Working the Street Became Working My Bedroom

Working the Street Became Working My Bedroom

Today just a quick update on my escort activities:

It seams that the idea of the quick and dirty in the street does not attract men a much as I thought it would. In fact, most of the guys I met recently prefer the privacy and quality of what I call the “VIP package”. That means serving a guest for an hour (or more) at my luxury home in the blake sea using the best animations available in Second Life.

One of my regulars even booked me and another girl from the street for a threesome at my place. She left an hour later and he paid me again for the second round just the two of us. That was a busy day I can tell you, especially as right after that Uwe (who you might remember from previous posts when I was at the Magic Angels) visited me and wanted me too (in my Teenie version).

This starts making me some decent money actually (at Second Life standards). My part of the rent is now paid up till end of March and I still have cash available.

By the way for those interested: the hourly rate for the VIP package is 3.000 L$   /me winks

Here some random pics from those encounters:

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    This sounds familiar. Also in my experience most clients will like to spend some time in a place that offers more privacy. Being a street whore is often just regular escort work. The number of ‘street jobs’ is quite limited.

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