of his cousins. He is actually the father of that family.

There comes a risky part: The guy I met last time at Grandma’s Dirty Kitchen, also is a member of the same group and apparently a good friend of the house. He might spoil my cover. So gotta be careful.

No risk no fun!

It was then when he took me on his lap and started to caress my pussy (I don’t wear panties with that specific outfit).


“Come let’s go upstairs in my wife’s bedroom”, he suggested.

It was ok. Not my best fuck so far, but at least the bed had some very hot animations. I am now a credible member of the family. He wants to introduce me to all the others as soon as possible.


He was particularly going about his son. Apparently the young man enjoys the company of older women.

I keep you posted. But shhhhh, it’s a secret!


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