Are you Blogging about Second Life too?

Are you Blogging about Second Life too?

I want to start blog parade among Second Life blogger.

What for?

1. Because it is fun
2. Because it helps everybody who participates to promote their own blog
3. Because it might create new contacts to other blogger
4. It helps our Google rankings
5. Come on, we all enjoy talking about ourselves anyway

This is how it works:

1. Answer the following questions (just like I did) and post it on your blog, including a link to this post.

2. Let me know in a comment under this post where you did post your answers by posting the link. Ideally write a couple of words, what your blog is all about.

3. Post a link to your post on Twitter, Facebook and/or the relevant thread on the Second Life forum here:

4. Re-tweet my post on Twitter and if possible the tweet of all the other participating blogger too.

5. Update your post regularly placing a link to all participating blogs. You should soon have a considerable list of blogs about Second Life below your post.

Ok, here the questions and my very own answers:

What did motivate you to start a blog about Second Life?

Originally, I wanted to write a story about a noob. Basically a guide for new residents in the format of a story-line. That is what I created Caroline for. However over time, the blog became far more popular than I would have ever expected and Caroline passed the noob stage. In another words: Caroline was an alt create for an experiment. Now Caroline is my main account. I am Caroline and I haven’t used my previous avatar in ages.

I also like the concept of working whenever and from wherever I want. My dream is to actually make this my real life occupation enabling me to generate a decent income wherever I am in the world.

Is your blog related to any kind of Second Life business? If yes please tell us what your business is all about.

Yes it is. Until recently my In-World income depended on a service: Sex for money. Yes, a virtual prostitute. That also happened kind a by accident, just as the blog itself. I went into the escort business, with the intention to research it „under cover“ for a blog post about that scene. However, I soon realized that I enjoy this, even discovered that serving for money is a huge turn-on. So I decided to make it my In-World job.

Just recently I decided to get into something more scalable. The new business model is to provide a platform for porn producers, where they can show their machinima. Basically the same concept as, just better.

Are you actually making profits in Second Life? Do you dare to tell us how much approximately?

As an escort girl, I used to make something between 10.000 and 50.000 L$ per month. That will be a lot less from now on, simply because my new venture requires a lot of time and work to be put into.

How do you explain people who are not familiar with Second Life, what your blog or your Second Life business is all about?

In fact only a few people in RL do know what I am into. That is my family and one good friend, who is himself now on Second Life too. I would be very reluctant to tell anybody else what exactly it is all about.

How much time do you spend writing posts or promoting your blog?

Actually writing and promoting only about 5 to 10 hours per month. But thats is not counting the ours I am in-world. Which is about 10 hours per week, mostly on week ends.

Do you monetize your blog at all? If yes, how successful are you doing so?

Very much so. If you look on the top and the sidebar of my blog, you see averts for 3dxchat. 3dxchat is a multi-player online sex game. Every time somebody signs up for a subscription of the game (It’s pay to play) I get a commission as long as he ies a subscriber. At the moment I am making about 400 USD with that alone. That is a pretty decent prove of concept, hence the reason I will take this one step further and scale it in terms of traffic and profits. My aim is about 10 times that amount.

Do you actively promote your blog and if so, what methods of promotion or PR do you use?

Absolutely. I keep optimizing and tweaking it for search engines. Especially for Google. In addition I promote the posts on twitter to my roundabout 1500 followers. My next step is buying relevant traffic from different sources and paid campaigns in Facebook.

What do you like most about blogging about Second Life?

Second Life Adventures made me rather well known character in the Second Life community. At least amongst people interested in the sexual side of Second Life. I do enjoy it, when people recognize me in-world. Makes me feel a bit like a celebrity. I enjoy that very much.

What is your favorite activity in Second Life?

I have several things I enjoy doing in Second Life. I travel a lot by plane, boat or motorbike over the mainland. I go the music and live DJ events and of course I am hopeless shopping addict. However my number one favorite is whoring, seriously.

Where do you hang out in Second Life? If someone wanted to bumb into you were could people find you.

At the moment there is a good chance to walk into me in Saratoga Springs. Other than that, I am relatively often at the Magic Angels music club (M.A.C in search). Occasionally you can also find me at Franks Jazz Club.

What do you not like about Second Life in general?

Stupid or rude people with no tolerance towards people living their very own Second Life experience or fantasy, whatever that might be.

And last but not least: Do you have sex in Second Life? Dare to tell us details?

Thats an easy one: I am an exhibitionist. I guess you have to when you want a blog to be successful. You can read about most of sexual activities on:

Looking forward to your answers!

List of participating blogger:

Catherine Palen
Catherine’s not so secret diary. She writes about her own sexy adventures in Second Life. Find her answers here: Writing about Second Life.

The Webspelunker
The tales of a traveler across Second Life about the places he’s been and the people he’s met! Read his answers here: I join Second Life blog parade.




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