Updated: Top 10 Most Popular Sex Places in Second Life

Today’s post is about what I think are the most popular sex places in Second Life. I did a bit of research using the search facility.

I typed in different adult related keywords such as sex, adult, escort, whore, swinger.

A list of places comes up in “places search” listed by amount of visitors they received in the last 30 days. Some places show up under one keyword but not under another. Hence the rank changes every time you do another search.

I did visit place which come up under different searches in th top ten. My plan was to place advertising as most of these places offer adboards for rent.

All of the places have between 50k and 100k traffic.

I was actually very surprised to find several so-called AFK sex places amongst the most popular places.

What is an AFK sex place?

Well some girls (and guys) like to leave their avatars on sex furniture, naked, when going away from keyboard. They let anybody play with their pixel-self as they please and expect a little tipp when finished.

To understand how it works, simply read this quote from a notecard from a place called “Sleeping Beauties”:

Sleeping Beauty

Update Oktober 2018: No longer in the top ten. Still busy though.
Traffic about 35.000.

Sleeping Beauty AFK Sex Place in Second Life
Sleeping Beauty AFK Sex Place in Second Life

Sleeping Beauty is an AFK (Away From Keyboard) sex Sim that offers rental huts and outside play areas. We are NOT a free sex sim.

You will see an abundance of Beauties in their huts and outside that are available for your pleasure.

Many are AFK (but some are not!). You may use our avi any way you please. Many of us in the huts wear a hud on our heads that once clicked, allows you to move us to any piece of furniture in our room.

All we ask in return is that you tip us. The parcel tier is costly, and we spend many lindens to keep our avi’s beautiful for you and our huds up-to-date.

Remember, we are not always AFK. Sometimes we’re actually here! If you would like to interact with us in chat while being naughty with our avis, IM us first to see if we’re here, and we may just play with you! If we don’t answer, then we are most likely sincerely AFK, sorry!

What are acceptable tips? Well, I can’t give a clear answer on that as any tip is appreciated. Below is only a guideline that may help:

  • $50L = A so-so tip, but we really want to buy that hot, new pussy that was just released, so can you give us a bit more??
  • $100L = You’re getting warmer! It’s just we want to buy those just-released crotchless panties for our new pussy!
  • $200L = This is the most typical tip. This gives us a good start on buying the necessities to keep you so satisfied.
  • $500L = You fucking rock. Seriously, thanks.
  • $1000L and more = Ohhhh. You must’ve caught us peeking in and joining you in text to bring you a little more satisfaction!

It started off small and people were kinda laughing at this. Now it became a huge thing.

In fact, whilst I am typing this. My virtual me is sitting in “Apartment Number 6” at the bar. Naked. See what happens. So far nothing.

Apartment Number 6, waiting to get used
Apartment Number 6, waiting to get used

Next is yet another AFK Place:

Silence AFK Club

One guy didn’t care at all that I was standing right behind them and watching him fucking one of those pixel dolls.

AFK Sex Place Silence
AFK Sex Place Silence

Next. Changing topic:


The name says it all. This is a busy dating place for transgender interested people. Quit classy but laggy as hell.

Femboys Dating Place in Second Life
Femboys Dating Place in Second Life

Fancy a quickie in the bathroom? This one is your place then:

Public Restrooms

This one is simple and to the point. Enter the bathroom, take a shower and get fucked. Simple as that. I did that too a little later. You will read about it here.

Puplic Restrooms and Shovers for Sex
Puplic Restrooms and Shovers for Sex

Next: Going to the beach!

Secret Beach

Beautiful, busy yet laggy beach place. Unfortunately it doesn’t offer any advertising spots. I didn’t spend much time there. Nothing to do for me there. Not now, but you will see in another post a little adventure there. /me winks

Secret Beach in Second Life
Secret Beach in Second Life

Next. Here comes yet another surprise:

The next one doesn’t come as a surprise:

Escort Oasis

It is a huge freelance escort place. Apart from the obvious, the region offers free skyboxes, a huge freebie shop for all you need to get started as an escort and adboards.

