Moving to Saratoga Springs in Second Life

I moved. Yes, I left the little placed I shared for two years with Toni and Auri and moved to a community called Saratoga Springs. Some of my regular readers surely thing: „Hell has frozen, Caroline moved away from her beloved Blake Sea”.

Well, it was time for a new start. Toni actually was the first to say that they will make a move. The reason being, the land owner wanting to substantially increase the rent. Toni had his little anoyances with the owners anyway, so an increase (even though with more prims) was one thing too much. Of course I could have taken over the parcel alone, but I wasn’t prepared to pay more than 12.000 L$ per month alone either, especially bearing in mind, that I need additional land for our new business venture too.

Hence we decided to pack our stuff and move on. On my last evening Toni and I celebrated our last evening on Ibiza Island with great artificial fireworks on our private beach. I call that moving out with style.

So how did I end up in Saratoga Springs?

I am sure you know the old saying: When one door closes another opens? It was just a day later, when Thomas Chandler, an avid reader of this blog, contacted me, to compliment me on the site. I invited him over to the “Petite Cafe” on Ibiza Island (my favorite spot on the island). We quickly got into a chat and I ask what are you doing in Second Life mostly.

He said: “ I am a firefighter”. And he continued to tell me about this community were he works in the fire brigade. It turned out that it is a role play community of sorts, where people kinda immerse into a small town community, including everything you could find in a typical small American town.Apart from the firebrigade station there is a police station, bars, diners, many places for public amusement (no not that kind, I am talking about stuff like bowling, fishing and a cinema), a shopping mall, a town hall, school.

You know the kind of towns: conservative family environment where everybody knows everybody. The residential areas made of numerous typical two stories American family homes, there is even a church in the town center.

Thomas invited me to see his working space. I noticed, he is really very much immersed into that. He really lives his virtual job as a firefighter in Saratoga Springs. Even wears his officer uniform most of the time. just like he did when we met. We jumped into one of the cars in front of the station and went on a little trip around town.

Whilst showing me around, he told me the latest gossips in town. For example that there is one female fire fighter who slept already with almost everyone working in that station. She is actually bi, hence she allegedly did it with the female staff too.

The other story, is that the local Motel is actually used by prostitutes. The owner doesn’t like that very much obviously, but apparently there is nothing he can do about it.

We drove around town, and I noticed how clean and organized everything is. The town is embedded between snow capped mountains, little lakes. At the moment it is winter. The whole community is preparing for Christmas. Christmas spirit and appropriate décor and music is everywhere. One can almost literally feel Santa Claus is coming into town.

There is obviously no such thing as raunchy bar, stripper club or anything like that in town. No such thing as a red light district. However, rumour is there is a music club soon to open. But until now, the “nightlife’s” top hot spot is this “bar”, which looks more like a cafeteria or a diner.

Ok, I know what you think now: “What the heck do you want in such a conservative, mainly prudish, small town family environment? You, the promiscuous adult blogger, slutty escort girl and now even porn producer in spe? Seriously?”

A change.

Experience something totally different from what I have done so far. Just want to give it a try and see what happens. Maybe I settle down, having a place to call home with nice and decent neighbors, find a boy friend or girl friend, getting married, a family.

I mean the community doesn’t need to know about my adult business, do they? Maybe I even get a job there. I heard the dinners is looking for a waitress and the police is taking applications too. I just wonder how I would look in a police uniform.

Oooor, maybe, just maybe, there is also the remote possibility, that non of the above will happen and instead, I will become the next big scandal in town, getting the community mixed up and write about some drama stories caused by jealous house wives, the christian church community, the courts you name it.

Who knows. Any bets? Tell me in the comments what you think will happen.

As always I brought back some pics form the place. Watch and keep shaking your heads or do a facepalm whilst thinking: Oh my god Carol!

My New Home

And last but not least some pictures from my new home. It is not as bif as the places I used to live before, but I think it is rather cosy. I tried a totally different interior style and I really like it:

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