Getting You up to Date

Getting You up to Date

Yes, I know! I have not written much recently. Shame on me. Not that I don’t want to, but I probably did not have enough inspiration recently and I do not want to write just to fill an empty page. However don’t worry, I will be back here soon. Today I just want to update you about what is happening in my Second Life:

Toni has a home now!

My regular readers will remember Toni. The guy I met about a year ago, when he was still this typical inexperienced noob. For those who don’t know that story, check it out here: Toni lessons in love.

Anyway, Toni is certainly no noob anymore, and he even decided to get a piece of land on a blake sea island called „Ibiza“. This is in the Northwest corner of the blake sea, clos to the Nautilus east coast. I think I got him hooked on sailing in Second Life too. He got himself this small but very pretty house you can see here.

I actually help him decorating it with some furniture I had in my inventory. It is stuff I got from an advertiser to evaluate it. He added me to the land group and I can actually use his home too. In fact Toni doesn’t mind guests at all. So if any of you guys and girls want to drop by, bring some drinks with you and say hello to Toni.


Looks quite cosy doesn’t it?

I invited my friend Abi over too, and we did spend a couple of nice hours there. Actually, I haven’t seen him very often recently due to me being too busy with my sailing trip and the job at Magic Angels. I guess we will spend more time from now, especially as we are thinking about dating couples. Yes, we will explore the swinger scene in Second Life together. Stay tuned, this is going to be extremely hot and sexy!


I have a new moor

A girl I recently met, rented me a place on her Island to moor my yacht. It is an Island being part of the „Loonah Lee Magic“ region in blake sea. The best thing about it is : I can use the entire island as well. Probably one of the nicest private islands I have ever seen in Second Life. However, this will be my temporary home, as Vendi will be moving in a couple of weeks to the South Coast of the Corsica continent where she will open a new marina. More on that in a later post!


Magic Angels got a redesign

The Magic Dream Angels, is now the Magic Angels Club. But not only the name changed slightly. Mel did a great job in redesigning the club. We have now a stylish terrace righ on the sea front. The party area with a dance floor and the bar is now the main focus and meeting point. She got rid of the house on the cliff, which hardly anyone was using anyway. She kept the underwater dome however as well as the romantic beach island.


If you want to see yourself or join us for some fun time here is the taxi:

Whats next?

I will continue my trip, where I last left it (South Coast of Corsica). So for those interested in mainland geography you will soon read about the coast of Corsica as well as the roads of that continent. I actually bought myself a motorbike for that purpose. Once we have seen enough of that part of the mainland, I will set sail again and continue the trip crossing the Linden ocean towards the straight of Nautilus.

Other stories will include „Crack Den“ role play, exploring Gor in Second Life and Abi and my attempt to actually date couples.

Of course, in-between I will occasionally check into Magic Angels and if something really hot comes my way at work, you will read about it here (if participants give me permission to do so).

Whats your favorite story?

Please leave in the comments, which storyline is your favorite, what do you want to read about here next? Creck Den, gor, my sailing trip, the swinger scene or the escort story? Or is there something totally different you wanted to know but didn’t dare to ask?

Tell me about it and I will explore it for you!


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    amc39 3 years

    Caroline, thank you for the delightful evening last night. The conversation at Magic Dream Angels, your help getting me acquainted with the TenderLove HUD (I’m still pleasantly amazed that you spent so much time in my humble home with me–you are deligtful company!), and finally the tour of that beautiful house you share with Toni. I can only hope that I have the pleasure of your company again soon.

    As for your blog, I enjoy every post. I look forward to reading of your adventures in the swinging scene.

    Hugs and kisses until next we meet!

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    Shop 3 years

    New reader of your blog. I greatly enjoy it and I have been coming back often to check for new posts.

    I’d love to hear about an adventure in Crack Den.

    Also your tips for developing an avi are great and I’d love to read more.

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      Hello Dear Readers,

      thanks for the comments.

      I checked the stats of my site to see what topics are the most popular. It comes to no surprise the sex guide is by far the most popular page. However this is mainly due to the fact, that it ranks number one in Google for about 50 different search terms around the topic sex in Second Life. Hence no really an indication for popularity of stories or topics.

      The second most popular pages (in 2015 that is) are the posts around the topics rape roleplay and gor roleplay. After the rape stuff comes the escort series, but with a lot less traffic. My sailing series has far less clicks (internal and external)than any of the sexual topics.

      I also checked the last year (as current results are influenced by which story is featured on front page and navigation). The results are very similar. The only articles which are kinda outstanding from the above rules of thumb, are the one about sex emotes and the one about my pussy (/me shakes her head).

      Hence the questions arise: Does it make sense to continue my sailing posts? Do my readers prefer some more hard core adventures or is it the roleplay aspect you want to read more about? Alternativelly shall I just go with the flow and see what comes my way (which is how I actually started this blog)?

      I would love to see more opinions!


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        Shop 3 years

        I’m certain that your various sex adventures are a major traffic draw, that’s how I found you.
        /me smirkes
        Firstly, I’d say stick with what you enjoy doing! Don’t worry about the traffic counts. It’s your engaging content that keeps me coming back eager for the next insightful adventure. Personally I’d say the more posts the better, even if they are just quickies or location reviews. If your blog software will allow it you could right a couple of short posts in advance and schedule the publishing of them.

        On a more technical note. I find your blog can be a bit difficult to navigate. I may be wrong but there doesn’t seem to be a place to just view all posts in chronological order. I think I’ve read everyone of your posts now but it seems I keep running into a old post that I hadn’t read yet. Which can be fun too, don’t get me wrong. However I find myself referring back to your posts and it can be difficult to find specific posts at times.

        All that being said I’ll tell you what I’ve enjoying reading the most. I enjoy recounting of the tutoring sessions you’ve done whether they have a happy ending or not 🙂 Any post that offer me glimmers into different aspects of SL are great. Maybe add a bit more of “how to” content here and there? To be honest I think I enjoy all of your posts to some degree, maybe it’s just your writing style.

        The sailing adventures are good too but there seemed to be several in a row which was a bit of overload. Maybe a couple of posts between them like the aviation posts?

        Regardless of all that write about what you like that’s what will keep you engage and at least me, coming back 🙂


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          Hello “shop”

          Thanks for the feed back, I am thinking to include a cronological archive for posts, maybe in a calender format. Good to know that people enjoy the sailing posts too, I was about to dump the story becasue I thought them not to be very popular!


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          Budjoe 3 years

          Ditto…well said Shop.

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        A resident 3 years

        I enjoy your sailing posts. They give me a look at a part of SL I never gave much attention. Exploring the mainland can be really interesting. You find all kinds of things.

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