A visit at BBF – Chapter 4: The training

Dear Caroline’s Readers,

this time I will bring you to a world some of you might find rather extreme, a particular form of BDSM I am experiencing since a few months: pony play. I will not say I am an expert, I am just having fun and would like to share this with you.

I have started a little diary and what will follow here is the fourth chapter of my adventures at BBF ranch. You might find easier to read the three first chapter on my own blog: Catherine’s SecondLife Secret Diary

This story takes place at BBF: Bridled by Force Ponygirl Ranch

I woke up the next morning in a stall, my stall actually … I was even surprised how I managed to actually sleep with the tack on. I had probably one of my worst night, all my body was aching: the leather belts of the harness bit my skin, my jaws were sore of the bits stuffed in my mouth, my shoulder joints were painful of being pulled backwards by the arms binder and my finally I could not feel my feet anymore as they tightened the straps of the boots too much.


The stall itself was very tiny and off course no beds … let’s not forget they see me as a pony: Renneville himself, the owner of the estate, reminded me this fact roughly yesterday. The floor was covered by straw, I had some water available in a manger and this is all I had in my “bedroom”. As far as I could hear, I was alone in the barn, the other stalls I could see were empty. I tried to raise, and believe me, in those crazy hoof-boots this is a challenge. I finally managed to stand and to keep my balance. I was actually alone in the barn and I was starving. I gathered my thought on the options I had, because let’s be honest, there is no way I will let them turn me into a pony or whatever pet … I realised how stupid I was just to come into the island.

I was lost in my thought when I heard the typical sound of the heavy door of the barn sliding open and then shut. I heard the footsteps of someone approaching: I shivered when I recognised Honey. She stopped by my stall and took a long minute to observe me, not saying a word. I felt really awkward, I had again this sensation I was a horse at an auction or something.


-“Nice to see you finally woke up Emily! Still you seem tired … But Emily can understand that: Honey’s first nights in a tack were hard too… It will take some time before you have a proper night.” she said speaking as usual of herself at the third person … it sounded so odd.

Emily … She continued to call me that silly name they gave me with Renneville… As if their intention was to strip me from my identity too! Honey finally opened the door of the stall. And I could not even argue with her … they prevented me to speak with those crazy bits which were hurting my lips and mouth.

-“Come out Emily! Honey has to train you… And you have a lot to learn believe me!” She added with a smirk.

I walked out and nearly fell … It’s quitte impossible to walk with these hoof boots on. I could see the way Honey looked at me, it was so humiliating, I was not even more able to walk properly. Honey pointed out on a plate studded on the top of the stall, I lifted my head to read the name “Emily” was engraved.


-“This is your new home Emily, this stall is now yours … you will learn to like it, you will see!” said Honey. “After a long day of training, you will be craving to rest in your stall”. All these humiliations were fuel for my anger and my hate toward Renneville. Soon or late I will have my vengeance!

-“First thing Honey has to teach you Emily is to walk in these boots … you will have to break them and it will not be easy, you can rely on Honey for this. There is only one method … walk and walk again, until you do not have to think about them, until they become as comfortable as a pair of slippers … it will take time, a lot of time, so be patient!” said Honey taking a teacher tone as if I was dumb.

She made a few steps backward in the barn and stretched her arms to me.

-“Ok, now come to Honey will you?” she said encouraging me. I felt so stupid, so vulnerable … even a young child would walk with more insurance than me. I did a few steps and managed to keep my balance, Honey looked at me, motioning to me to come by … I did a few more steps and suddenly my left foot slipped and I fell hardly on my bottom, crashing my tail under me. I squealed … unable to make much noise with the bits stuffed tightly in my mouth.


Honey came to me and helped me to raise again. She looked concerned.

-“It’s ok dear … you will fall a lot, this is normal. Take it step by step, do not try to go too quickly, pause and find your balance again when you feel you will fall …. ok?” she enquired. I nodded with a frown to show her my exasperation. “Ho no no no …. don’t look at Honey like that, Honey is here to help you …and … a pony does not nod … it stomps!” she added with a smile. I gave her a questioning look and she smiled again. “If you stomp one time it means yes … if you stomp two times, it means no … you understand?” I shook my head defiantly. She narrow-eyed me and shot a heavy spank on my bottom … the pain was so intense. “Do not resist Honey!” she added with a threatening tone. “Understood?” … This time I stomped one time. “Good girl!” she said humiliating me even more.

