Getting Paid for Sex – My First Job as an Escort Girl in Second Life

My regular readers certainly do remember my articles about „Going under cover as an escort girl“. At the time I tried to investigate the Second Life red light scene for you, with not much success. Many questions remained unanswered such as:

  • Why do people use escort services in Second Life, when there is such an abundance of free sex offers and willing women?

  • What true motivation do women have working as escorts in Second Life?

  • How to promote escort services in Second Life?

  • What adventures does an escort girl live in Second Life?

  • What do their clients actually demand? Just normal sex or do they use Second Life escorts to live fantasies impossible to realize in real life?

At the time I came to the conclusion, that there is actually no such market in Second Life. I was probably wrong! Yesterday I was a told a key element to be successful in the sex business in Second Life:

You need a location!

Ok, but let me step back and explain how I came to that conclusion. My friend Toni met two German escort girls. Apparently they got along well and became friends of sorts – whether or not he is actually paying them for escort services I don’t know yet, but I promise to investigate the matter.

The other day he invited me over to their location and I met them both. I told them upfront that I am writing about sex in Second Life and asked if its ok for them, if I was working occasionally at their club soon to be opened as an escort girl for the purpose of research.

They didn’t have a problem with that, but made explicitly clear that they normally choose and test their girls as they want to have certain quality standards in their club. So we agreed to give it a try and they would see if I fulfill their requirements.

Yeah, I have a step in the door!

Back then, when I first got into the escort scene, I did apply at various clubs, but the requirements were impossible to fulfill to me. They always wanted a certain commitment of about two or three hours per day, an application form being filled out, being on voice all the time and other stuff. I have no problem with a one off voice verification, but being on voice all the time? Come on give me a break – its Second Life not real life!

At this club the requirements are different, and make a lot of sense to me. I can come and go whenever I want, no application form to fill in and voice is optional. The only thing they are really concerned about is, how I get along with guests. They want the girls, also referred to as “The Angels”, to be service orientated, attentive, good listeners and to give the guests a good feeling about themselves and the club as such. The guests should see them as companions, as friends not just as sex dolls – however the later needs to be of a certain quality as well.

I think I can do that! So we did actually cut a deal. Clients pay 1.000 L$ to spend time with the Angels (regardless of having sex or not) and I receive 60% of that. There are actually no time limits to this, one could in theory spend an entire evening with one of the Angels, which is a unique selling point about this establishment as most escorts and clubs charge by the hour.

In short: I have got a job as an escort girl!

I did ask the girl the question: “How do you get clients actually, I tried this before and did not work at all”! She answered: “It is paramount to have a location which you can promote, without that it won’t work!”

A rule I discovered later on:
No sex without payment on the entire property!

This means I cannot invite friends over to use the facilities for my private fun. Anyone who visits me when on duty needs to pay. Does make sense to me too! Once you start to make exceptions, it becomes a mess and loses its character as a service establishment.

Sorry, my dear friends, this applies to everybody. This actually gives every reader of this blog, the opportunity to book Caroline for a couple of hours. I am actually quite curious, how many of my readers will take advantage of this. 

In fact, there is one good reason in my opinion for a noob to use such professional service. When you are new to Second Life, you will sooner or later get curious about sex in Second Life. You might want to start dating girls or going to dance clubs to get to know girls. The problem is, that you being still virgin in Sl, you don’t actually know how it all works. Why not visit somebody with a professional with experience and learn the in and outs of sex in Second Life before you actually start dating!

The location:

Magic Dream Angels
Magic Dream Angels

I am really looking forward to see if this will work and if this can finally answer some of the above questions. I can reveal one thing to you already. It is actually strangely exciting to get paid for sex in Second Life, in fact it is a weird turn on. I suspected something like this, but now I know by experience.

How that?

Well, I told a friend of mine (Abi, some of you know about him) about this new course in my story line. I did admit that I am a little excited about it, and would love to experience how it feels to get paid for it and to serve clients. To my upmost surprise he said: “I would pay you for it!”

Said and done, he came to the location and did actually pay me and told me what he wants in return. I have to admit that was actually quite hot and gave it a certain twist, which I cannot explain yet. But this made me think about always to charge for sex, as the added spice it gave, me was strangely arousing and exciting!

My first Linden Dollars as an escort girl:

Question to you girls out there:

Did you ever fantasize about being a prostitute for a day? Or maybe even tried it already? How did you feel about it?

Please leave your answer in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Getting Paid for Sex – My First Job as an Escort Girl in Second Life

    1. Hi Samantha,

      this is a really old post. The club isn’t operating any more as an escort club but as a music club. It is the Magic Angels Music club. You should find it in search under M.A.C or Magic Angels. On the week end they do great parties with live DJ. I am still going there sometimes to have some chilled fun.

      Give me a shout if you see me there.


  1. It amazes me that you can write about such an eloquent and interesting way no matter what the topic! This post in particular shows off your talent. Good advice!

  2. you article be like you in me head with the same curious ideas.

    it good to read these adventures, and each day look forward to the next.
    think about all the free sex given in a day, between the RLV kidnaps and the random partners meet in the clubs lol.. this sound like a new twist on the adventure and fantasy within SecondLife and also offer a new opportunity for those that may seem shy to approach and take the sexual encounter within the relationship be it friends or more sensual.

    will be visits you there most definitely 😉

    1. Hiya,

      yeah, it is definetly a new twist to Caroline`s storyline: Going professional! Also the team seam to be fun and since the days of Gerrys club, I was missing a bit being part of some kind of a “clique”. Gives the whole thing a bit of group or “partners in crime” feeling. I will post the Slurl as sson as the club opens.


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