Emotes – Crucial Element of Role-Play and Virtual Sex

Emotes – Crucial Element of Role-Play and Virtual Sex

Those of you who are into role-play most likely know what I mean by „ emote“. This article is for those relatively new to Second Life, or for those who are new in role-play. Did you ever wonder what „emoting“ actually is?

Basically it means describing with words what your role-play character is doing and most importantly how he/she is doing what he/she is doing. It is an important element in role-play as it compliments the graphics, animations and speech, therefore making the entire scene more „real“ and much more detailed.

The technique was originally used in typical character role-play such as Gor, Vampires or Urban role-play. Today it is also used in sexual encounters and makes the difference between realistic, erotic sex-play and watching „pixel porn“. Lets face it: watching two avatars fuck will eventually get very boring but sexual interaction with emotes and sex -talk is every time a new experience. Its the closest you can get to real sex in a virtual world. It is using your imagination together with the animations to interact with your partner in order to arouse him/her. If you are good at it, you might not even need the animations!

So how does it work?

First lets look at the technical aspect of it. If you type “/me” in the chat window of the Second Life viewer, everything you type in that post will be formatted different. The colon after your user name will be removed and the text will appear in italic.

So instead of this:

Caroline Resident: Hey is there anybody in this room?

it will look like this:

Caroline Resident looks around to see if anybody is in the room

You can see the difference. This is done to distinguish an emote visually from regular speech. Hence if your character (or you by that means) is saying something you use the normal chat and obviously you talk in first person. An emote however, is always written in third person, which separates it even better from speech.

Experienced role-player actually combine emoting with speech, which would look like this:

Caroline Resident looks around in the room she just entered and says: “Hello is there anybody in here?”

I am sure you can imagine how this adds to the quality and the realism of a role-play situation or … to virtual sex. I will illustrate this with an example.

A practical example

In the following pictures, you see me having sex with a new friend of mine. Its actually a reader of this blog, I dated recently but thats another story. Under the pictures you can read the correspnding emotes and sex talk. I call him CD here, yes another one who shall not be named!


Caroline Resident turns around and starts opening his pants whilst sitting down

C.K. smiles, kicking at the heels of my boots as my zipper slides down

Caroline Resident opens his trousers,  lets her hand slide into it slowly and grab his cock and pulls it out, starts gently massaging it up and down, smiles as she shes his erection and obvious desire

C.K. arches my hips, using my free hand to slip my pants down my legs, watching your hands grip me as I expose all of me to you.


Giving a blowjob


Caroline Resident goes down on him, takes his cock in her mouth and lets her tongue slide over its tip in circular motion.

CK: I must be the luckiest boy in all of SL right about now

C.K. runs a hand down your back, giving your behind a soft squeeze as your lips surround the top of my shaft
Caroline Resident starts sucking on this hard cock, with her lips enclosing it firmly, her hand slides up and down on his inner legs at the same time.


Riding him

Caroline Resident lets up from his cock and starts slowly but surly slide with her tits upon his body, sits on his lap and places the tip of the cock on the entrance of her pussy, then sinks down on him letting him penetrate slowly into her warm and wet pussy, moans as she feels him getting into her. Starts moving fast forwards and backwards in circles , feels her clit on his skin and moans out loudly at ever moves she makes on him

C.K. looks up, my eyes meeting yours as you slide down around me, my hands running along your outer thighs, resting on your hips as I feel you surround me, holding my own hips still as she grinds against him.

Caroline Resident rides him faster especially when sliding over his skin, moans out , her breath going faster and shouts: “yeeees cum in me fuck”

C.K. slips my hands around your hips, my palms sliding around, cupping your behind in my hands, starting to raise my hips, timing them with yours as you push them down, bringing me inside you to the hilt


Getting Fucked

CK rolls you off me, grinning down at you as our angle adjusts… my hands slipping under you, giving your ass a firm squeeze as my hips pull back, entering you with long and forceful thrusts as I feel wetness seeping between us, my heavy sack slapping against your ass at the deep point of each thrust

Caroline Resident moves her hips in circles whilst he thrust into her, then shouts: “fuck me!”

