Lessons in Love

Sometimes I meet up In-World with people reading my blog. Most of the times these are noobs looking for advice about all kind of stuff. Most of the times its about improving their avatar, were to get good freebies and dating tips. About two weeks ago, I received an Im from Toni. Toni googled about sex and dates in Second life and found this blog.

Not a it surprise, as I rank very high in Google under the search Term „Second Life Sex“ because thats the main topic of this site anyway. I was on the Amsterdam Red Light District sim when the IM hit my inbox. I was hoping to find some more input about the Escort scene in Second Life by continuing my little project „under cover escort girl“ hence the reason I was wearing a very sexy and provocative outfit.

Toni complemented me on the blog and ask if we could meet up eventually as he has some questions. I wasn’t busy at the time and suggested to meet up right now. So we did and Tped to one of my favorite meeting places: The Tomuli Restaurant on the Corsica Continent.

When we met, I noticed that he seamed somewhat nervous, almost shy. The fact that I still was in my escort girl outfit didn’t help much to calm him down. I asked him, what the problem is. He answered , that he didn’t expect his favorite and well known blogger to be such a breathtaking beautiful woman. I smiled and said, “you don’t have to be nervous, I am just another SL resident who happens to write a bit about stuff. The outfit is just because I was investigating under cover the Second Life escort scene in order to continue a storyline I started some time ago”.

After a while chating about mainland, skins, shapes and ways to improve ones overall appearance he relaxed much and came out with his real concern. He didn’t really know how it works to in Second Life to get a sex partner or even more, and how to actually “do it”.

I laughed and asked: “So you are still a virtual virgin?”. No he wasn’t, but the one time he tried it, it wasn’t really that pleasing, so he thought there must be more to it. I explained that he probably did not have virtual sex, but just plain simple interactive pixel porn.

I explained what the difference is: “Virtual sex is far more than just hoping on a poseball and watch the animations. The later is what I refer to as interactive pixel porn and to be honest, a real porn movie is far better than watching two pixel dolls copulating”. I continued.

Virtual sex is when there is this special chemistry between the two participants. When you look at an avatar and you feel you want to be close to that person because she or him at least arouses you or even triggers romantic feelings for that person. Its when you immerse into the virtual world, when you identify with your avatar and what happens to your avatar is almost as if it would happen to you in real. It feels real, it actually is real!

Technically speaking what creates this kind of immersion is not the animations. Of course the animations help a great deal to immerse but what really creates this kind of experience are words. Words you use to describe what you do, how you do it and how you feel about it. Well written and sincere emotes are the key to this.

“How do I initiate this, I mean I cant just go and a random girl if she wants to have immerse virtual sex , right?” He inquired. No, of course not. Its just like in real life. Dating, flirting, talking, dancing, in another words get to know a person you fancy and see if you click or not. The wait till the right moment to take it a step further.

He then told me, he actually did try an escort girl in Second Life and it proved to be an disappointing experience. She did not even control the menu right and was just lame basically. I suggested to get his own sex hud and make sure he knows how to use it properly. Its a big turn off if your partners feels you need to practice with her how to use your hud. It kills everything you did build up previously.

Finally I had a cute idea. I smiled and suggested: “Hey there is a pretty beach around the corner, why don’t we go there and I show you how it actually works.” “You cant imagine how much I would love to do that”, he replied. The following was his first ever immerse sex experience in Second Life.

Sex on the beach – here some pics:


Just a little later. He wanted to know a tip were to take a girl, when you dont have your own place yet. I suggested a good idea might as well be one of the many hotels or motels in Second Life. So up we went, dressed and I showed him the Blue Diamond Motel. This is actually a Motel you can use for free. It looks a little raunchy and naughty, just what one would expect from a Motel.

I continued his lessons in the shower of one of the motel rooms:

I guess by now he knows how it works! What you think – any other suggestions or tips for Toni? Simply leave your advise in the comments.



6 thoughts on “Lessons in Love”

  1. It’s always nice to have some one show you around and teach you the ropes. I think it’s great what you do Carol helping out people in need. Love all your stories looking forward to read your next one.

    I sent you a friends request in game hopefully we can meet and chat and get to know each other.


  2. Ok, Toni, you had your obviously satisfactory lesson from Caro… hard to top. So not much I might add … just a few minor things to improve your handicap and to disrupt the immersion:

    If you own a new sex hud, get really familiar with it. You might use a female Alt for a few (or more) training sessions. No need to spend L$ for a typically bored SL Escort lady and be the laugh of the day for her/him. All you need is a system, that enables you to use multi viewer. If your PC isn’t driven by steam, it should work anyway. Oh, just to mention, usually both copulating partners control the hud…

    Same is with any other more or less popular sex animations used in SL. Make sure you can use them proper… secondary. But as first is always…

    Emote! Ok, you can cheat… just have some of your preferred sayings on hotkeys (not “OHHHHHH”). If you are real slow on the keyboard, do that 🙂 Otherwise… let yout imagination flow…

    Last but not least at all… make sure you are in a comfortable RL situation. And no, not the tissue issue… just avoid that someone knocks on the door or you have a close RL schedule. But sure, if your partner gets excited by watching you having VS…. or RL sex, that’s another story.

    Ahhhh… and a last advice: Never ever fall in love with pixels 😉

  3. Another great Report Caro.
    I always love to read your Stories.
    Thank you for another advice for a
    good place.

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