Most Popular AFK Fuck Places in Second Life

Most Popular AFK Fuck Places in Second Life

When I first investigated this, there where only a few places like this. Ever since AFK-fucking became a serious trend in Second Life.

AFK Sex Sluts “Available”!

When you need a quick fuck one does no longer need go to party places or whore houses. You simply visit one of the numerous AFK fuck dummy places. You come, choose, fuck and leave a little tipp. Done!

Second Life is a creative world. It is of no surprise that people not only copied the idea, but embellished on it. I was amazed how many different places and styles there are now for AFK sex.

I visited (as Charly) some of the most popular ones.

Le Parc

This region used to be named “Le Camping”. I wrote about that before when AFK-fuck places were just about to become a popular trend. Ever since it was completely redesigned. It became the most beautiful designed AFK region I know.


The AFK Motel and Sauna

This one has a simple layout and design. Reminds almost at those clubs back in 2007. However the AFK Motel and Sauna is well worth a visit. It features a bar and dance area, as well as a full scale porn movie theater. The rooms are almost always occupied by pretty girls offering their bodies to anyone who fancies some release over pixel-porn.


I tried this one as Charleen (as usual). There was this guy, “busy with one of the girls, who saw me coming in. He started talking to me in IM. An interesting conversation developed from there, whilst I was “parking” Charleen in the shower.

I was curious about what the kick is for him to fuck those avatars, knowing that the person behind the doll is most likely not even watching.

“Thats easy one to answer. I really prefer it with interactions and emotes, but sometimes I do simply not have the time, or I am not in the mood to go to a music club to talk and chat for hours with a girl, without knowing if I get anywhere. Here is the easy solution”

Ok, Got it. It is not a kink or a preference. It is simply about availability when horny. Dead easy.

Well, he was horny that day. That was the reason he came to the place to start with. And he liked Charleen a lot.

Hence he came over to join me in the shower and subsequently fuck Charleen. He left a generous tip after he finished too.


This one is a bit stylish one. A bit to clean and cold for my taste. But hey, if it is your thing to have sex in a gallery style environment, then Silence is for you. The name says it all. No words needed, just come and cum.


The Fuck House

Simple yet typical Second Life house with three floors full of sexy bodies for your pleasure.


The Sex Office

This one seams to be popular amongst the guys. Isn’t it every guys fantasy to fuck that pretty secretary right there on her desk? I decided to try this one out. Every desk was occupied however. The only place I found to expose my half naked, sexy body was the copy machine.

It didn’t take long and a guy spotted little pretty Charleen and fucked living daylight out of her:


The AFK Factory

I like this one. The design and atmosphere is kinda special. Best part is upstairs actually:


Apartment Number 6

This one looks like a luxury sex hotel. In fact it actually is. There is even a reception desk. When I came there only one of the rooms was not occupied. In each room you find a bed and a pretty body waiting to get fucked.

I think the more popular this will get the less escort girls we will see in Second Life. At first all this AFK stuff seams very bizarre. But thinking about it, it actually does make sense.

Some guys do not want to go through all the motions of chatting up a girl for sex or paying an escort. They just want some pixel porn with a pretty body.

That is exactly what you get at those places.

Another good thing about this hype this: People create new interesting places because of this. The creativity and imagination of people in Second Life will never cease to amaze me.


I had to try this one myself. Thought and done. Joined the group, put the tag on: I am AFK..Fuck me. Yes that is literally what it says. Logging in the tipp jar and waiting.

Did not take long here either. It seams the guys totally loose any inhibition in such a place:

Hey guys! I dare you to try this.

Go to one of those places and just do it and please report about the experience here in the comments section of this post. I am really curious to read about this from your perspective as a “user” of fuck dummies.

Will you do that for me?

Here the directions:

AFK Motel

Le Parc


Fuck House

Office Sex:

Fuck Factory:

Apartment Number 6:

Chances are you actually find little cute Charleen there too. /me winks…

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  • comment-avatar
    Aaron 6 months

    I’ve been to Silence a few times. I agree with you on the atmosphere; it’s a bit cold, as if the women (and some men) were on display in a gallery. However, no lack of good looking people to fuck. I’ll have to check out the other places too!

    • comment-avatar

      Hi Aaron,

      please check them out and tell us what you think. Oh, and say hi to Charleen, if you see her laying around at one of those places.


  • comment-avatar
    Harry T 6 months

    With all due respect, this sure looks desperate. Why do humans want to descend to this level of mockery? Inconceivable. Purgatory is what this is.

    • comment-avatar

      Hello Harry

      Purgatory? Seriously?

      I think if both sides have fun doing this it is not fore you or me to judge. Yes, to me it looked also kinda weird, when I first saw this. But hey..your world, your imagination – that is what Second Life is all about.


  • comment-avatar

    Your last 3 links are dead.

  • comment-avatar
    Kenna 5 months

    I remember your first article and I did just that. i sat and watched. It felt very freeing and it was in general fun to have running in the background while I did things around my house. I plan on going back. Something about watching my girl desired and touched by many while im supposedly not there is a big turn on. So thank you for turning me onto this!

    • comment-avatar

      Hi Kenna,

      Its fun when you are doing something else, like writing my blogposts. You check the viewer which runs in the background and see you are getting fucked like crazy. The guy doesn’t even know I am watching him doing me.


  • comment-avatar
    lyrissa 5 months

    my question is where are all the sims for the ladies? ive found one so far with just one guy….then later i was lucky and there were two….guys gave all the conviences..:(

  • comment-avatar
    Jack Sinned 5 months

    I really like the AKF sims. For someone like myself who is not good at RP at all, sex in SL can be awkward with new people, but using or being used at the AFK sims is quite exciting in a voyeur kinda way.

    What I do not like is the massive “put as many sex furiture in a room” kind of build, prefer more realistic. My new favorite is “Dolls Delight” (new I think) with an actualy town like design with buidlings and themes.

    • comment-avatar

      Hi Jack,

      I gad a quick look at Doll’s Delight. It is indeed the best I have seen so far. Not very busy, but that is possibly not a disadvantage.


      • comment-avatar
        Jack Sinned 4 months

        People seem to agree, currently now it is one of the busiest non furry AFK sim

  • comment-avatar
    Nathan J 4 months

    Why no new blog posts? Is this blog over?? Want to read more adventure

    • comment-avatar

      Hello Nathan,

      No ist not over. I just have been busy with building our new office in Second Life. We will soon offer a new professional presence for those working with us. We will also Have a porn cinema on our premises for everybody to enjoy the latest releases of our partnering porn producers in Second Life.

      In addition we are working hard on the porn section of this site as as on several additional sites. One of which is already online. Check out Jessicas Diary here: or Cathy’s Blog under

      On this site, I will soon continue to tell you about my own adventures 🙂


  • comment-avatar
    JanePlainSpain SL 3 weeks

    These places didn’t last too long. There was only one still around “Silence” when I went to check them out 4 months after this post. I guess by the way they operate it would be hard to support the rental fees. Oh well.

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