Back at Work

I was away for a week. The reason for that was a technical problem with my computer. I finally solved it and logged in.

This was actually the first time I logged in and none of my friends, contacts or potential clients were online. This stroke me a bit odd as I have a long friends list. I accept almost each and every friend request simply because each one could be a potential client.

So what now I thought.

Once more I went to social island. Social island is the very first region a new resident lands when he finished the training on orientation island after having registered for Second Life.

When I have nothing to do I spend some time introducing noobs to sex in second life. Somebody has to show them how it works, don’t you think so too? Who better to show them than a sex worker like me.

Hmm, did I just call myself a sex worker? I guess that’s what I really became over the last couple of month.

It didn’t take long to get in a conversation with a noob. I was suspicious actually about whether or not he was actually a noob. The profil said one day old but he knew his way around too good for my taste.

During our conversation he even bought a penis on marketplace (for one Linden which I gave him). I have never met a noob who figured out how to buy stuff on marketplace .

I asked him directly if he had been in Second Life before. Nope, he confirmed it was his very first day.

Ok, in dubio por rei!

He asked me too show him nice places to have fun. “To have fun” means “to have sex” when a guy says it. Especially if it is guy who just equipped himself with the relevant tool.

I showed him “secret beach”. Just after landing he immediately identified the places as being an adult region. A noob who knows about maturity settings of regions in Second Life. Yeah sure!

He then sat down naked on one of those beach beds showing an erection and invited me to join him.

Suddenly an IM did hit my inbox.

Justin: You sound interesting.

Jessica: You mean the profile I guess.

Justin: Yes and you look good too.

Jessica: Thank you 🙂

Justin: Liked your naughty diary.

Jessica: Then you know what I am doing.

Justin: You going to indoctrinate Alex? Show him the way!!!

Jessica: haha helping out if I can.

Justin: I am sure!!!! Will he pay though?

Jessica: don’t think he can haha

Justin: No good then

Justin: But I can

Jessica: Hmmm you want to hire me? You sound like fun. If you would like me to, do you have some time?

I sure did. We agreed on 2.000 L$ for an hour. Sadly for Alex whom I left behind with his erected cock. I told him I have some work to do but might see him later today.

Justin took me to his place. First we had a bit of a chat about me and my profession:

Justin: Tell me how you decided  to be an escort?

Jessica: Haha ok, well my main job kinda involves sex too. Then I had this experience when a guy actually paid me and I found it rather exciting.

Wait I show you the article:

Justin: You enjoyed being paid. Turned you on?

Jessica: Yes actually being somebody’s sex servant for money is a turn on. Call it a fantasy, plus it helps to go shopping.

Justin: I know some women find that exciting.

Jessica: I think actually most sl escorts find it exciting, if it was for the money only they could flip burgers at Mcdonalds for more.

Justin: So you enjoy your job. That is good.

Jessica: Absolutely, what I enjoy even more is the main job haha. Basically the company I work for promotes 3dxchat and I help the new players to get settled and show them how it all works.

Justin: I quit enjoy paying too. Main job?

Jessica: Yes customer services in 3dxchat

So paying a girl is a turn on for you?

Justin: In a way yes

Jessica: yeah I understand that part, usually my clients enjoy because it is a deal, no strings, no drama no commitments.

Justin: Just so. Why not take off that bikini to start.

He didn’t have to ask twice. He took me then there and then on his sofa. Was a quite hot fuck. He used me as his little slutty sex toy in all kind of positions till he did cum.

Afterwards he enquired about my main job again:

Justin: Tellme abt yr £Dxchat

Jessica: So 3dxchat technically is like sl, you have a customizable avatar, cloth and so on.  You subscribe to it paying a monthly or annual fee then download their viewer. In the subscription fee everything is included, avatar even land where you can build a place

Justin: Is it secure?

Jessica: secure ? of course very professional people did build it

Justin: It takes a lot of time I think.

Jessica: The difference to sl is that it is very sex centered and the graphics and animations are very realistic. Its all about socializing in clubs and getting laid haha.

Justin: OK. Can you select your partner?  Like can I get you?

Jessica: yes of course in that sense it is just like Second Life.

Justin: Sounds good, What is the cost?

Jessica: What I am doing there is, I couch our new members who signed up via our affiliate links to get started and typically I am their first sex partner too. The cost is 20 US per month, but if you pay yearly it gets down to less than 8 per month.

Justin: Maybe I will try it. But now I must return to rl.

Jessica: and sex with me is included in that too, haha.

Justin: Thank you for a nice time.

Time to leave. This is actually very important: Once the client has finished or makes remarks like that it is time to go. He should never feel obliged to spend more time with me.

In the end this is what he pays for: Sex with no strings, no commitments.

I dressed and left – teleport to Caroline’s Mansion.

I saw Cathy afk-ing at the bar and decided to join. I got naked again and placed myself on one of the numerous beds we have at the mansion to offer afk sex.

The noob was still online.

I just couldn’t resist. I invited him to come and join me at the mansion. I knew he couldn’t pay me, but it is fun to initiate a noob.

Here is how it went:

Afterwards he wanted me to become his girlfriend! I thought that to be funny. I explained what I am actually doing hence I would make a pretty bad girlfriend.

We decided to go for friends for now. Next thing that needs to be taken care off is his avatar. Once he gets himself some Linden I will help him with that.

But maybe, he already knows how that works anyway, he might not be that much of a noob as he claims.

We will see.


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