Sailing around the World – Last Part – Coming Home!

The Eastern Coastal Waterways of Satori did not offer anything spectacular. Long shores, mainly dotted with private homes, beach, buildings, the usual stuff. The only thing worth to mention was at an edge of the continent, this airport which potentially could have blocked the waterway. However they did build it in a way so you can actually sail through under the runways. Very considering of them.

satori east_001

It took us a while to reach the Eastern shores of Nautilus. „Us“ means me Leo and an old friend of mine called Pizarro . He joined us for part of the journey.

Night was fallen over Nautilus when we took course east. Actually that was rather difficult, as we had to cruise against the wind. But soon we reached our destination and Leo said: „Hey this looks familiar“.

Of course it does. Coming home after a long trip around two major continents of the mainland I docked the yacht on its home moor.

Nice end of the trip and this storyline isn’t it?

However, there is still a lot to discover. I haven’t been yet on the Northern shores of Corsica nor on the Gaeta continent. There is also the „old“ Mainland, which is not connected to the continents I was exploring.

I will make that part of a new storyline.

Oh and by the way, we celebrated coming home in the kitchen, Caroline style see pics here: Second Life Sex Pictures

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