User Made Locations in 3DXChat

It has been over a year now since 3DXChat released their “World Editor”. The World Editor is basically a editing tool which allows you to edit your home location in 3DXChat.

Official trailer of the 3DXChat World Editor:

At the time only a few users where actually building stuff. That apparently changed quite dramatically. Quite a few people became creative and started to build their own locations.

Just like in Second Life, you see bars, music clubs, nice homes, dance clubs, beaches and more. All of them very sex centered of course. That is the nature of an online sex game like 3DXChat.

Your own land or “world” as it is called, is the place where you can build basically anything you want. It is actually very similar to the Second Life building tool.

The land you need to build something on, is included in your subscription fee. Unlike Second Life there is no need to rent or buy land.

It seems unlimited. I have not seen any size or prim restrictions yet, as we know it from Second Life.

There is one big difference between “Your World” in 3DXChat and a parcel or region in Second Life:

3DXChat user worlds are online accessible to other users when the owner is actually online. In Second Life your parcel stays “live” when you are not logged into Second Life, so other users may actually visit it (unless you restricted access).

Hence instead of hopping from one dead SIM in Second Life to another, all the accessible user parcels, shown under locations, are typically rather busy. Of course, the owner needs to give access to the public first.

Today I decided to have a look at some user generated locations. I was curious what other players have been building.

I was pleasantly surprised.

There were about 20 user worlds available when I logged in. Yes, not that many I know. But almost all of the where more or less busy. One actually had 70 visitors at the time.

I visited a few and took some pics.

The Hotel

You know that I am sort of fond of hotels. When I saw a hotel in the available locations list, I had to visit:

The Plane

Somebody did build an amazing plane for sex in the sky.

Gang Bang and Orgy House

This was a very busy place. It was declared as COLDS-OK. That basically meens one can send a spontanous partner request to have sex with anyone.

I walked through the garden when this German guy, suddenly grabbed me. He kissed me and dragged me to a nearby bed. There he made me ride his cock and afterwards fucked me hard and fast from behind until he did cum in me.

The Hellcum

The Hellcum

This one was weird. It looked like some kind of satanic church. Again I recieved a “cold invitation”. Why not, I thought. None of us said a word, or emoted anything. Just a pure, hot, zipless fuck

The Breakfast Party

A place where a group of Germans meet up for some morning fun. I was inspecting the different rooms of the building, when I noticed a guy is followed me.

Ok,  I had an idea why he followed me. I deceided to do him as well. This time was not just a quick, emotless zipless fuck. This time was different. Despite of him being relativelly new to the game and online games in general, he was a very good emoter.

Enough for today. Got fucked three times just by doing some research. Makes me actually want to explore some more of thoses destinations next time.

Lets see how many I can make cum in a few hours. That would be a fun challange.

Anybody want to accompany with me exploring user made destinations in 3DXchat?

Anybody in the mood to come(cum) with me?

Just dropp your user name in the comments below, togheter with your online times and favorite destination in 3DXChat. I will watch out for you.

3 thoughts on “User Made Locations in 3DXChat

  1. I just signed up for 3DXChat thanks to your posts – still getting used to it, and exploring the different locations so I don’t have a favorite spot yet. My in-game name is Kreios.

    1. Hi Kreios,

      Thanks for joining. If you want we can meet up ingame and I show you how it all works. Maybe you need a bit of coaching.
      Did you have some sexy fun already? I can give you some practical advise on that too.

      As for events and news at the Mansion: We are planning to include that in our email newsletter soon. If you are also a Second Life user, you might want to join the group “Caroline’s Mansion” and recieve notices about events.



      1. I haven’t engaged in any sexy time yet – I’ve been a voyeur while visiting some of the shared spots though. What is the best way to find people in the game?

        I am in SL, and am in your 3DX group and the mansion group.

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