C.K. grins as I slide to my knees, driving you against the couch as I bury myself, rolling my hips once at full depth, grinding against you as I let loose a low moan, my thrusts growing faster as my body begins to tense

Caroline Resident looks down on her body, shivering watching him thrust in and out

C.K. drags my fingers along your thighs as I hold you to me, my nails dragging against them, my eyes wandering your own body as the intensity builds, blowing a kiss as our eyes meet for a moment before moving on

Caroline Resident : oh god yes cum in me

C.K. nods and smiles, my hips working with purpose, driving in short but firm thrusts, filling you each time, loving the sounds of our bodies slapping together with every impact.


Some role-play rules to remember:

Thought emotes

Dont ever emote what you think. This is bad role-play style. People can not read thoughts in real life either. So how would one react to something you or your character thinks, without you actually communicating your thoughts?

An example:

Caroline Resident thinks the guy is really good looking.

Did I make a compliment here? No! I thought about something and my opponent has no chance to react to this, as we assume his character can not read my thoughts.


Caroline Resident looks at the guy with a cheeky smile on her face, her eyes cruise over his sexy body and she says with a vicious tone in her voice: “Hey, what a sexy body you´ve got”

I am sure you noticed the difference 🙂

Another common mistake in emoting is to anticipate your partners actions. Don’t do it for them. Let your partner decide what to do next and how to react to your actions. This especially important in combat scenes. All too often people emote an opponent to fall down or to loose consciousness and the likes. This is an absolute no-no and called “godmoding”. It is dictating the outcome of an attack without giving the other part a chance to react.

In sex-play this seams not as important, but can be annoying too. Especially when godmoding body reactions. Bear in mind, that you can not control the physical reactions of another person.

Last but not least:

Keep comments about real life stuff within reason. So-called OOC (out of character) comments may disturb the immersion of other players and in sex it might even kill the entire thing. If there is something you need to or want to say in OOC, put it in brackets, so its clear to everybody involved that ist OOC

In sex-play this could be things like:

((Caroline Resident: This scene really arouse me))

a typical one towards the end of a sex encounter is:

((CD: Can not type anymore I need my hand for something else))

Oh, and never ever offer pics of your real life cock. This  might end the encounter there and then. Keep it In-World and have immerse into erotic virtual fun!


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    Gerry Sewell 4 years

    I totally agree with you, Caroline. Sex is the main subject in SL (yes it is) and can be very arousing or even boring.
    The chat is what its all about and it took me some time to get used to it. You have to learn it, getting better and better.
    Especially for the men its important to let your opposite feel comfy. Typing “lemme fuck your ass” might destroy the whole atmosphere immediately. Just like in RL beeing sensitive and restrained is always a good start. Watch your opposites reactions. How far does she goe? Adapt her behaviour. But after a while during the action you can grope to the special locations of your opposite. Maybe at the second or third sex date. But always make sure you never ask too much of somebody.

    RL content is also very special. Most of the girls i met are typing like “im stroking myself right now. im so wet.” True or not, its not only a boys thing. At the very first time i read that in chat i was perplexed. But it was arousing me since she was describing very intimate details. I realized that im “facing” a sex addicted girl (in real). It got hotter each day. The dream of every man came true…

    Btw. all of my SL friends are americans. Accident? At least it let me keep some kind of distance, not to chat in my native language.
    I would never be able to talk dirty in german…

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    in German it would something like this:

    “Ich fick dich durch du versaute Schlampe”

    Just try saying it loud! I am German and even to me it sounds weird.

    /me laughs

  • comment-avatar
    Gerry Sewell 4 years

    Thats what i mean. Im german too. In english its much easier to use certain expressions 😉
    Keep up the great work, Caroline. Your blog is very interesting!

  • comment-avatar
    Selena 3 years

    sounds like 50 shades wanna be writing. that’s my problem i want to write something original, but it like the above post all seem just typical

  • comment-avatar
    john 3 years

    I’m very interested in this but find some of your writing in the example a bit confusing Your partner is not doing it correctly by being in the first person .Is that the point? and y ou are basically describing what these avs are doing.OK i’ll try it Enjoy your blog

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