-“Honey does not know a better exercise than … doing a tour of the estate… Honey is not saying you will enjoy it, but it will make you practising … on the way up and down. You will get the skill in no time” she added with a bright smile. She actually believed what she was saying. I was amazed and shocked at the same time. She did not let me time to think and went to the door of the barn that she slid open. “Come out now Emily!”

I very cautiously moved to her, taking care of each step, ensuring the floor was not too slippery, and very slowly I managed to reach Honey.

-“You see, it’s not that difficult … you are managing this very well!” complimented Honey. And here I was, outside and nearly naked in this ridiculous outfit made to humiliate and submit me. I remembered the day before when I set foot on the island and when I came into Honey driving a cart pulled by another girl in the same kind of outfit … I was wondering then how Darla (it is the name of the ponygirl) was feeling: I knew at this time exactly how she probably felt then: vulnerable and broken.

Honey led the way, motioning me to follow her. I was very stressed, walking behind her, I feared that I would fall again and endure the same unbearable pain, and I feared we might run into someone too, someone who would become a witness of my misery. I don’t know what was my deepest fear, but what actually happened is that I fell again hardly on the floor, bringing tears of pain. I definitely hated them, this was simply torture they were inflicting to the girls here. Honey sighed and calmly helped me on my feet again. She gave me a little encouraging push to make me resume my walk and led the way again. I followed very slowly, focusing on my moves, the pavement, a little twig on the floor, anything could make me fall again. We walked through the long tunnel under the mountain that leads to the lake, and before I reached its end I fell so many time that I forgot the exact count. My whole body was aching and my buttocks in particular. Honey patiently wait for me, helped me each time I fell to raise and encouraged me… at least she was patient if her only quality.


-“You are making progress, the more we walk, the more distance you can go without falling Emily, this is really good!” she said enthusiastic. “We will arrive soon at the training field, Honey will introduce you to some of your congeners.” By the time we arrived there I fell maybe ten times and was exhausted by the exercise and the deep pain. Honey helped along wooden stairs up to the field where the others were training … a fall here would have been fatal and Honey knew it … at no time she let me alone and I arrived safe upstairs.

As soon as we arrived, the two ponygirls approached me and Honey. One of them, I recognized her, was Darla, the other was introduced to me as Zaara … I had no doubt these were not their real names as Honey introduced me as Emily to them … They wore similar outfits to mine, although Darla wore a more conservative one, or let’s say a more covering one. They mimicked horses sounds and noises with their mouth, it was simply amazing and Honey seemed to find this normal. I guessed it was a sort of welcoming ritual and I just nodded to each of them to say hello in the most civilized way I could manage with the tack on.


Honey gave a few instructions to Darla to continue on her training and reached out to Zaara and installed a lead on her head harness.

-“It’s time for you to go back to your stall Zaara” said Honey pulling on the lead. “Darla, come back to the barn when you are done” she ordered. Darla simply stomped … I was amazed by her docility, it probably represented the target that Honey had in mind with me, but I promised myself she would fail in the process. “Come Emily, Honey will help you downstairs” she addressed me. I was this time happy to comply with the order, having no intention to use those stairs without her help. Once downstairs, she took the lead of Zaara and led the way … I did not know if it was intentional, but her pace was significantly quicker and inevitably I fell again … and again … and again. But now that we were with Zaara, she let me raise alone, it was definitely very complicated with my arms bound behind me,after each fall it took ages for me to resume my walk … and sometimes I fell just a few steps after raising. I was becoming more and more desperate, I could nearly not feel my feet … and  my bottom was just a big red painful and horrendous centre of pain. As stupid as it could sound, I was starting to get jealous of the skills of Zaara to walk in the exact same boots with such easiness, it made me crazy!

When the barn came into view finally, Honey looked back at me:

-“Emily, join Honey at the barn, Honey will set Zaara in her stall while you make your way” and then she accelerated, followed by Zaara and soon I was alone .. walking slowly and I was exhausted. The worst of it being the path being slighly uphill, and despite all my efforts and my numerous falls …. I was not able to move up to the barn, I was stuck. I shouted, I cried, and I expressed all my anger and frustration, but I did not find a way to make my walk to the barn. I finally fell again on my bottom again, hiding my crying face behind my knees, I did not move for ages, waiting for Honey to come to my help. I think it was the most humiliating of all this day, I felt so dependent, so broken, and the more I thought of it, the more I was sure Honey did this on purpose … she definitely has good skills at breaking people I thought.


