A normal day in the life of an escort girl and a question about gender in SL

Franks Jazz Club is one of my favorite place when going out dancing or just sitting there and listen to the music. It is probably the most popular dance club in Second Life. Frank’s is almost an institution in Second life and exists since more than 10 years.

Check it out if you never have been there. Here is the taxi:
Franks Jazz Club

When I have nothing to do, that’s where I go to relax and get to know people. Typically it is leisure time for me, nothing to do with the job.


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Hot and naughty Saturday morning at Caroline’s Mansion

We are getting seriously slutty at the mansion.

The Team also consist of more people now. There is me and cathy obviously. Apart from that we have Jessica.

Jessica is really a sales person for SLA Media. However she is also very promiscuous, liberal and loves sex.

A slut basically.

She also had her first experiences with whoring on the street.

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Getting fucked in the office

“I am sure you recognized my pussy in that movie”, I said laughing to DouDou. He turned around and said provocatively: “I can hardly remember, I would have to seeit again  before I can judge.

Slowly I opened my pants, took them off and showed him my trimmed little Pussy.

This happened while I showed him around in our brand new SLA Media office in the Sky above Caroline’s Mansion.

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Caroline’s Sex Mansion in Second Life is Back on Track

We are having a lot of fun. Jessica, Sheraka, Cathy and myself. The reason is: I opened a new version of Caroline’s Mansion. My regular older readers certainly remember the story of th the old Mansion.

Well, it is back again. With a little twist. By the way, I am back here too to bring you more hot stories about my sex adventures in Second Life.

And yes, I am in the escort business again. Those were the stories you guys enjoyed most anyway..

Last time the mansion was basically a swinger club. This time it is an escort club. We will have stunning beauties and experienced escorts working there to please the members. I will be available myself on weekends.

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Strawberry Singh’s Latest Challenge: Dating in Second Life

Strawberry Singh, is a well known Second Life blogger. Strawberry does challenges for bloggers on a regular basis. The most recent one is about dating in Second Life.Those challenges basically consist in answering certain questions about a topic she has chosen (great way to build links actually).

I like this one. Here the questions and my answers.

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Scandalous Outdoor Activity: Sex in Public on Blake Sea

In my last post I told you DouDou (also called Dave) joined me traveling around the Gaeta continent. Remember? NO? Well. Here is the story:

The Forgotten Continent

DouDou follows this blog.

Last time we met In-World he called me up on this statement I made in the Gaeta story:

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The Forgotten Continent

East of the corsica continent and actually connected to corsica via a small ocean you find Gaeta 5. I call it the forgotten continent.


Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s because I never cared about Gaeta and did not even consider including it in my sailing around the world series. But then again, I have never met people who said things like: “Hey, I have a cool home on Gaeta 5”, or “have you seen that lovely destination on Gaeta 5?”

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AChat: Hot Sex Adventures in a Naughty Online Sex Game

I stumbled across yet another multiplayer online sex game. It is called AChat. As the name suggests, its an adult chat. I actually updated my sex games review to include Achat in the comparison with 3dXcHat, Chathouse 3D versus Second Life.

Online Multiplayer Sex Games Review: 3DXChat,Thrixxx and AChat versus Second Life

In this post I will go into more detail about Achat and show you my own naughty adventures in the game. First of all, they are not forcing you to spend money with them. Instead they seduce you.

To get you started you get a 3 day free premium pass.

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How I Became Pregnant in Second Life

I am pregnant. No, not in real, in Second Life. I know its a weird thing to read. Trust me, it is something even more weird to write about.

Ok, let me explain.

Some time ago I bought a hud called “Mama Alpha”. This hud simulates a woman’s cycle. This includes the period and the entire monthly biological phases of a female, including ovulation. My motivation behind this, was to add some more realism to my Second Life. Hence I am always wearing this hud with each and every outfit I have.

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Meeting In Liberty Bay to Provide Shareholder Value

Our home and office vanished. Just like that. Without warning.

It was actually my own mistake. I thought I had paid the rent way upfront. Wrong! It ended and the landlord returned everything to me. Actually I believe it was set on auto return when the time is up.

So I stood on the parcel, wondering what happened. Uwe, my investor did the same. He sat on one of those park benches. I joined him there and explained what happened.

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