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Charleen - Exploring Second Life as a mature woman
Charleen – Exploring Second Life as a mature woman

Charleen – What’s the Story?

I was asleep for more than a year.

No, not me the blogger. But this Second Life character, called Charleen. Back then Charleen was a young pretty girl doing all kind of nonsense. I even had a “Lolitas Sex and Strip Club” at the time.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t in Second Life at all during this time. I was and I still am, but as another character, another account, another story and not connected to Charleen in any way.

I am an ALT (alternative account).

Time for a change.

This time I will explore Second Life as a mature woman. I had this idea after I actually showed my mature looking avatar to a friend. He liked the mature version much better than my young, sexy, sassy and outright slutty other me (Yet another ALT).

I became a MILF

I want to experience now, how other people react to this character. How they will interact with me, what people will I get to know and what adventures will I live this time.

I did make some small modifications to my looks, bought some new cloth and deleted almost all of my old contacts (to whom I hadn’t spoken to for more than a year anyway.

I also left most of the groups I was part of and binned old landmarks and stuff that I don’t need on my new story.

No old baggage on the new journey. It is easier to travel with light luggage anyway.

One item in my inventory will play an important part. A sailing yacht somebedy bought me as a gift a year ago. You can see it in the header picture. It is a bandit 60, probably one of the best boats in Second Life.

I will travel a lot around the mainlands of Second Life with my yacht. Other than that I didn’t make any plans at all. I will take what comes my way, for the most part avoiding the circles and realms of my other me.

Talking about sex:

Having said that (you probably guessed it already, the domain name gives a hint): I am not a nun. In fact I am rather promiscuous and very liberal with a big sex appetit. Especially for younger men. Even much younger.

You will inevitably see sex on this blog. If that type of content does offend you, you better go reading something else.

I will even do escorting in Second Life. Not as a main occupation, just to get some shopping money and to pay the rent. Lets be honest, it is the easiest way and can be very hot too.

Comments and discussions under my posts are greatly appreciated. I do moderate them and try to answer whenever possible.


If you see me in-world, please don’t be shy and say hello. I do not bite at all.

I hope you enjoy the story. I will certainly enjoy creating it.


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