Witnessing one of Caroline’s Lesson in Sex

Dear Caroline’s readers,

Caroline invited me over her charming home for a breakfast and a long catch-up this week-end. It was indeed some time we did not meet in-world. I did not see the time passing to be honest, we had so much to share! Believe me, Caroline has a lot of projects for the months to come, including her new series which just started (see Temptations on Orientation Island).


She told me at one stage that she had an appointment, later that same morning, with one of her customer. She actually had been booked to give her famous sex lessons that she started when she was still the manager of the Mansion (see Sex Lessons at the Swinger’s Mansion). I got the message, it was high-time for me to let her alone … I can be so chatty sometimes! I was packing my things when Carol surprised me saying:

-“Why won’t you stay?”

I looked at her, wondering if she was kidding or not, obviously she was not. Well, I was definitely curious to see what were those lessons, what she was actually teaching to those men, and maybe to see if I could learn something myself. So definitely I was tempted. I asked her to check if it was ok with her customer and apparently he told her he was happy with it. “Deal!” I said.

-“Good! I have just enough time to change before he arrives” she said. “You should change too Cathy … just to feel the atmosphere.” she added half-kidding. I smiled and definitely agreed with that.

Finally the man arrived, exactly on-time. He probably did not want to waste one second of this precious knowledge transfer I thought then. Caroline introduced him to me, his name was Frank, a tall and handsome guy wearing a three-piece suit, definitely a cute one to my standard. Caroline and Frank sat on a sofa, I sat aside in another corner of the landing, getting more and more curious of what would happen.


Caroline started the “interview” in a joyful tone but also with the assurance of someone who knows what she is talking about … definitely she is. Frank was more reserved and shy. I wondered at the beginning if he was not a virgin. Soon during the discussion between those two, I learnt that he was not and has quite some experience, but wanted to improve.  I stayed quiet and listened carefully at all Caroline’s advice, as probably Frank did, but he seemed so tense all the time! He even was nearly shocked when she kissed him while making an emoting training.


I started to worry it was my presence that was disabling him. I whispered to Caroline she just had to tell me and I would leave. After all, having a voyeur in the room was not something for everybody and I could perfectly understand I made him uncomfortable. Frank assured he was perfectly fine with my presence and so I decided to stay but was ready to leave anytime: I did not want to be responsible of a failure of the teaching lesson.

Until then everything was very theoretical, but Caroline decided it was time to practice what Frank learnt, and she brought him in her bedroom. She gently asked him to undress and invited him to join in the bed. I should probably have left at that moment, but I was too curious to see Frank in the nude, and let’s be honest : I wanted to watch them have sex. So I followed them and stood by the open door as the lesson continued.

Definitely it is a different matter to talk about theory and to practice the theory. Frank had to adjust some settings, sentences, as Caroline was not letting her pupil to do one thing wrong, she was very strict. He complied with good mood and was actually soon in full motion and the rest of it was no more a lesson: it was just very hot sex. Frank was not shy anymore and gave its best to Caroline who definitely seemed to enjoy it very much (didn’t you Carol?). Believe me it was a really hot show to witness and I was definitely very aroused by the time they finished it.

After a long cuddling session, Caroline stood and dressed back, she had to leave. She waved good bye to Frank who was still displaying a large smile, laying stark naked on the bed. Caroline hugged me: “Did you like the show?” she whispered in my ear. I smiled and nodded.


-“You two should give it a run when Frank has recovered” she said giggling on her way out.

I waved her goodbye by the window as she was leaving the house. I looked back, Frank was behind me, standing and smiling. I smiled back and started to catch my things, I definitely had to leave to take care of my pressing arousal.

-“Want to come to my home Cathy?” he asked with a killing smile.

I stared at him and smiled back.

-“Definitely!” I said.

We took our things and made our way to his house, a very large one actually having a direct access to open sea. It was quite tempting to have a swim, but we both had something different in mind. So we went upstairs and danced on the very large balcony, the time for him to “recover fully” … it was not long before I could feel something growing between us as we danced. He was ready again.


He took me by the hand and we went to the bedroom. I was definitely in a very advanced state of arousal then. Judging by his erection, he was most probably in the same state. Without any further warning, he took me right there, against the wardrobe.


No denial possible, I enjoyed it a lot: the surprise, the rough way, and yes, his cock too. We then went to bed and finished what we brilliantly started standing, a very hot session of sex with a very good lover (even better after he took this lesson with Caroline).

A big thank you Frank, it was real fun to watch you … and even more to play together!

I feel SecondLife can provide some real great satisfactions (not only sexually by the way), but as it is happening in a virtual word, it is better to have some common rules and practices to enjoy it properly with a partner. Caroline’s lessons are highlighting those basic rules to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. If you want to have a flavor of the theory, you should read one of the numerous articles Caroline wrote on the subject:

… and numerous others… Or you could as well book a lesson.

Now is your time to shine : What do you enjoy in virtual sex? What are your dos and donts on the matter? What is your advice to have a pleasant experience?



2 thoughts on “Witnessing one of Caroline’s Lesson in Sex”

  1. Wow , That was Amazing! Frank is one lucky son of a beautiful mother! Carol as always looked insanely Gorgeous and Cathy was on par with her Cuteness !
    And they say teachers are boring , not at all! This might be the best sex in Frank’s sl life and you both gave him one hell of a memory he’ll remember always! That was Fiery Hot and Very Erotic!
    Caroline , Sincerely one request ! Why don’t you try ..umm…”Group Tuitions” ? I’m sure Students will be delighted to help each other and learn together!!
    And Those Pictures are perfect!
    Keep them coming and thank you for the great article Carol and Cathy! Have a lovely time 🙂

    1. Group tuition? That’s an idea! Playing in group is definitely something completely different and personally I think this is harder. So it could be at the same time interesting and fun to do. What do you think Carol?

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