Oops I did it again!

You remember my post about the first time doing it for money? If you missed that, please read that first here: Cheap Whores Trailer Park.

I was at work again, at our flagship store, when I saw him coming online again.

I told myself: “No, Jessica you are not going to do this again. You are a sales and customer service manager, not a cheap whore.

Him: Come over babe.

Yes, I am having sex with our 3dxchat clients for them to stick to their subscriptions. But that’s different. That is not whoring, it is customer service. We even have a group for that on a social network for avatars: 3DXChat Services Group.

Him: Jess, are you there?

Yes, our clients pay a subscription fee and that’s mainly why I do it, but it is not whoring.

Him: Jess, need your body now..

Yes, I do sleep with potential clients as well. I let them fuck me in our cinema for example . Yes, it is part of the sales pitch, but its not whoring.

Come on, fuck it.

Who am I kidding. One way or the other I am in the sex trade, why not taking a couple of Linden Dollar once in a while aside.

And honestly it did actually arouse me.

Him: Jess, you there?
Me: Same at last time? 1.000 L$?
Him. Yeah.

I quickly changed into my sexy lingerie outfit, I followed his teleport offer and second later I was in one of the trailers again. Of course he was ready to go just like last time. Naked on the bed and a big hard on.

I did not waste time and joined him on the bed starting with one of my fabulous blow-jobs (according to my sex partners).

Blow-Job in Whore Trailer
Blow-Job in Whore Trailer

This time he didn’t want my ass but my pussy. Good! That’s much easier. In fact , he is an easy one anyway. He doesn’t talk much, doesn’t emote much, probably English is not his native language.

So I didn’t have to do much either, but I still try to put some erotic talk and emotes into it. He should get what he pays for is my attitude.

As simple as this:

Use as a whore in Second LIfe
Use as a whore in Second LIfe

Him: give me your pussy

Jessica (jessicaslamedia): Yes, fuck me.

/me cries out as sge feels his cock entering her

Jessica (jessicaslamedia): /me Pushes backwards at every stroke he does in her pussy, slapping her ass against him.

Jessica (jessicaslamedia): Yes , baby fuck me hard and fast don’t hold back, use my pussy for your needs.

Him: mmm Yeah you are mine babe.

Jessica (jessicaslamedia): Fuck, yes that is hot

/me starts moaning loud every time he fucks into her pussy hoping not to be heard at the store.

But suddenly he was gone.

Logged out in the middle of the action. Wait he did not pay me! I waited some 10 minutes ish. Then I did send him an offline message:

“ I assume you crashed. Please don’t forget to pay me when online again :-)”

I hoped he crashed. The other option is, he did cum and wanted to get away before I ask for my money. In either case: Lesson learned, whore payment is upfront!

I start thinking and talking like a whore! Maybe I should stay away from this.


This was three days ago. Today I saw him online again. He send me a simply IM:

“Come and finish me!”

Ok, he is right, why should he pay me unless I actually finish the job. This time he did not teleport me to the trailer park, but a very well equipped skybox.

Fucking me and cum in me
Fucking me and cum in me

I did finish it there and the moment he did cum he transferred 1.000 L$.

Nice one.

Shall I continue going down this road?

My boss (Caroline Resident) certainly would not mind me doing this. She was herself an escort girl, I think until recently even.

Yes, thats what she did.

In fact very openly. You can read about her career in the sex trade here: Caroline escort girl in Second Life.

Same applies to our editorial director Catherine Palen. In fact looks like she is still doing it: Catherine escort girl in Second Life.

Question to my readers:

You want to read more like this, or you prefer my other story lines (I will certainly continue the “what hotels are for” series)?



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