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Review 2017: Year of my Alternative Accounts and Hot Sex Adventures

Its about time for a little review of my Second Life in 2017. Actually it’s about time to start writing anything again. I haven’t published anything since Oktober.

Or did I? Maybe I did but on another domain and using another ALT?

For those not in the know: ALT stands for alternative account. That is when a Second Life resident uses another in-world identity than his/her original account.

There are many reasons why people use those ALTs. I have a very particular one: I am famous. Yes I really am. Actually many people in Second Life call me a celebrity. I think that is an exaggeration, “well known” is probably the best term to use.

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Most Popular AFK Fuck Places in Second Life

When I first investigated this, there where only a few places like this. Ever since AFK-fucking became a serious trend in Second Life.

AFK Sex Sluts “Available”!

When you need a quick fuck one does no longer need go to party places or whore houses. You simply visit one of the numerous AFK fuck dummy places. You come, choose, fuck and leave a little tipp.


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How I Became Pregnant in Second Life

I am pregnant. No, not in real, in Second Life. I know its a weird thing to read. Trust me, it is something even more weird to write about.

Ok, let me explain.

Some time ago I bought a hud called “Mama Alpha”. This hud simulates a woman’s cycle. This includes the period and the entire monthly biological phases of a female, including ovulation. My motivation behind this, was to add some more realism to my Second Life. Hence I am always wearing this hud with each and every outfit I have.

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Meeting In Liberty Bay to Provide Shareholder Value

Our home and office vanished. Just like that. Without warning.

It was actually my own mistake. I thought I had paid the rent way upfront. Wrong! It ended and the landlord returned everything to me. Actually I believe it was set on auto return when the time is up.

So I stood on the parcel, wondering what happened. Uwe, my investor did the same. He sat on one of those park benches. I joined him there and explained what happened.

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AFK Sex Sluts “Available”!

Whenever I think I must have seen it all somebody comes around the corner with something even more weird than anything I have seen before in Second Life.

This time it was my friend Toni. He showed me a very strange region. A typical „what the fuck?“ region. A very busy place actually, hence the reason first thing I did was renting this adboard available there. I have my priorities, you know.

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Caroline’s Recent Sex Adventures in Second Life

I did not post anything here for more than 4 weeks. Sorry for that. The reason being is for one that I got very busy in real life. I accepted a new job which is rather demanding.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been in Second Life at all. But the few adventures I had in this time, are not special or exciting enough to write about them. That’s what I think at least.

I want you to judge.

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Exploring Some Adult Places Doing Some Adult Stuff

I had quite a bit of sex this week end. Well, when you go and explore adult regions, you want to try whats on the plate there right?

It started in front of Franks Premier Jazz Club. There was a guy sitting there. He said hello. I asked him why the heck he is sitting there instead of going into the club.

„Not dressed for it, and not in the mood for it“, he said.

Ok, fair enough.

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Ash Wizardly Finally Got The Real Thing

My regular readers might remember the guest post by Ash Wizardly about him fucking the hell out of my ALT Charleen whilst me being afk.

It’s Sunday, I’m Horny!

This happened when I was investigating this AFK camping place, a region where girls leave there avatars on poseballs whilst they are actually away from keyboard (AFK) and do other things. They leave their pixel dolls for everone to use for pixel-porn.

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Going Under Cover – Investigating Ageplay in Second Life

My regular readers (both) certainly remember my recent post about child pornography and pedophile behavior in Second Life. I actually announced in the comments back then, that I was tempted to look deeper into this scene. And write about it.

I was a bit hesitant at first. But hey, good journalists walk on dangerous grounds too. Of course, it would be rather silly to go and conduct interviews as Caroline Resident. No chance to get anywhere near the truth.

A job for one of my numerous ALTs.

You have seen her before on here in various disguises. Reanimated her and a few changes later she became the perfect bait. I think in the scene it’s actually called jail bait.

For a reason. Lets call her Little S.

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It is all Cathy’s Fault!

In case you are wondering, why there haven’t been any new stories recently: I have been busy.

With two things mainly. First and foremost I was spening time with Kioke. I am sure you remember. We had quite some fun times with our common hobbies such as water sports in Second Life.

No, not that kind. Naughty you! It is jet ski I am talking about. And sailing.

See yourself:

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