Escort Oasis in Second Life
Escort Oasis in Second Life

There is even a section for adboards reserved for verified cam girls. Yes cam girls. Escorts who find clients in Second Life to show them the real thing!

Cam Girls Advertising in Second Life
Cam Girls Advertising in Second Life

This is big business actually. I think the “regular” text based escort stuff is almost history. The real money is made by cam girls and voice girls.

Next might be  a bit creepy to some folks:

Public Disgrace

Capture and rape games. Yet another very popular fetish in Second Life. I actually like that genre better than other sex fantasies.


There is nothing worse than being on a capture / rape type of place and being asked for sex.

Being asked!

Hello guys, just fucking do it, don’t be kind, don’t be polite, don’t ask for consent. Just do it. That’s what a rape role play is all about. I was asked several times for sex. They actually did ask!

Public Disgrace Sex Place in Second Life
Public Disgrace Sex Place in Second Life

I went to prison.

Not really. But was fun thinking I would. It was kind of arousing to be in that cell and waiting for what was about to happen. Maybe an officer taking advantage and rape me?


Nothing happened until I actually invited a friend over to check out the place. Kevin was rather surprised when he arrived. I was laying on the bed in my cell, bound.

I know Kevin fancied me since we met. I also knew he is the shy type.

What I did not know is that this type of situation actually turns him on. He took advantage of me being there, bound, helpless in a prison cell and raped me.

Rape in a Prison Cell in Second Life
Rape in a Prison Cell in Second Life

According to him it was the best sex he ever had in Second Life. Maybe he discovered “his thing” with me?

Last but certainly not least:


This place is basically a huge porn cinema with tons of adverts around it.


I have no idea why it is that popular. From all the places i visited, this is the one who gets the most traffic. It is the most popular sex related sim in Second Life.

I have no idea why! It is just a huge advertising board with a porn cinema in the middle. I guess most people come here to pick up a date and then go fucking elsewhere.

Grandpa’s Garage

This one has a bit of a reputation. There are rumours that it is actually a pick up place for ageplay. A place where nowadays the pedophiles look for their prey

grandpa's garage
Grandpa’s Garage

I mean seriously the name does suggests that a bit. Of course I have no idea if that is true.

Maybe that is an idea for one of Caroline’s undercover investigations?

When I went there to take some screenshots, there were a lot of people. Really a busy place. However I have not seen a single avatar which could have been considered under legal age.

Skinny Dipping

This is a classic. It is probably the oldest nude and sex beach in Second Life. The design is not a big deal. In fact the buildings are simple prefabs and layout is also very basic. Just like every other standard beach location in Second Life.

Skinny Dipping Sex and Nude Beach
Skinny Dipping Sex and Nude Beach

Most of the banter and flirting happens actually at the marketplace, where the landing point is located.

When I was taking the pics, I walked into a guy who was sitting there all alone wanking himself. Good looking guy actually. I could not resist and decided to give him a hand. Literally!

Skinny Dipping Sex on the Beach
Skinny Dipping Sex on the Beach

It ended up in quite nice quickie:

Sex on Skinny Dipping
Sex on Skinny Dipping

Tokio Idols

And the winner is: Tohio Idols AFK fuck place. The only sex sim which surpasses the 100k mark.

Our Japanese fellow residents discovered the AFK sex scene and (as usual) exaggerated in building a location.

Hell Japanes designer.  No, not everybody has a gaming computer with a 1000 Gigabeit RAM! Maybe in Japan, but not in the rest of the world.

Tokyo Idols
Tokyo Idols

The place consist of a beach area on the ground and several differently themed massive skyboxes. All of them heavily overloaded with scripts, prims, adboards. The lag is terrifying as you can imagine.

Ever thought about fucking in space? Here you can do it. One of those skyboxes is actually a space station.

Tokyo Idols Space Station
Tokyo Idols Space Station

Sex in the streets of Chinatown. Not a problem. Just make sure your graphic settings are set to low. Otherwise moving your ass becomes a serious challenge.

Ok, so that was it for today. Those were the most popular sex locations in Second Life by traffic.

The following destinations used to be on the top 10 list as well, but are no longer available:

H & H Climax City

Update October 2018: This one is gone.

