How good can it get?

How good can it get?

Sometimes readers of my blog show up at the club were I am working. Last one was J. The first time he came we were only chatting , he got to know everybody and we generally had a good time. But the he asked, if he can get some lessons or training in virtual sex, he would be paying me of course.

Sure I said, and we agreed to meet again.

When the agreed date came, I was waiting for him in one of our skyboxes, dressed for the occasion. When he arrived he was very nervous at the beginning, because he thought I would have high expectations and he had very little experience in this.


I calmed him down first, and told him, its him who has to have certain expectations, as he is the one paying for this. Anyway, I went very little into the technicalities of sex in Second Life and instead showed him, what it means to be really involved in it and how arousing it can actually be.



Afterwards he said, it was the best Sexperience he ever had in Second Life. So lessons learned its not about skills and technicalities!

A week later, more or less, J came back. He caught me dancing on the pole. He did actually not come with the intention, to book me, but boy, when you see me dancing and stripping with the appropriate emotes you have no chance but getting very horny and hard.

So after a while, I asked the question: “So, what about some more practising?”.Said and done we went upstairs in the main club house and there I had a spontaneous idea. I thought to myself, lets see how good I really am at this.

The result was several hours long sex session, including oral sex driving him mad almost, a relaxing massage after he did cum the first time and it ended in the shower, were he did cum the third time. According to him, this was the first time in his life a woman made him cum three times.

I guess I fulfilled my student´s exceptions.


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    Expectations fulfilled beyond belief! Thank you for a truly wonderful time, and certainly not the last one either =)

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