When I raised my head again, I noticed that Darla was coming the opposite way to me … she was accompanied by another ponygirl I did not know, I learnt later her name was Sienna. They were surrounding me and seemed worried about me. For the first time in the day I saw some human and compassionate attitude towards me. I raised again with difficulties and attempted to walk again towards the barn … Darla and Sienna seemed to understand what was going on and they tried to help the best they can … but I fell again and burst into cries in despair and tiredness.


-“What’s going on here?” said a female voice behind me. I looked back and saw a blondie girl standing behind me. Who she could be I was really wondering … another trainer of this devil place, she did not look like it. She had a bottle of beer in her hand and stared at the three of us … and then she laughed like crazy, it took one long minute before she could recompose. “Is that a joke or something? A hidden camera right?” then she laughed again … she was definitely drunk and I felt she was in great danger. I wondered how she ended on the island. “Let me help you on your feet” she said while helping me raise.


She gasped when she saw the redness of my bottom.

-“Ho my god … what happened?” I tried to walk again and Darla pointed at my boots and she seemed to understand as she nodded. She helped me move forward and with a gentle push she managed to help me to pass the uphill part of the path. I was nodding to her very gratefully when Honey came back.

-“Come on, Honey disappeared for a few minutes and you take advantage to get lazy!” said Honey with a frown to the three of us. “Darla and Sienna, you go back at the training field immediately!” she ordered. Both girls stomped and with a last look to me, moved away to the fields. Once again I was envious of their skills to walk in these boots. “Emily, you stay with Honey, we are going to train you at the cart pulling!” … then she looked at the blondie who were staring at the scene puzzled. “Sorry you had to witness such lazy ponies … welcome to our farm! Her name is Honey!”


The blondie looked at Honey completely lost, like me when I arrived I did not understand that Honey always speak of herself at the third person. “Her … name?” Honey smiled and pointing at her own chest she repeated:

-“Her name is Honey”. The blondie exploded in laugh

-“All right, all right, you are speaking a strange way Honey. I am Amelia” she said … “Where are we? The last thing I remembered was that I was at this party … I drank a lot and then I waked up in the woods nearby”. said Amelia.

Honey detailed Amelia with a smile.

-“You are in the property of Darius Renneville. He is running a ranch of ponygirls as you have probably noticed” said Honey.

Amelia probably intoxicated by the alcohol laughed again. I immediately understood that Amelia was fallen in a trap and that she was about to be forced into what I have been through. As they were discussing together I looked at Amelia trying to urge her to flee. Amelia looked at me amused

-“What is it you want ponygirl” she asked me. Immediately Honey caught me and frowning she shook her head to threaten me … in order to make it crystal clear, she gave me a hard spank. Amelia gasped.

-“I am sorry Amelia, this pony is not trained yet … I am going to lock her in her stall while I show you the estate, follow me, I will show you the barn”.

And the unsuspecting Amelia followed us. Honey roughly locked me in my stall and they both vanished upstairs. Around one hour later they were both back in the barn and Amelia was even more intoxicated than she was earlier, Honey had probably make her to drink. Amelia was now an easy prey for Darla, she did not even speak clearly, she was completely drunk. Honey managed to make her model for her, first some hoof boots …. Amelia was laughing all the time and soon the boots were locked on her feet.


I tried to make her back to her sense by hitting the wooden door of my stall but despite making a lot of noise, neither Honey nor Amelia paid attention to it. Honey managed to make Amelia pass some hoof gloves and she locked them immediately, I knew the trap was now set … Honey would not let her go anymore. Still Amelia was laughing and laughing, asking for the gloves to be removed and Honey was mimicking she was drunk as well and suddenly she revealed her intention: she made Amelia to fall and jumped on her back. Amelia was now screaming in panic but Honey did not stop and ripped her clothes off and was tightening a harness onto her. Then the silence came when the head harness and the bits were put into place… I shivered remembering all the process I went through and I knew the worst was still to come … the tail! Honey forced it onto her and that was all done.


I heard a nearby stall opened and closed. Honey had probably lock the poor girl now. I shivered! I jumped when Honey came into view right in front of my stall’s door. She looked at me with a really threatening stare

-“Emily you will never try to intervene like you did again” she threatened. “This is the one and only warning Honey gives you, next time, be sure you will regret it …. bitterly!” she finished her sentence. “We will have our cart training tomorrow Emily, Honey now has to warn her master we have a new pony!”


She suddenly left and I could hear the heavy door of the barn sliding closed … and then the silence and the muffed sobbing of a girl in a stall nearby. I was devastated.


If you are interested to visit BBF ranch and have a ride with me or my fellow ponygirls, here is the taxi:

BBF: Bridled by Force Ponygirl Ranch

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