Working the Street – My Next Adventure?

Working the Street – My Next Adventure?

My regular readers know about my storyline about the escort business in Second Life. First I have been working behind the bar in a strip club in the Amsterdam SIM, then I have been working in an escort club called „Magic Angels“ (which nowadays is a quite busy music club) and I have been working freelance. I always tried to be a somewhat classy escort and I have been paid well for my services. I even had regulars appreciating the quality and realism I did put into my work.

But there is one thing I have yet to try:

What it is like to be a cheap street whore in some kind of a red light district? What kind of clientèle can I expect there? Is it popular and if so why? Ok, said and done! I put on a sexy outfit and searched for adequate places. I found a place called “Street Whores” . Just what I was looking for.

The place has a really raunchy and dirty feel to it. The designer really made an effort to make it look like a typical European back street red light district. I found it particularly interesting, that the little “whore houses” are all rented out, obviously to girls in the sex business. Judging by the estimated traffic and the fact that girls actually pay to have a place there makes me think that it must be a place where some action must take place.

Little apartments for rent to prostitudes

Little apartments for rent to prostitutes

The lanterns there are scripted with animations. Animations for waiting and sex animations. Wow, are those guys having it right there and then on the street? I quickly found out that the waiting animations are the ones that are there for a reason. I did spend quite some time standing there waiting for action to happen but nothing really happened.

I was bored to death

This is a boring job. Waiting there and nothing happens

This is a boring job. Waiting there and nothing happens

Suddenly a guy stood in front of me. An obvious noob. I tried to initiate a scene, using a couple of lines emoting and trying to sound like a what I thought sounds like a real nasty and raunchy street whore.

“I am bored”, he answered.

Ok, I said to myself, he is not in for some role play. So I tried the direct approach: “ Hey, you know what this region is all about, if you you have some linden to spare, we could have some fun time together”.

“272”, he replied and out came the super big noob dick. I was about to offer him a blow job for that small amount of money, but he left before I was able to answer.

The noob and the noob cock

The noob and the noob cock

I kept on waiting, and waiting  and waiting. So first lesson learned: For this you need a lot of patience. Then one of the other girls waiting there, called Summersvine, approached me. She had some experience in this kind of work so I asked her a couple of questions about the place.

She basically confirmed, what I was suspecting anyway: The guys don’t come here for quality role play. They come to jerk off over pixel porn. They don’t want to elaborate fancy emotes or playing a scene and they don’t want to be expected to do so. They simply want to use you and your pixel doll to watch a hot sex scene and wank in real life.

On my question about where they take the girl of their choice, Summersvine answered, that most pick up a girl here and take her to their own place but some actually use the back streets right here on the SIM, where multiple sex animations are available. The later sounds pretty exciting to me I must admit.

We were also talking about prices. Summersvine was amazed when I told her what I sued to get paid. “I feel cheap now”, she said. But hey, this is different, this is just quick and dirty pixel porn. I would not expect anybody to pay much for this. She said 500 Linden is a normal price here on the streets. Thats for half an hour and she never had one wanting more than half an hour, in fact most finish in much less than that and poof off.

Ok, I will give this a try. I am super curious what will happen, how it will feel and what people I get to know on the way. For those inclined to “see” me on the street: Its 1.000 Linden for half an hour and no, you don’t have to be a quality role player.

Here is the Taxi:

I might take pictures of the encounter to be posted here on Second Life Adventures however I will ask for your permission before publishing them.


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    Hi Carol,
    Well this is actually something you never explored. I am looking forward to hear about your adventures to come. I will maybe go there to check the street, maybe I will see you there. Will you not miss the RP side of things? Pixel porn is so boring in my opinion.

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    So, that means we are colleagues now!

    I second the waiting part, I always consider it ‘the essence of the job’. You have to be very patient and in many cases you will have to find a way to conserve your energy while waiting for clients.
    The girl from your story is partially right, but having worked there for quite some time< I can say that there are guys coming in looking for more, also men with quite specific requests. Let's meet up there in the streets. 🙂

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