This is the only one, where I found several guys actually doing this. Guess what. I had to try. I wanted to know what it does to me, why this is such a popular thing.

AFK Fucked in the Street
AFK Fucked in the Street

You know what?

It didn’t do absolutely anything. There was nothing exciting or arousing about it. The other way around it is actually different.

The idea of sitting on a bed and any time somebody could come in and simply use me for his pleasure is indeed sexy.

Towns of Jasmine – Gor

Update October 2018: Does no longer exist!

Gorean roleplay was huge a couple of years ago. It is role play based on the books from John Norman called the chronicles of Gor.

If you want to know more about that, read Caroline Residents guide to gorean roleplay in Second Life.

The town of Jasmine apparently is a new gor region. Very good traffic indeed. It resembles a town on the river Laurius on Gor. A small town at the boundaries of the “Northern Forests of Gor. I could play a panther girl, could be fun.

I got kicked out by a bot, because I was not wearing the mandatory combat meter. Come on guys just wanted to have a look as a visitor.

Maybe I start playing Gor again. The  place looks interesting and the new meter system could make it all more realistic than it used to be.

Question to you:

Would you please let us know what your favorite sex place in Second Life is?

Please leave a small review of your favorite adult destination with the SLURL in the comments.

Thank you 🙂

Oh, and nothing happened at Apartment Number 6.


16 thoughts on “Updated: Top 10 Most Popular Sex Places in Second Life

  1. Never had any problems like age play asking at Grandpa’s garage. So not sure were this come from. Anyway i prefer beaches Island of the Insatiables, Laguna Bay (45, 183, 23) – Adult Or dungeons :):)

  2. Hi Jessica!

    I am the owner of Sleeping Beauty Sex Sim & Gentlemen’s Club. Thank you for the wonderful coverage. I too thought in the beginning that the AFK sex scene was only a fluke, but it blossomed into so much more! I am so proud of the little community we built. For us, the AFKer’s, it’s more than just about the sex. Our huts (now cottages) are our home.

    Our group chat is bustling as we grow close to each other. We consider ourselves almost like sisters at Sleeping Beauty. Don’t get me wrong…we LOVE the sex too. We value each and every patron and look forward to all the naughty fun.

    Best wishes to everyone! xoxo

    1. There are several places for lesbians. They are just not in the top 10 of popular places.
      I might actually do some research on that.

      Maybe I even try myself and explore my bi side.


    2. Hi Kay. There are many places that are specifically for lesbian girls. Or if you like, some are mixed for lesbians and girls with extra’s. Takes away the need of a strap-on 😉 You can very easily find them in search.

      If you are looking for AKF lesbian places, I don’t think there currently are. There was a lovely one for shemales where a lot of girls visited, but they closed down a month or so ago. You would have better luck in AFK sims with room rentals though, like Sleeping Beauty or Dolls Delight. They usually have room where you can sit the AFK girls around (RLV Force Sit) and a lot have lesbian furniture as option in their rooms. And also quite some girls with extra’s.

      If I may shamelessly self promote, in my own room for example (at DD) I have both types of furniture, but also a wardrobe HUD with the option to put on a strapless dildo or even a cock for those who like. So you see, its quite interactive if you get a good AFK doll these days 😉

  3. Some nights nothing at all, others 1k plus. And everything in between. If I have to estimate an average I would say 300 per night.

    I noticed on the really high traffic sims I made less, maybe because the competition is higher, but I feel the clients coming to the massive ones are different since those sims hardly have any moderation so less tips and a lot of freeloaders. Sims I prefer are the ones where the staff is actively around, sitting girls back in position, and just be there so clients maybe feel objected to go without leaving a tip.

  4. Great List indeed!
    I’m surprised in how many AFK places are a part of it but it’s currently the trending thing, and I get where people are coming from.
    I aim to check some of these out when I’m back from hibernation.
    I know you do love to explore so maybe I can expect to see more lists like this one (top 10 hotels, motels, beaches, museums, sailing places, flight sims, clubs, bdsm, music, cfnm/cmnf, swinger, forced?) all kinds of dirty thoughts come to mind.
    Always looking forward to reading more.

    Much Love

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