Stop acting like a Noob!

Second Life is not a game! It is a virtual social environment – a virtual World. The avatars you see are not just pixel dolls being put there for your own exclusive entertainment. Behind each one of these avatars there is real person with real feelings, with real believes, real attitudes and expectations which might differ from yours!

Many of the people behind those avatars do take their Second Lives pretty serious. Some might have a business in Second Life, many have a virtual home and most have made friends and established other social relationships within Second Life.

Also bear in mind that Second Life is not an “American only” thing. People from all over the world, from different cultures, races, countries, educational backgrounds and languages are present in Second Life. This is what makes Second life diverse and interesting.

It also requires some sort of “etiquette”. Sounds weird to read this, doesn’t it? No, it only sounds weird,  if you are under the misconception that Second life is a game. This is so important to understand that it bears repeating:

Second Life is not a game!

Once you have accepted this little but all important fact, you will understand that certain typical noob-like behavior is boring at its best and downright annoying at its worst, to regular residents of Second Life. We all have observed certain behavioral pattern of noobs over and over again and if you want to be taken serious, accepted and respected by other residents you better stop doing those things immediately.

Here a non-comprehensive list:

1. Step off of landing points as soon as you can. See the people hovering over you? They’re waiting for you to get out of the way so they can land. More are coming. Move.

2. Don’t ask everyone you meet if they “wanna fuck” and don’t tell every female avatar that you meet that they are really a guy. Some of them are guys (and vice versa)– so what? It’s their choice and not yours to judge.

3. Pay attention to region maturity levels and don’t walk around naked or in XXX attire in General areas. And put your cock away. It is not a turn on for anyone when being in a music club and a naked noob runs around showing off his pixel erection.

4. Don’t push people and don’t walk or bump into them. Don’t shoot at them, no matter how cool you think that new AK47 is, which you just got at a freebie warehouse. And NO, activating a nuclear weapon in a night club is NOT funny!

5. Check your screen for helpful IMs from the people around you and have the courtesy to answer them.

6. Learn and practice some of the etiquette of the new culture you are in. Utilize some of the etiquette you learned in real life in Second Life too. Words like “please” and “thank you” are not unknown in virtual worlds.

7. Not every woman that refuses to dance with you is a lesbian. You got rejected? Deal with it in mature way.

8. Do not send random friend requests or teleport invitations. Get to know that person first and ask before putting them on your friends list!

9. Do not beg for Linden Dollars! Linden Dollars are not habbo hotel credits. The Linden Dollar is an exchangeable currency which you can buy and sell at the Lindex Exchange for real US Dollars. Treat it like real money, because it is convertible into real money.

10. Do not insult people and don’t be a judgmental intolerant asshole. This one might sound like an obvious one, but its worth to be put on this list. Nobody asked you to come to Second Life to judge other peoples live styles, believes, hobbies, outfits or sexual preferences. It’s none of your friggin business! If you don’t approve of a rather liberal environment – leave, then Second Life is not for you!

11. Invest in your appearance. There are hundreds if not thousands of skins, eyes, shapes and other body parts available for very little money, compared to other hobbies. A nice, individual look will cost you something between 10 and 30 USD.

See ya In-World. I am on the run for some screenshots of typical noob-like behaviour 🙂







5 thoughts on “Stop acting like a Noob!

  1. I’m far from new, but I /am/ new to the mesh body thing. I got the Maitreya one and while the posing visuals during erotic escapades are better than the flat butted olde tyme avatars, it distorts in other ways. Prompting me to ask a Noobish questions:
    a) what’s the best mesh body for such adventures (other poses for totally unrelated activities in SL may be similarly disatisfying, so it’s a general question really)
    b) am I just organizing the avatar wrong?

    As a female, the visuals aren’t the most compelling part. They’re cartoons after all. But still…

  2. I am new to SL and the only thing I know how to do is walk around. which is weird because i’ve always been good at gaming and simulators and stuff like that. Is there any way you could help me get started? I know nothing about SL but it looks fun

  3. Why are most of these aimed at males? There are plenty of females noobs that see a well done male av and the first words are “damn, you look good. Wanna fuck?”
    Same with all of your other thoughts..

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