Who are you in Second Life?

I found via twitter yet another thoughtful post from webspelunker, raising the question who we are in Second Life. He differentiates between people who are very much the same in Sl as they are in RL and people who see the purpose of Second Life in the possibility to be somebody completely different.

Please read the article here:

Philip Rosedale (The inventor of Second Life and founder of Linden Lap) made a speech a couple of years ago, about this very topic. He basically suggests, that our virtual identity is a better representation of who we are in our mind, because in SL we reinvent ourselves without the typical physical, legal and social restrictions of RL, We do this regardless of consciously  making this decision or not – it just happens!

This is called “The Proteus Effect”


He further suggests, that our virtual identity changes and develops over time, because we are disposed to inworld experiences and the ever changing virtual environment as such.

Please see the video here:

I am 7 years now in SL, and created and developed several in-world representations. Now here comes something which might sound somewhat weird: I am somebody different, when I log into SL with a different (developed!) avatar. I dont count the technical avatars or the avatars created for the sole purpose of roleplay. I exist three times in Second Life and each of my three virtual personalities is a bit different.

This gives the term multiple personality a whole different dimension, doesn’t it?

Please discuss …


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  1. Reinventing yourself three times in Second Life is relatively easy. The Challenge is reinventing yourself to exist in multiple realities. I live in Second Life, and IMVU. And of course the default world. A friend and I had a similar discussion once. I told her I am “multiple Joeys”. She is still wrapping her head around that one.

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