An Unexpected Trip to Sansara

Some guys are really strange. I was standing at a pet shop in Second Life looking at ride-able horses, when this guy rezzed in the shop almost right in front of me. I asked him: „Hey looking for a pet too?“ He went: „No, its you I am looking for, I tracked you on the BD-Sassy tracker“. For those who don´t know: that is a tracking system for a capture and rape role play system.

OK, here we go again, I thought. Now I will get captured, brought somewhere and fucked. But that did not happen. The guy started a normal conversation like those you might have in a club or on a beach. Such as were I come from and other small talk. However he did not have a very good command of the English language (being Turkish) which made communication a bit difficult. But we managed.

„You want horse free?“

I still was a bit skeptical what he is into, but I agreed to TP to another place. That’s were a horse seller offers a free demo of one of his horses. The way it works is, you get a demo version which self-deletes itself after 5 times using it. Most of the time those horses are wearable, so no need for rezing permissions.

Then he TP-ed me to another place. So I ended up somewhere on the Sansara continent riding a virtual horse through those huge winter landscapes in a Sansara night. Well, that was on my to do list anyway. Originally the plan was discovering it by plane but a horse does the job too.

Winter on Sansara Continent

In continuation we actually went skiing too:

Skiing in Sansara

until he suddenly said:

“Wear Bikini!”

I knew this was not an order but sounded like one merely due to his very limited command of the English language. I asked : “You take me to a beach now?”

“Is surprise, you wear Bikini”

OK, surely he takes me now to a adult place to have his way with me. Boy was I wrong. He actually TP-ed on a cliff on a beautiful nature sim.

“You jump”.

Said and done. He gave me a little push and I fell of the cliff. I had just about enough time to switch on my swimming hud and then found myself swimming between ride-able orcas. Not a super exciting activity, but nice enough scenery for this shot:

Swimming with Orcas

Then he left saying: “Need go real life, meet again?”

I added him to the friends list. Maybe I should get an English – Turkish translater?

You know what? I suspect he doesn’t actually know what that tracker is made for. Maybe he thinks its some kind of friend-finder!

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