How to Become an Escort Girl!

How to Become an Escort Girl!

Sometimes (but very rarely) readers of this blog actually contact me In-World for various reasons. The most common reasons (in this order):

  • Pay me for sex
  • Pay me for sex lessons
  • Noobs seeking advise on Second Life
  • To ask where I buy my outfits
  • Fans who want to get to know me
  • Feed back on the blog
  • Bitch about how immoral and indecent I am
  • Rescue my soul from eternal damnation (seriously)

I actually don’t mind any of that. In fact I am surprised that it doesn’t happen more often, bearing in mind this blog has had more than half a million readers so far. The good thing about not having too many contacting me is, that I can easily respond to each and every one of them. Which is what I do.

Recently I got an IM from Sabina. Sabina and her friend Esti are regular readers of Second Life Adventures. They stated that explicitly. I invited both of them over to my place in the Blake Sea when Sabina said she would like to have advise on a particular subject: How to get started as an escort girl in Second Life.

It wasn’t for her actually. It was Esti who really wanted to give it a go.

First I asked her for her motivation. Why would she want to become an escort girl. The reason for this question is simple: If its just the money which motivates you, my advise would be: Try something else. The money you will make is not worth wasting your online time. You can do better things in Second Life than having some guys using your avatar for pixel porn in exchange for a couple of Linden.

It wasn’t just the money for Esti. Esti is an avid and experienced role player. She tried all sorts of RPG (Role Play Games) in Second Life and became very good at it. A fact I should find out little later this day.

„I could do what I enjoy most in Second Life and make some money at the same time“, she stated. A good start I thought and explained her the most important first steps to get started as an escort girl.

Create an attractive avatar

Men are visual. Full stop. If you want them to desire you that much that they are prepared to pay for it. It is essential to look sexy. Mesh body, hands and feet are mandatory. Decide on a „type“ and build a character with an own unique style and stick to it. Avoid unrealistic proportions such as monster tits. The guys are looking for a woman, not a cow!

Same goes for your wardrobe. Make sure you have several relevant outfits saved up for easy change. To have several sexy lingerie outfits is an obvious one, but also have something classy and elegant in your outfits in case he wants to take you out. Use your imagination and pay attention to details. Nails, different hairstyles to fit the occasions and jewelery can make a huge difference.

Learn how to emote properly

This one is easy for Esti but if you are not familiar with the basic rules of proper emoting you are setting yourself up for failure in the escort business. Find the basics here: Emotes (in case you want lessons on that, I offer private teaching on sex in Second Life).

Prepare a good rate card

This is a simple notecard explaining what you, what the can expect from you. And of course how much you charge. State your limits on this card along with your online times, time zone and ideally some pictures of your avatar. Needless to say what type of pictures we are talking about. If you are not good at taking pictures, seek help from professionals. There are plenty of really good photographers in Second Life.

Use your profile for advertising your services

This is a tricky one. Maybe you do not want everybody or your friends to know what you do. Understandable, it might be a bit uncomfortable to tell everybody that you are now a prostitute (to call it by what it is).

However, your profile is your best advertising space. When you walk into a crowded place, as a really attractive woman, be assured that within seconds several people will be reading your profile. For that reason take the time to get it right. Write something enticing, something that makes them curious and don’t forget a call to action. Maybe something like:

“If you want to know more, don’t be shy, simply IM me!”

Also bear in mind, that club managers and hostesses also do read profiles. Hence don’t overdo it, don’t use explicit language or nude pictures in your profile.

Apply for a job at a busy escort club

The easiest way to find your first customers, is simply working at a busy escort club. To find them, use the search facility and type in “escort” or “sex”. You will get a list of clubs in the order of the traffic number they receive. Visit them and see which one is right for you. Then apply. You might actually apply at more than one club.

I did the same thing. I used to work at the Magic Angels club when it still was an escort club (its a music venue today). Yes, I had to give a part of my income to the club (usually 20%). On the other hand the club owner finances the place and advertises it.

Once you have regulars, and your own place where you can take clients too, you can work on your own. Until then working for a busy gentleman’s club is a much easier start into your new profession.

Buy at least one quality sex hud

There are plenty of sex huds available with different specialties and quality. Try them before you decide. My favorite one is “TenderLove”.

I stated that one to Esti and Sabina. They inquired why is that, what is special about it. I smiled cheekily and said: “I will show you, follow me upstairs”. Once we received the bedroom, I said: “Ok here is the work place, who wants to get naked?”

Esti opted for that instantly. We sat on the Tenderlove balls but instead of just technically going through it. I actually stated to touch her with emotes. She responded. Very sensual and well written she emoted in responds to my touch. Suddenly we no longer were discussing the subject matter, but started to get drawn into erotic play, immersing into sensual dialog whilst watching those very smooth and realistic animations arousing both of us.

In short: We had sex! Sabina watched us and obviously liked it very much herself. Later on a friend of mine was invited to watch as well and finally to participate. What a sexy finish to a consulting session.

Question to my readers:

Did you ever consider to try the life of a escort girl in Second Life? If so, what would be your motivation? Have you already done it? If so would you like to add something to the above? Please use the comment feature, I love feed back and comments!

As usual, some sexy pictures of the event:


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    Dear Caroline,
    You know I have followed the path of escorting and I am still quite successful, thanks to your help and good advices all along my beginnings. There is nothing much to add, maybe let know your client how much you appreciated being with them, with sincerity always… If not don’t say anything. Regularly contact your regulars, get to know them and what they like, it can help later to make them even happier.
    You are the best Carol!

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    Hannah 2 years

    Really interesting post, thanks for outlining this world Caroline. Its an approach that I will be investigating further!

    Hannah x

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