My First Visitor in Saratoga Springs

My First Visitor in Saratoga Springs

I had my first visitor at my new place. Not somebody from the community at Saratoga Springs. It was Bridge, a guy who watch me and Sky at our hot photo session at the beach the other day. I was sitting around in the kitchen, waiting for my investor or Cathy to come online to discuss our next steps in our new porn production start-up, when Bridge contacted me via IM.

I was bored anyway so I decided to invite him over for a chat. The topic went around blogging at first. He wants to start a blog too and wanted some advice or even mentoring. Especially when I told him how much money this site is actually making me.

I did explain to him, that blogging is not like printing money. It is a lot of work, requires a lot of patience and most of the times it takes from 6 months to one year until you see results. The good thing about blogging as your main occupation is, you have no boss, you do not depend on anybody and you can do the job from wherever you fancy. It doesn’t matter if you work on your blog in Chicago, Berlin or maybe on an island in the Caribbean.

Actually this brought me to an idea. I could do blogging and online marketing courses in Second Life. I have proved wit this site, that I know what I am doing, hence I would have good credibility as a trainer. What do you think?

Well after a while the topic changed. It appears he likes making photos too, including naughty ones. He showed me some and said: “I usually takes those as memories of sexual encounters”.

Finally he ask if I wanted to dance. I agreed , but had something else in mind.

This is how our dance went:

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